It Starts with Just a Tiny Seed

Qēt Botanicals fresh beauty Qēt Botanicals fresh beauty

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...which then grows into a beautiful, fresh, nutrient-dense, good-for-you product ~ right outta the bottle.

The problem becomes the passion.

My skin was suffering, my Rosacea was pulsating, my thyroid was teeter-tottering, and even my hair was having more bad hair days than good. Something had to be done, and I needed real ingredients that would provide real results, and maybe even make me feel better! As I started building the foundation of Qet to save my skin, and my sanity, it was my fullest mission to utilize the freshest, most natural ingredients possible within Qet's line of skin and body care products.

With dedicated research, I made sure to get my hands on not only sustainable elements, but also the finest, quality, healing herbs and botanicals. It is these ingredients that are used to fill the bottles that are graced with the Qēt label. These ingredients are so honorable and authentic that it allows every ingredient to be listed on the label. No secrets, no masked elements, no long ingredient lists, and no mysteries within. Qet  passionately believes that every ingredient that stays on the body should be safe, clean, and effective. It's why we have the variety of treatments that we do today.

The full circle.

Just as Mother Earth has provided the wholesome ingredients that have developed into Qet, we are always mindful of our carbon footprint, ensuring that we limit our waste in products, packaging, and the distance required in order for us to receive the best quality ingredients at our lab and crafting facility in Wisconsin. This dedication has earned Qet a sustainability award for our unique packaging, and also a Green America | Green Business Certification.

This is where we dig in a little deeper - literally!

Our dedication within Qet for the best quality botanicals, for producing quality products at a humble pace, and for supporting local growers and farmers, is taking a very exciting leap. It is a Leap Year, after all!

We've recently been introduced to a team of local botanists / chemists / farmers ~ a team of highly motivated and organically charged people in our own community ~ who are also honest, trustworthy, and just good to work with. This team has become moved and inspired by Qet's commitment to local cultivation, hard work, and paying tribute to the beautifully natural botanical cycle... from the tiny seeds, to the rich soils, to how these seeds develop, grow, begin to thrive, and are then harvested at the peak of their optimal freshness.

The seeds have been planted, and the movement has begun. 

Literally - yes, the seeds have been planted!

Qēt Botanicals fresh beauty

Thirty trays are seeded and they're making their start on the mist bench. More seeds will make their way directly into the fields as Spring peeks around the corner. Calendula, geranium, broccoli, and chamomile are already peeking through the soil. These botanical ingredients are favorites in Qet's line of products, and they're becoming staples within the land at The Hop Yards at Apple Finch and Gorst Valley Hops. As we get closer and closer to germination, we celebrate meeting the sprouts, watching them mature, and we look forward to the world of locally grown essential ingredients right in our own backyard.

Our ingredients are grown. This is how all of the elements and raw materials that we work with start. People seem for forget this as product consumers become accustomed to the synthetic and artificially produced ingredients that are mass-produced and are stale, but our bodies know the difference even if we don't. Synthetics just can't stand up to the real thing... and it's definitely not as fun to watch them grow!

You're in the know.

Being a Qet friend and customer (that line is happily blurred) you will be the first to know of this exciting venture ahead of us as we enter into the first growing season. Our devotion to bringing hand-crafted, 100% grown products is now earning an even deeper pulse. 

We can't wait to continue unraveling the story of Qet, from seed, to soil, to leaves, to harvest, to bottle. It's all happening, and we're doing it for so many reasons... our land, our community, and for you.

Capturing these early moments is a wonderful visual we're excited to share with you. Stay tuned for more scoop on the botanical dirt.

Photo Credits: The Hop Yards at Apple Finch and Gorst Valley Hops