We’re celebrating 4 years of green beauty… with you!

Qēt Botanicals celebrating 4 years of green beautyQēt Botanicals celebrating 4 years of green beauty

April brings many new beginnings ~ we're late bloomers in this neck of the woods. For many of us, our bulbs are just beginning to show themselves, the trees are starting to flower, and the freshness of a new season is here. At Qet we also have some beginnings that we celebrate in April. 

On April 1st, after years of researching and formulating behind my closed doors, Qet Botanicals was launched, shared, and the brand was born. I chose this day to share it because it also happens to be my birthday. After benefitting from formulating just the right combinations of wholesome, organic plant actives, I wanted to (needed to!) share it.  I needed answers for my skin, hair, and thyroid changes I was going through. I finally found them in the premium, whole plant actives that are the celebrity ingredients in Qet. Giving is the best gift of all, right? "There is no great gift you can give or receive than to honor your calling. It's why you were born. And how you become most truly alive," ~ Oprah Winfrey.  She says it like it is. 

So on April 1st, I, the founder, developer, and the gal with the skin and hormone issues that needed help, turned 50 this year. It's just a number, it's mine, and I own it. But(!) it doesn't change how happy, young, active, and fortunate I feel. If anything, it adds to all of these things!

On April 15th, two years ago, we swung open the doors to our first private lab and skin studio. How thrilling! Our local friends and partners now have a place to sniff, smell, and pamper themselves with all of our unique and proprietary treatments. 

Additionally, it is during this time in April that we're finalizing our plans to open up an additional private lab and skin studio. What?! Yes! Yipee. 

Drumroll, please.

It's the news we've been waiting to share with you.

If you've followed us on social media, have chatted with us via email, or have met us at an expo or in our Skin Studio, then you may know that I've spent about 20 years in California during my 20s, 30s, and early 40s, before moving back to my home state and where my roots started in Wisconsin. 

While growing up and spending time being active in sports and the outdoors, and being a love of nature and its science, it's always been intriguing to me as to how things are made and where they come from - their roots. Specifically it's love for the springtime magic that comes out of the brown ground every year. It turns from a muddy mess to a green wonder ~ every single year.

In my early 20s I ventured off to California, met my husband, and had my own business for years when our kids were born, young, and making their waves in the world. I later spent time running the household full time as I wanted to be the main influence on our kids and how they were raised (sorry, kids!)

We've been fortunate enough to live in various places in Southern California, as well as the CA Central Coast. My eyes, ears, nose, senses, and whole self opened up to our organic surroundings and the energy and life force that surrounds all of us. During our last years in California, we owned a ranch and vineyard. I had first-hand knowledge of not only the power of the sun and our solar energy that we pulled from the sun to feed our vineyard and our ranch, but just like the leaves on the vines change in the fall, the shift that had occurred in me years before from going organic, making my own cleaning recipes, eating healthy, and then finding ways to care for our selves without artificial ingredients was bubbling inside of me with no place to go. From the ground came thousands of vines with fruit to bear that tantalizes our taste buds, gets poured into our glasses, and it also benefits our skin. Nature's bounty of goodness comes to us in so many ways!

We decided to move back to Wisconsin, where I grew up, to raise our kids during their middle and high school years. Unfortunately, my already sensitive skin, hair, hormones, and health - everything changed. Was it age, time, environment, or a bit of everything? I strongly feel that our body can handle only so much, and then when our cup runneth over, when it can't handle what we're giving it (in the form of product ingredients, foods, stressors) it shows itself in different ways. Mine came out in my skin and hormones, and I was already very organic. Sheesh. And this is the 'here' and the 'why' that Qet was born. Now we're ready to bloom in a place where much of the organic beginnings sprouted. It's like a lovely, green beauty circle. 

Oaks and Palms


During this month of celebration and new beginnings, we've also just finalized the location of where our second private lab and Skin Studio will take place. 

Our roots and our first location in Cross Plains, Wisconsin will remain open. Located near a creek and strong oak trees, this is where our roots first began to grow and will continue to flourish.

Our second location will be nestled in a location where the ocean breezes cool the skin and the senses, and where the palm trees offer shade and beauty. 

