Meet our two newest nationally award-winning products!

Qēt Botanicals two nationally award-winning productsQēt Botanicals two nationally award-winning products

Drop by Botanical Drop

We sniff, we measure, we stir, we blend, we sniff again, we test, we wait, we approve... and then we use and love everything before we fill the vessels, wrap the labels, sign with our initials, and carefully finish each product before sharing with you. 

We're ecstatic to have received two Earth Day Beauty Awards this year from Healing Lifestyles and Spas / ELuxe Magazine. We know that we have to love what we use, it needs to be effective, and it should also be safe for us and our environment. We're happy to announce that our Hydra-Rose Eye Serum and our Lavender Botanical Nectar have been awarded as 2017 Earth Day Beauty Award recipients! We have a total of seven nationally award winning treatments to date. We're so excited we'll be passing the sharing on to some of our other products, but more on that below.

On a side note, did you know that Earth Day was invented by Gaylord Nelson, another Wisconsin native? He died in 2005, but his efforts did not go in vain. Earth Day is now celebrated every year on April 22 and is observed by 24 countries with outdoor activities, conferences, and community projects to beautify and protect our planet. Here's a quick peek at an informative site on the history of Earth Day. We have one planet, and what we do to it is entirely up to us.

A Welcomed Visit

When you receive a note that an Integrated Dermatologist with the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health would like to come into your Skin Studio to talk about your products and introduce you to a group of Integrated Health Fellows practicing Dermatology and Integrated Health, you whole-heartedly say, "Yes!" And that's exactly what we did. 

We were elated to have Dr. Apple Bodemer spend time in our Skin Studio to talk about our serums, our exfoliants, moisturizers, Rosacea, natural deodorants, and the benefits of using our limited ingredients. Somewhere in the middle of all of our conversations, Dr. Bodemer explained to her invitees, "One of the reasons I'm so fond of Qet is that these products are so clean that they're almost edible."  So true, and we've done this completely on purpose.

What does this mean for all of us, and what exactly is Integrated Health? More about Integrated Health can be found here, and in a nut shell, (or in a plant petal!), it means that the relationship between the patient and the practitioner focuses on the entire person - inside and out - in order to achieve our best health. It means that at least in this part of the medical world, professionals are standing up and taking notice that not every ingredient is good for us. If an answer can be found with ingredients such as our whole plant actives and limited ingredient products that are safe without harmful side effects, and these products can be administered, then that answer is a great answer. That path can be followed by both practitioner and patient while avoiding many side effects that may come from not-so-healthy additives and long synthetic ingredient lists.

What a great afternoon for all of us! And at the end of it all, Dr. Bodemer did take a small amount of our Honey Cream Mask in her mouth and mentioned with a smile, "Yes, it IS edible." Yes, it is practically edible, and almost 70% of what we put on our skin goes directly to our insides... but please keep our treatments for your outsides, unless your medical advisor tells you to do so.

Top - Dr. Apple Bodemer with Lisa Brill. Bottom - Dr. Apple Bodemer and Lisa Brill with the Integrated Health Fellows.

A Song and a Serum

There is more in common with these two things than you think.

You know how it is when you hear a song that you used to sing but haven't heard in a while? It hits you, and then you just can't help yourself from singing out loud! Songs in our ears and in our hearts are moving, emotional, and are a true art form that can touch us in different ways. Having only 88 keys on a piano, and playing them in chords or individually, can make a melody happy or melancholy, and changing the pitch can have the ability to completely change the way a song may sound. There are high notes, low notes, and chords that are soothing and enlightening. And sometimes even head-banging and ear-throbbing!  

If you happen to be close to our current location and have popped in, we can't help but play music while we're creating, blending, and filling our serums and treatments before we share them with you. We hum, we groove a little, and we occasionally belt it out. It hit me recently that, just like music is an art form, so is what we do. We use about 88 different ingredients - raw botanicals, carrier oils, clays, essential oils, plant waters - and blend them together in their raw, organic form to create something unique and satisfying for our skin. It can also be satisfying and comforting for our senses and well being, which goes deeper than just on the surface but is important as well.

Words and music are put together from scratch to mean something. They can be personal, they can tell a story, they can be moving (oh, those love songs!), and in the end the song becomes a composition that may sound unfamiliar at first, but when listened to, becomes recognizable and familiar. Perfectly orchestrated high and low notes ~ like in our treatments and now in our aromatherapy perfume oils ~ can offer so many benefits.

Often customers mention that they've used a particular oil on its own and weren't very fond of its results, or wonder why they should try one of our custom blended treatments. Just like playing one note on a piano, it can be beautiful. Now you take that one note, and add a few complimentary notes to it, and it becomes more than just a singular note. Our custom blended serums contain a variety of oils to brighten, clear, nourish, tone, hydrate, or cleanse our skin, and they're blended together for the various Skin Suites. Using one singular oil can be lovely, but it may not offer the same benefits as several can. The beauty is in the music that comes from the right blend of each hand-selected element. A symphony of skin and hair-loving delights lies within each freshly filled vessel. Now that's something to sing about!

Skin and Scent Suite

What's in the name?

Here's a little known fact. Do you know why we call our formula groupings Skin Suites and Scent Suites?

Back in the beginning of Qet, when putting all of the formulas and treatments together, there was music running through my head. I grew up playing piano and have always had an affinity for classical piano, specifically Chopin, Debussy, Mozart, and Grieg. 

Having practiced different piano suites from these composers and having their music running through my head, I decided then and there that our three compilations of treatments would be called Skin Suites, and our newer aromatherapy oils Scent Suites.

Here's a favorite song that I love to play ~ it's Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy. Turn it up, it starts softly and is a beautifully touching piece of art. Whether you play an instrument, sing, or like to listen to music, I think you'll agree that music seems to move all of us in different ways.

As Promised.

We couldn't play favorites, so we're including this month's special on ALL of our award winners!

If you haven't already met our award winners, now we have two more to introduce to you!

Thrilled, honored, and proud ~ these are just a few adjectives to describe how we feel. We have a smattering (five) of our hand-made products that have received national awards, and we've just learned that two of our favorites have just been awarded. Woo-hoo! Zero synthetics, whole plant actives, and much passion and love for what we do goes into each and every product that we make.

In May, SAVE 10% on our two newest awarded treatments, Hydra-Rose Eye Serum and our Lavender Botanical Nectar. We can't play favorites, so we're including these celebrities as well, our Balancing Cleansing OilNutri-Pomade & Mask, Honey Cream Mask with ManukaLavish Serum Salve, and our Ultra Garden Serum for Body. These products fit into the EWG Verified® categories and have been whole-heartedly Verified. Safe for you. Safe for our environment. Use this code for your savings: QETFORME.

Of Note

Coming up! We'll be sharing more about our second location to be opening in late Summer of 2017 (fingers crossed), and it's in San Clemente, California! Watch our social media for quick pics and updates. Please notice that our hours in our Cross Plains Skin Studio will be changing in June. Watch our Where to Buy Page for this update.

In June, there will be an article in the pages of Madison Magazine featuring a peek into our Skin Studio, a chat about our beginnings and our direction, and a pic or two about some of our best sellers and customer favorites. Fun!

A Note to End On

"The Earth has music for those who listen." - George Santayana

Hum a little, tap your foot, and hear the songs that nature plays all around us. The songs are true, uplifting, and they're in perfect harmony with all of us.


~ Lisa