Let's Be Merry and Mindful this Holiday Season


"These Are a Few of Our Favorite Things" 

Clean care products,

organic ingredients,

glowing skin...

 and Qēt!

Pictured Above: Hydrating Toning Water with Lavender, Rose, & Pomegranate Probiotic PeptidesRestoring Night SerumLavish Serum SalvePurely Cranberry Serum BoostHydra-Rose Eye Serum




of the Year

Read on and let's get your glow on.

Cheers! 🥂

Slowing Down with Slow Beauty

Treatments that have been lovingly crafted, ingredients that are sourced smartly and made with sustainable methods ~ it's what we've always been about, and it happens to be the latest trend that the beauty industry is talking about. 

But it's no trend! It's going back to the way things were years ago. Organic ingredients, crafting by hand, and taking pride in every filled and shared treatment. 

It's mindful shopping, it's fewer ingredients, it's healthy results, it's less allergies and hormonal swings... and it's a better product with less waste.  

Slower and simpler routines and remedies have become friends to all of us. This year has been anything but normal for many, and finding mindful ways to offer ourselves those few moments of self-care is as comforting as that favorite recipe. The more we give back to ourselves, the better we sleep, the less stress we have, and the better we feel and move forward every day. 

Below: Restoring Night Serum



"It's Nice to Meet You!"

If our treatments could talk, this is what they'd say to you when they arrive at your doorstep ~ and they ARE happy to meet you!

Our treatments have a personality all on their own. We start with individual ingredients. We blend and curate each treatment with care and good-for-you ingredients. From our lip balms, deodorants, face serums, to our hair treatments and body loving products, every drop matters to us. Because we have these intimate relationships with our treatments, we feel like they almost take on a personality of their own!

In some ways our Qēt treatments very much DO have their own unique personality. Because there are 0% synthetics, they can change color, texture, and even natural aromas throughout the year depending on the growing season and the harvest. Natural ingredients can change... synthetics never do. We 💗this about natural ingredients.   

Do you know the reason why Qēt was developed and shared in the first place?

Because we all deserve and need safe, effective, and clean ways to care for ourselves without having to pay crazy high prices and take twenty minutes to get the job done. It was my visits to the dermatologists, endocrinologist, allergist, and enzyme specialist to relieve my skin that frustrated me. I wanted safe and healthier alternatives to prescriptions and oral medications. Hello healthy ingredients, buh-bye nasty chemicals!

Below ~ A Perfect Pairing: Hydrating Toning Water with Lavender, Rose & Pomegranate Probiotic PeptidesHydrating Day Serum


~  ~  ~

"The products we use every day on our skin should be safe, real, and not made with anything harmful. Just like our body thrives on healthy food that we eat, our skin also eats what we feed it.

At Qēt Botanicals, we believe in working with proven, plant-based ingredients. We hand-make our formulas with love and care, and we have a real desire to educate consumers about the benefits of using safe products. We refuse to compromise our health because of unsafe ingredients. 

Qēt is not a cover up, it's a remedy that came into existence because of a true, personal need. We’re not here to hide or camouflage skin, we're here to heal and reveal healthy skin."

~ Lisa Brill, Founder


Below: Our natural vitamin serum boosts and alternatives to Retinol: Purely Squalane Serum BoostPurely Cranberry Serum Boost, and Purely Rosehip Serum Boost.


Behind the Scenes: Thank YOU from All of Us

We're a Small Business, and We Work with these Other Small Business Standouts

With every purchase you make, there is a trickle-down effect, and a trickle-up effect!, from your shopping experience.

Community individuality, community engagement, community health, and diversity to attract a great vibe to any community ~ large or small ~ are just some of the benefits in working with a small business. 

Even though our close-at-home-team is small, there are many others that benefit with each purchase you make because we work so closely with them on a regular basis.

Many thanks to all of the following ~ some in bigger businesses and some in smaller. Even though you're connecting directly with us, we're working with others behind the scenes to help us grow and provide our gifts 🎁~ our treatments ~ to you. 

🙏 Sarah, Galleri, Carolyn, Nicole, and Claire ~ from within our Skin Studios and behind the scenes, it's the best team a gal could ask for! It's our small and mighty team of passionate and hard-working team members. They're helping hands and hearts help to formulate, fulfill, label, share, and ship every treatments from our Skin Studios to your doorstep. Can't say enough about this team! 💗

🙏 Raj, John, and Shari ~ our marketing and agency team to help initiate marketing ideas, special projects, and site updates and helpfulness. In their words, they help to bring integrity, achievement, and joy... which they do! 

🙏 Linda, Jeremy, Chris, and Jo ~ a group of handy, savvy printers from four different shops that help us keep our printed materials, labels, and product jackets eco friendly and smart.

🙏 Gage and Alex ~ helped to initially develop the brand personality and help it to continue and morph into bigger and better things with each new product that comes to market.

🙏 Irina ~ captures and photographs our images in perfect light and style to share on our website, in with orders, and with social media ~ and in our newsletters like this one, too.

🙏 Rhonda ~ takes our images, words, and thoughts and puts them together to get ready to share on our website and various platforms. 

🙏 Sabrina, Shimriya, Amy, Fallon ~ helping us with brand awareness, media opportunities, and to spread the word by letting others know that we're here to share a clean journey with any like-minded health enthusiasts.  

🙏 Lori ~ keeping our books and accounting matters straight and tidy. 

🙏 Cathy ~ a friend of a friend and business colleague introduced us ~ Cathy has become a word of advice, a connection to other helping hands and businesses, a mentor, and a friend. 

🙏 My family ~ the backbone of any small business. Without the support of my husband, our son and daughter, my sister, brothers, and in-laws and extended family, it wouldn't be the same. 

🙏 Then there are neighboring small businesses, and well as other online businesses and friends, that point new acquaintances in our direction.

So you see... whether it's online or in person... with each Qēt purchase you make, good business is trickling towards other businesses that we work with as well. It's a good thing for us, for our communities, and it's a good thing for you, too!

We thank all of our team and associates for being an integral part of our small business. 

Now let's get on to the December special!

Below: Hydrating Toning WaterRestoring Night SerumLavish Serum SalvePurely Cranberry Serum BoostHydra-Rose Eye Serum 


Your December Special ~

These ARE a few of our favorite things... and more!  

No one likes to feel rushed. Sometimes we feel like we don’t have any time. Taking those few minutes morning and night for ourselves is a self-caring and benefitting bookend to each day. And… so is taking our time to select mindful gifts and healthy care products for ourselves and our loved ones. 😍 

It’s a HOLIDAY SALE and it's our BIGGEST and LONGEST RUNNING SALE of the Year.               

Take your time. Look at our starter kits and full sizes, and shop with confidence.

We’ve extended our recent special to last all through December.

Our cruelty free, fresh, plant-based, natural and performing phytonutrients in our proprietary treatments make all the difference.

Use code BeMerry to SAVE 20% SITE WIDE

on any and all of our face, body, and hair starter kits and full sizes!

FREE U.S. shipping with any $35 purchase,

and a FREE sample gift with purchase, too!

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