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Qēt Botanicals hair treatment tipsQēt Botanicals hair treatment tips


Who doesn't love a quick tip or two that can boost your 'ok hair day' to a 'great hair day' ?! For four consecutive weeks, we shared our "Hair Tip Tuesday" special posts on our social media outlets. There are so many ways to use our products, and we've highlighted the most popular and shared them. And in case you missed it, all four of our finishing products are EWG Verified.

Here is the recap:

Week 1: Building Volume with our Natural Sea Spray

Hair loves me, ❤️ hair loves me not.  Hey, Qet Botanicals ✨loves✨ your hair, and so can you! We're having a hair affair and have shared a special on our blog. Here we're talking Natural Sea Spray. Never sticky with protective oils and a fresh natural aroma. ❔Wake up with flat bed head? Just a mist or two at roots and tousle. ❔Does your no-shampoo day need a lift mid-day? Mist, arrange, and onward you go. On wet long hair, mist at the roots, twist up and twirl, and after a bit of time passes, let your locks loose. Get ready for volume, movement, and va-va-voom! Be happy.

Week 2: Getting Shine with our Natural Shine Serum + 3 Ways to Use It

Feed hair with what it loves to get youthful, healthy hair. And what exactly does hair love? Proteins, moisture, vitamins, and just the right blend of oils. Coconut and broccoli are all the rave in our Natural Shine Serum. Vitamins C and B6 keep hair strong and silky. Added color protection against the elements of what nature - or your stylist - gave you. To use three different ways: (1) Daily - add a few drops to ends before and after applying heat; (2) Weekly - apply 10-12 drops on all of hair shaft, wait 10 minutes and shampoo; and (3) Monthly - apply serum to your scalp and all of your locks before bedtime. Cover your pillow with a towel, shampoo in the morning. Voila! You're soft, enriched, smooth hair will thank you, and you won't be able to keep your hands off of it. 

Week 3: Saving Time with our Lavender Powder Dry Shampoo

Hair Tip Tuesday: Save time + your style with 100% organic plant derived elements. When hair starts to loose its 'clean' - it starts at the scalp and hairline. Excess oil starts to build-up at the scalp, and many times the hair itself is still clean. Just a small amount of our dry shampoo will soak up the excess oil only where you need it. No alcohol or other synthetics necessary. It naturally freshens and provides a clean, light feeling without anything extra weighing down your 'do. ✨ To use: dip a small brush or take a pinch with your fingertips. Apply it only where you need oil control. Blend it in with your fingers and "Voila!," you're ready to go. Great on all hair color.

Week 4: The Best Ways to Use our Award-Winning Nutri-Pomade & Mask with Shea & Coconut

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Image Courtesy of The Goofy Mermaid