Shed the Winter Doldrums. Let’s get fresh together.

Qēt Botanicals winter doldrums~  ~  ~

Well, hey, darlin'!

It's great to be catching up with you again. We really do enjoy our monthly email dates. These words and insights we offer are crafted after a month of discovery and conversation coming in from all of you. We're always listening, and we feel the wind continuously blowing our customers and potential natural beauty believers towards particular questions around their skin, hair and bodies, and how we can care for ourselves wholesomely.

As we've rounded up February, are merging into March, and are coming down off of our extra 24 hours in 2016 (hope you had a great Leap Day), we can feel the menus getting lighter and the clothing getting brighter and finer. With the shed of all the "extra" that comes with winter and cold, we sense that most are seeking a fresh face, glowing skin, and hair that is ready for vibrancy and moisture.

Exfoliate. Liberate.

Qēt Botanicals winter doldrums

Very recently, we enjoyed a conversation with a customer regarding exfoliation and, indeed, this is a common topic that we receive interest on regularly. There's a lot of fear and misconception around exfoliating. 

This moves us to offer the Q&A below, outlining a lot of the questions, thoughts, and answers to some of the common inquiries around renewing your skin with gentle, natural exfoliants.

Q: I've seen so many claims and articles preaching against exfoliating due to their harsh qualities. What is the truth? Can exfoliants be trusted?

A: We've heard the claim. We've read the articles. And yes, MANY exfoliants are very harmful to the skin, But the truth is, exfoliation is the key to maintaining moisture and promoting youthful skin. Hoping to have the external glow? Who isn't?! When we allow lifeless cells to rest at the surface of our skin, they block the nurturing elements that keep the cells underneath from doing their happy dance. Fearful exfoliating is drying your face? Actually, exfoliating gets the skin geared up to soak up the moisture of your Day or Night Serum.

Q: My skin is sensitive. Anytime I have exfoliated in the past, my skin burns and hurts. Does this mean I should avoid exfoliating?

A: A common concern ~ and, really, who wants to sacrifice the comfort of their skin in order to really get a "good clean" on their face? Many other products out there offer exfoliating qualities that are too harsh - they're filled with gritty matter, or the soon-to-be (not soon enough!) banned micro beads, to rough up the skin with chemicals that are essentially stripping the tops layers of the skin of their natural goodness that gives you bounce, glow and tone. The good news about Q et exfoliants? We use only natural ingredients found in nature. The texture is created by tea, minerals, and herbs that are finely ground to glide over the skin, lifting the cells that have lived their day and need to be removed to allow the thriving, fresh cells underneath to show off their vibrancy. Just like soaking a tea bag in warm water, all the elements and actives come to life when you add warm water to make a paste before application and while you're gently washing it away. With Qet's exfoliants, you're able to build up the level of texture that matches your skin's needs. Need a thorough refresher and smoothness at the surface? The herbal exfoliants are the answer here. Eager to rid the toxins and have a gentle nudge that pulls out impurities like a sponge? Look to a clay exfoliant. That's the difference between our exfoliants. You have options, and you control how much you'd like.

March your way to skin that's alive!

Qēt Botanicals winter doldrums

No chems. No talc. No problem!

At the turn of 2016, we proudly launched two new products rounding out our collection of all natural products to forty-two. These new products are our Antioxidant Mask with Cranberry and our Botanical Body Powder. We're sure you've heard... and perhaps you've learned more about the questionable ingredients in powders that have caused a massive cancer lawsuit that Johnson & Johnson is ruthlessly battling. If you're not familiar, here's a great read from The Green Beauty Team.

We know about powders... yikes. With body powder being something that is marketed to be so pure, fresh and wonderful, it sure has left some devastated victims in its path. What's worse? Companies are far aware of the harmful effects of many ingredients in their body powders. For years, this reality has flown under the radar. We did our research though... and we launched our clean, talc free, safe, and starch-free powder (starches love to breed bacteria) even before this Johnson & Johnson scandal burst into a powdery cloud of concern.

Best we can all do? Stay informed. Ask questions. Do your research. If you're curious about the quality of ingredients in some of your favorite products, we suggest you check out their rating on the Environmental Working Group's database, Skin Deep.

Our Qet Corner


We'll be celebrating our 3-year 'Brand-iversary' in April! For all of our neighbors and local friends, we'll be hosting an open house with prizes, sales, and treats. Stay tuned for more details.

New products! With springtime comes the freshness of newly sprouting botanicals. We've become wonderfully accustomed to the natural aromas and fragrances in and around our lab as we craft treatments on a daily basis. We love authentic scents, and we love to wear them, too. In April we'll be launching our botanical nectars. They make us feel beautiful, they're safe, and they're purposeful. 

Find us in Brava Magazine and Madison Magazine! Keep on the look out for our ad in Brava and take advantage of additional savings during the month of March when you order from our website.

In Case you Missed It:

Locally Local ~ It all starts with just a tiny seed. Our dedication within Qet for the best quality botanicals, for producing quality products at a humble pace, and for supporting local growers and farmers, is taking a very exciting leap. Learn more here!

Qet Botanicals had another cameo with NBC 15 News as dermatologist Dr. Apple Bodemer discussed how to maintain healthy nails. Just another use for our Lavish Serum Salve ~ a staple in any Qet-ster's collection of vitamin packed, moisturizing and restorative products. 

On February 9th, we were honored to be involved in the Madison4Kids event. You could call it a fundraising success as over $40,000 was raised that evening! The funds raised go directly to children in the greater Madison area for programs and mentorship to help all children become more confident, healthier, educated, and inspired. Bravo!

We participated in the 4th Annual La Lingerie Carnival Swim Fashion Show which took place on February 3rd at the Madison Club (Madison, WI). It's an event put on to celebrate the beauty of women and empower them to feel comfortable and happy in their bodies by having models of all ages and sizes flaunt gorgeous lingerie by La Lingerie. A fun, worthy cause, with beautiful French lingerie you'd want to show off and swimsuits you can't wait to jump in to.

The sunrise, the new day, a new month, and a new season.... all are beautiful, and all offer a new beginning and a fresh outlook.

Take them all in, and enjoy.