We're thrilled to announce that we will be opening our second location in San Clemente, California. This healthy-vibe, artsy, love-local, creative, friendly, beach community is where my husband and I first began our lives together, and it's where we first started our family. 

Qēt Botanicals celebrating 4 years of green beauty

The street, Avenida Del Mar, where our new location will be sprouting up this Summer. Photo: Orange County Register

It makes perfect sense for us to have the two Qet locations where our heartstrings beat the loudest and proudest, Wisconsin and California. We're honored to be able to have Qet physically represented in these two wonderful locations. 

The process is long, but the first steps are being taken. All of our formulas will remain our own, we will still hand-blend every treatment in small batches, and we will still share and ship directly from our lab to your doorstep ~ eventually from both locations. In this case, more is definitely merrier!  

Awarded, and Thrilled!

The UK's No. 1, biggest reach, Clean Beauty Blog / Influencer includes Qet in the Editor's Choice Awards!

Growing quickly out of our home kitchen in 2013, then into a separate building that we added on our property, to our now quaint lab and skin studio in Cross Plains since 2015, we've shared thousands of our fresh-batch-from-scratch hair, face, and body treatments with men and women all over the globe. We've been honored to have received beauty awards for our Balancing Cleansing Oil with Thyme for acne, our Nutri-Pomade & Maskfor hair, our Lavish Serum Salve (for everything!), and our Ultra Garden Serum for Bodyas best body serum.

We're excited to share this latest award from The Beauty Shortlist! Products were submitted from 38 countries, brands big and small, old and new, and they came as independent and fully supported big brands. Each submitted a product or two to be judged (not voted on) by a panel stretching throughout the US, UK, Scandinavia and Australia. We're so pleased to announce that our Honey Cream Mask with Active Manuka UMF16+ has won Editor's Choice Award. How humbled and thrilled, are we?? Extremely.

In addition to captivating large brands, they're big supporters of little brands and have helped many across the globe launch.

In their words, they "love nurturing brands with exceptional potential." We love this as we're a petite, independent brand as well (and proudly so).

Quality outdoes quantity. We love it when size doesn't matter.  Sweet!

Qēt Botanicals Honey cream mask with active Manuka UMF16+

This leads us to our April special.

Acne, sensitive skin, Rosacea, uneven skin, aging skin (hey, that's all of us!) and the need for fewer, premium, and SAFE ingredients... these are the reasons why Qēt was born.  

This month we're not only celebrating our 4 years since we've started sharing our fresh-batch-from-scratch treatments, our new location coming up, but we're celebrating all of the little extra things that can help our skin transform from decent skin, to divine skin. In this very festive month, it's all about our Treat & Enhance products.

In April, SAVE 10% on any of our Treat & Enhance products ~ our Hydra-Rose Eye SerumEye Makeup Remover, Spot SerumGreen Team Mask with Raw Cacao, award-winning Lavish Serum Salve, Antioxidant Mask with Cranberries, and our latest award-winning Honey Cream Mask with Manuka UMF16+. All of these products that fit into the EWG Verified® categories have been whole-heartedly Verified (hooray!), and we love them for their effectiveness. (Yes, we also love them for how they make us look and feel.). Use this code for the savings: TREATMEQET.  Use the savings code while shopping in our e-boutique or in our Skin Studio. Code valid on full sized products.

Words to Share

"Never would I have thought my skincare routine could be so relaxing and feel like "Me Time" as opposed to feeling like completing a homework assignment! I've been very lucky to have good skin, but Qet has changed the texture and clarity in a subtle and amazing way - and without any stickiness or residue. I absolutely love it - and that's from someone who was forced to change products for health reasons, and not because I was unhappy with my regimen. So thankful for life changes and happy discoveries - Qet is my new guilty pleasure!" ~ from Caralyn

April's Intent

In the words of William Shakespeare (Sonnet XCVIII)

"April has put a spirit of youth into everything."

New buds on the trees, new flowers springing up underfoot, and new beginnings. The spirit of the youth is all around us ~ let it in and give us a nudge when needed. Whether we're under 50 or over 50, it's just a number, and it doesn't have a clue how young we really feel!


~ Lisa