The Healing Properties of Rose in Skincare

“A rose speaks of love silently in a language known only to the heart.”   Author Unknown 

🌹 🌹 🌹

Happy February! It's during this month that literally millions of roses are given and received between loved ones.

Roses are one of our favorite celebrities in our variety of organic ingredients. We love them not only for their subtle and beautiful aromas, but also for the vitamins and antioxidants that come from their petals and rosehips. Roses can benefit so many different skin conditions and concerns. It's true love for our skin. 💗

So... to celebrate the love of roses, this month our special is on our many rose-infused and rose-forward skin and body treatments. 

Save 15% on our 15 celebrity treatments that share the benefits of rose.  

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 The full list of treatments on sale is below. 👇 

👉  FREE SPECIAL GIFT: With every order of $125 after any discount is applied, we're including our newly developed rose body mist... Just Rose, Just Because Body Mist. It's currently only an in-house treatment, and we want to share it with you as a special gift this month. 


Restoring Day Serum $65. With code LoveMySkin $55.25. Hydra-Rose Eye Serum $79. With code LoveMySkin $67.15. Purely Rosehip Serum Boost $28. With code LoveMySkin $23.80.


~ Multi-Purpose Positivity in the Petals ~ 

For our skin, no matter if it's dry, sensitive, inflamed, or already comfortable, with each application our skin can benefit from the multi-vitamins that an authentic rose delivers. Our pure rose is very different than a rose artificial fragrance. Synthetic fragrances are lab manufactured and do not deliver the same benefits. 

🌹 Authentic, pure, and clean rose oil contains ✨ Vitamins A, ✨ C, ✨ E, and multiple antioxidants (we use zero powdered synthetic vitamins and additives) that fight those stressors that speed up aging and oxidation on our skin.

🌹 Dry skin, comfortable skin, sensitive skin, and inflamed skin have all been proven to benefit from rose. It's such an amazing botanical that also supports our skin's own natural collagen production. Happiness!   

🌹 Rose naturally contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This means that it also helps to calm breakouts and other skin sensitivities like eczema and rosacea. It was something that I introduced into our Qēt routine long ago because of my sensitivities. The rose and its benefits cover such a variety of skin concerns.  

🌹 And then, for our mind, just a touch of rose can be a mood booster. Any feeling of anxiety, sadness, or stress can be lessened and whisked away as our thoughts can be positively affected by their natural aroma.

💗 There is ample scientific backing and studies on the affects of various botanicals in their most natural forms. Know that with each drop of our treatments, you're getting only what's real and what nature intended... without even one drop of anything synthetic. 

Sorry all you synthetic fragrances and additives out there... we're just not that into you. 😉


Restoring Night Serum $69. With code LoveMySkin $58.65.


~ Fun Fact ~

What skincare and aromatherapy do you think were our biggest sellers and requested treatments during the season of Covid in 2020 through 2022?

Yes, that's right... it was anything with rose. 

"I don't know why, but for some reason I'm really being pulled to rose right now..."  a common statement we heard many times from our customers. Sometimes our body and senses know more than we do! 😉


Rosewood Botanical Nectar Natural Perfume $65. With code LoveMySkin $55.25.


Did you know? About 30 roses are needed to produce one drop of pure rose oil. 

 And... over 220 million roses are grown just for Valentine's Day. Wow! 

We measure every ingredient and count every drop that goes into our curated and handmade botanical treatments. Nothing is wasted. When we're making our treatments that include rose, well... it's like we're working in a garden house filled with roses. So divine. 


Restoring Cleansing Oil with Rose $26. With code LoveMySkin $22.10.


The February Sale 

This month we’re celebrating the rose and all of its skin-loving benefits.

Naturally rich in antioxidants and real Vitamins A, C, E (not the synthetic, powdered vitamins) to combat dry skin and calm upset skin. 

Use code LoveMySkin to save 15% on all of our rose-infused treatments.

🌹 💗 🌹 

Here is the list of celebrity ingredients with rose on sale: 

BONUS:  Raw Cacao & Oat Body Polish (because chocolate goes so lovely with roses)

SPECIAL BONUS: A free, organic Just Rose, Just Because Body Mist with your purchase over $125 after any discounts are applied. Why? Because we want to. 😊 

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Meet your free February gift with any order over $125 after discounts...  Just Rose, Just Because Body Mist 

Our love of roses, their oils, petals, and their soft aroma has led us to develop and share with you this limited Just Rose, Just Because Body Mist

Enjoy it as a head-to-toe hair and body mist to add a beautiful rose aroma and light hydration to skin where applied. It's currently an in-house treatment. We welcome your feedback as we may be adding it to our brand as an additional self care treatment.


 Getting Started Facial Kit ~ Restoring Skin Suite $39. With code LoveMySkin $33.15 


“There is simply the rose; it is perfect in every moment of its existence.” Ralph Waldo Emerson 


Restoring Herbal Exfoliant with Tea & Roses $40. With code LoveMySkin $34. Restoring Clay Exfoliant with Tea & Roses $32. With code LoveMySkin $29.75.


~ Kind Words from a Qēt Friend ~

"I’ve tried many skincare lines in search of the perfect solution for mature skin that doesn’t contain those yucky hormone disrupting chemicals but none have impressed me as much as Qēt Botanicals. Their products actually work, are EWG Certified and they feel and smell divine. And they’ve got some good choices for teens too like their Balancing oil and Spot Serum for stubborn breakouts. Love that they use organic ingredients whenever possible and they are handcrafted in small batches from scratch! " ~ Jill   ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Five Star Review

~ Matters of the Heart ~

"Though February is short, it is filled with lots of love and sweet surprises." Charmaine L. Forde

💐 Receiving and sending flowers, and nibbling and sharing sweets... these can be moments and methods of love and self care just as much as taking time to care for our mind and body are.   

🐰 We're a cruelty free and vegan brand. All of our treatments fall under these categories, with the exception of our Honey Cream Mask with Active Manuka Honey. This mask is an awarded clean beauty favorite, and its first ingredient is pure Manuka. We're fully transparent about all of our ingredients, and there's no hiding that this one treatment contains honey as it's included in its name. Vegans and non vegans alike love it.  

🌳 🐶 We're also dedicated nature and animal lovers. Nature inspires so much of what we share with you, and we feel that animals have their place, and it's not in our care products. 

💗 There are so many kinds of love. Share and receive some extra love this month ~ you'll feel it warm you from the inside right down to your toes.  

🎶 "The love you take, is equal to the love you make." ~ The Beatles 🎶

~ Lisa 


Below: Our two fur babies being cuddled and loved. 


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