Exfoliation Benefits You May Not Know About

Spring is almost here!

Spring is such an inspiring season... the birds sing louder, the buds start to pop, and around every corner new growth is making its way to the surface.  

There's a beautiful renewal that happens each Spring in nature.

This time of year can also mean a renewal for our skin and body.

Winter's cold weather and the extra indoor heat can make our skin feel tight and sensitive. Those dulling dead skin cells on the surface cells can pile up quickly.

Our skin relies on us 100% to take care of it.

We can help our skin shed the winter dulls to make way for our new cells that are waiting to rise and get glowing.

Let's do this! It's time to shed the dulls and make way for the new. 

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Our exfoliants naturally offer both a physical exfoliation, and an enzymatic exfoliation, all gently and without alcohols, extracts, harsh edges, or toxins. 

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~ Here's What We've Heard ~ 

"My skin is too sensitive to exfoliate."

"I don't need to use exfoliants, my skin is pretty good."

"I only need to exfoliate about... maybe... sort of...  once a month."

"All the exfoliants I've tried are too harsh."

and this one...

"I really need a get-in-there-and-dissolve-my-dead-cells exfoliant that's stronger than an all natural exfoliant."


These are comments we've heard over the last ten years from friends just like you. 

We all have skin, we're all different, and if done the right way with the right ingredients, a natural (yes, natural!) and proper exfoliant can offer so many complexion benefits. 

~  ~  ~

👇 Below are five benefits of using and exfoliating properly, but first... a quick tip. 👇

👉 QUICK SKINCARE TIP: How to get the most from our exfoliants.

Our exfoliants are dry. We keep them dry so that when you're ready for them, just a small amount of water wakes them up and they're ready to go to work for you. It's similar to waiting for your favorite tea bag steeping in warm water. It all comes to life in the water, and it's ready when you are. 


💗 How we Love to Exfoliate 💗

::: After cleansing add a small amount of dry exfoliant to your palm.

::: Add water to activate and wake up the dry botanicals and enzymes. Note: some like to use their cleansing oil here, and some their toning water. You have options. 😊

::: Gently massage it onto your complexion, and remember your neck and décolleté. No need to scrub ~ let the treatment do the work for you. 

::: Rinse, and always, always, always, follow with your botanical toner and day or night serum after exfoliating.  


There are literally dozens of skin benefits to exfoliating properly.

Here are five common benefits that often get to the top of the list. 

Exfoliating Benefit #1: It reduces the appearance of fine lines. 

With the right exfoliation, our natural collagen and elastin receives a boost. When we exfoliate, think of our skin getting a little nudge, almost a gentle wake-up call. Our own collagen and elastin is what keeps our skin supple. Those tissues and muscles that start to form a fine line can relax, the skin can drink in the products, and the overall complexion can become smoother. Smooth skin also reflects the light differently making it appear more even and silky. 


Exfoliating Benefit #2: It helps to reduce the size of our pores. 

Our old and dead skin cells can naturally shed by themselves. However, with time the shedding process slows and sometimes our cells need a little help to move along. Those dead skin cells, along with any impurities, are what can increase the size of our pores. With a regular and proper exfoliation, our pores can stay tidy and clean, which keeps them from filling up and appearing larger than they are. 


Exfoliating Benefit #3: It helps to brighten and improve our skin's texture.

With every gentle exfoliation, we're stimulating our blow flow and increasing the circulation under the skin's surface. This helps our natural cellular turnover to keep working like it should. A wonderful side effect of this is a fresher, healthy glow. Subtle dark spots at the surface can be reduced, and our skin can naturally become brighter and more even.   Qet-Botanicals-Restoring-Herbal-Exfoliant-with-Tea-and-Roses

Exfoliating Benefit #4: It helps to prevent ingrown hairs. 

If you've ever had an ingrown hair, on your face or body, it can hurt, be a bigger bump than what you'd expect, and it can be red for a long time. Keeping the dead cells out of the pores helps to clear the path for the new hair to grow in the way it's supposed to. It's easy for the new hair to be blocked, which can turn into a red bump and even an infection. 


Exfoliating Benefit #5: It helps to fight acne. 

 A clogged pore is an unhappy pore. It can be inflamed, red, irritated, and it can be a resting place for bacteria. When this happens it's a breeding ground for acne. Blackheads, whiteheads, hormonal and cystic acne... all kinds of skin upset can benefit from removing the excess oil in the pore. Remember that oil removes oil, so even an acne prone complexion can benefit from our Balancing Cleansing Oil with Thyme. Followed by a gentle exfoliation, it can help to clear up and clean up the complexion. 


🌷 Happy March! 🌷

Let’s shed those winter dulls and make way for healthy, glowing skin.


Entirely plant powered and gentle, our exfoliants are performing and skin-loving.

Pull out impurities, tenderly smooth away dead cells… the right exfoliation

can clear, soften, and prep our skin for hydration and moisture.


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~ Fun Fact ~

The first found proof of a skincare routine was found in Ancient Egypt dating back to 3000 BCE. They used pieces of broken alabaster shells and exfoliants made from sand and plants. There are also recordings of their use of essential oils made from plants, herbs, and olive oil.

We love learning that plants and herbs were used way back then, and we're certainly glad that today we've found gentler ways to exfoliate than with sand. Right?! 😉


~ Kind Words from a Qēt Friend ~

"The most luxurious skincare line ever! I can't wait to pamper myself every day!! Qēt Botanicals changed my skin. Thank you for noticing (to my husband)! " ~ Wendy   ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Five Star Review



We're here to help you find what you and your skin are looking for.

Life happens every day, and it can be full of distractions. Taking just those few minutes morning and night to bookend the day with care is important. If we fall away from our routines, it's ok... and when we can, we get back to that routine that makes us feel good. 

~ Let's keep taking care of ourselves so our mind and body can keep taking care of us. ~

We're here to support your clean journey and offer tools and tips to help you reach your skin and health goals. We're here for you! 💓

Happy almost Spring! Enjoy today ~ there's so much more to come! 

~ Lisa 



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