🌷 Springing Into Healthy Skin + New Clean Beauty 🏅Awards🏅

Let's Spring it On! 

Your healthiest Spring skin is just around the corner. On average, our skin can take about 28 - 40 days to regenerate... it's never too early, or too late, to clean-up our care routines. 

This month we're getting so many questions and positive feedback about our March celebrity treatments, our exfoliants. When done properly, the results are beautifully visible. It's soft and clear skin bliss! 😊

 And this just in... one of our favorite exfoliants has won a big clean beauty award!


🏅 Clean Beauty Awarded Qēt! 🏅

We're thrilled to learn that we've won two awards from the UK based The Beauty Shortlist. 

Months ago, thousands of care products from all over the globe were sent in for consideration. We've learned that we've received awards for two of our treatments. Hooray! 🏅🏅

Per The Beauty Shortlist... "Launched in 2012, these 100% sponsor-free and ad-free annual awards are judged exclusively by experts and honour the most outstanding products in the natural beauty industry, from small indie artisan brands and start-ups to the biggest names in green beauty." 

The timing is great... it just so happens that one of our clean beauty award winners is a part of this month's special.

If you haven't tried it, it's part of our 15% savings with the code SpringSkin.


So, who are these new winners?

An exfoliant and a day serum... a lovely pairing for smooth, glowing skin. 

Meet our two newest winners:  



We're very proud of ALL of our botanical treatments... they're all winners to us

Below is a look at some of our other awarded treatments that have earned the highest regards and awards in the clean beauty industry over the years. 👏 

💚 Always fully transparent about our ingredients. Always fresh and natural. 💚


See what our customers have to say about these two award winners, along with other featured products this month. 






As Seen In Style Vanity ... 

It's the month of exfoliating, Qēt has been included in woman-founded Style Vanity in the article "Skincare Secrets for Clear, Healthier Skin Fast."

Who is Style Vanity? "Founded by Alyssa in 2013, Style Vanity evolved from a personal blog to a beauty website focusing on Asian Beauty, tackling skin concerns, and providing informative and honest product reviews." 




Click here to read the full Style Vanity article. 

Side note: at the end of the article you may see related stories about Botox and fillers. Know that at Qēt Botanicals we do not promote Botox, fillers, or any invasive treatments. We're all about truly natural whole plant ingredients void of synthetic additives, false fragrances, and harsh preservatives.

🌱  🌱   🌱 

Coming off of International Women's Month, we couldn't help but share this.

 Here's a great find ~ and another woman owned business we love. Read more about their 100% organic cotton socks (for the whole family) and other wearables.

It's spring, and many of us are spring cleaning what we use. It doesn't have to stop with our skincare.  This is such a simple switch, and it can make such a difference. 


We're on our feet and are running around so much during the day, we can sometimes take our feet for granted. 

Here in Wisconsin when the weather is cold, having warm feet makes a huge difference! Now we're getting into Spring, and it's just as important to keep our feet and toes comfy and dry. 

~ Meet Q for Quinn ~

Because of the founder's need for something soft for her son's sensitive skin and eczema (we know what she's been through!), Q for Quinn was founded by Melita. 

Say hello to these sustainably sourced organic cotton socks for adults, and they carry socks for our littlest friends' feet. They have a great variety of styles and sizes to take you through the seasons. They even carry 100% linen sleepwear and more. Yes, please! 

Keeping our entire body cozy and cared for contributes to a sense of well-being that reflects positively on our skin. From head to toe, it makes sense to use the best clean ingredients and products that we can to help us stay healthy and happy. 

👉 Of note: we at Qēt are not receiving any compensation from Q for Quinn. What we are receiving is the enjoyment and satisfaction of sharing, with you, a mindful brand started for the right reasons... from one Mom-owned-brand to another. 💗 😊


🌷 Happy Start of Spring! 🌷

Let’s shed the winter dulls and make way for healthy, glowing skin. 

Entirely plant powered and gentle, our exfoliants are performing and skin-loving.

Pull out impurities, and tenderly smooth away dead cells… the right exfoliation

can clear, soften, and prep our skin for hydration and moisture.

Save 15% on our entire family of botanical clay and herbal exfoliants.  

Use code SpringSkin online and in the store.



Skincare Tips + Benefits of a Proper Exfoliation

In case you missed that March blog...

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"Days of flowers blooming,

birds singing,

and the occasional walk in the rain.

A lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be."

The only thing constant is change. We're in a transformation into the new season, and learning how to adapt to any transformation can be the key to our overall well being.

Enjoy this new season of growth, of inspiration, and even the occasional rain shower. ☔ Without a little rain, we wouldn't be able to get up close and personal with all the lovely and blooming gifts that Spring shares with us. 🌷


~ Lisa 


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