Exfoliating Tips, Benefits + Which is Best for Different Complexions

Let's say 'Hello' to the Glow

We're getting the Spring glow going ~ we'll help you find your perfect exfoliation remedy.   

This time of year we get the most questions about getting back, (or getting for the first time!) a healthy, vibrant, and smooth, clear complexion. 😘 

If this is what you're looking for, this is one step that's worth diving into, and we can help you find your perfect remedy below. 👇

Helloooo, Spring! 🌱 

It's not official yet, but Spring is unofficially here. March, April, and May are the months that we celebrate this blooming season. With Spring comes a time of renewal, a time of growth, and a time to enjoy these fresh new beginnings.

It's also time to shed the old and make room for the new... in many more ways than one. Just like our mind and bodies sometimes need a fresh nudge in the right direction, so does our skin. 

Let's welcome this new season, and let's make the most of what nature gives us... new blooms, vitality, and wonderfully effective skincare!

🌱  🌱  🌱



This time of year we get asked this question a lot... "How can I get my skin to look younger, smoother, and brighter?" 

Every 28-30 days, our skin naturally goes through a renewal process. Old and dead skin cells are shed making way for the new skin cells.

We see this in nature every Spring. When the new leaves and flowers begin to bud on the trees and branches, it's their form of renewal. The old leaves have dried and fallen, and because of this, the new leaves are able to grow. It's a similar process with our skin cells. 

If we don't rid our skin of the dead skin cells completely, the skin's pores can become clogged. Dry areas can also pop up, and sometimes flaky patches and roughness happen. 

👉 When we exfoliate, we can help to prevent these 👆 unwanted skin upsets. 


Why should we exfoliate on a regular basis?

Want a better, smoother, and healthier appearance of skin? Of course we do.

 Exfoliating can help in a variety of ways. Here's how: 

✨ We get a better application and absorption of our skincare treatments.

✨ The complexion becomes more even and brighter. 

✨ We may get fewer breakouts by helping to prevent clogged pores.

✨ Our collagen production is nudged to keep performing its best.



 Hey, it's collagen!  

Collagen is a key ingredient to help keep our skin glowing and youthful. It's a natural protein found in our skin cells that helps with our skin's elasticity and suppleness. It helps our bones, skin, tendons, and ligaments, too.  

When we exfoliate, it's a gentle reminder to nudge our natural collagen production which can also help to minimize fine lines. 

Yes, there are plenty of reasons we love to regularly exfoliate! 

If you haven't met our exfoliants, we have a full family of them. We can help you find the right one for your current complexion. 

Oily Skin | Clogged Pores | Sensitive Skin | Dry Skin | Rosacea | Teen Skin | Mature Skin (Yes, even the most dry or mature skin can really benefit from the right exfoliant.)


Physical + Chemical: The Benefits 

There are two ways to exfoliate our complexions... with a physical exfoliant, and with a 'chemical' exfoliant.

By the way, you know that we avoid synthetically made and harmful chemicals. When we mention 'chemical' exfoliant, we mean safe and organic ingredients that work at dissolving skin cells rather than physically sloughing them away. This is a 'chemical' exfoliation. There are wonderful benefits to both physical and chemical exfoliants, and we incorporate both ways in our exfoliants. 😀

Physical exfoliants can enhance our skin's appearance by physically removing dead cells and rough spots at the surface. No harsh edges or additives, we use botanicals and minerals to do the work.

The 'chemical' part of the exfoliant is by way of our natural glycolic acids and botanical enzymes that help to dissolve dead cells that can also offer dramatic results.

We've formulated our exfoliants to address both of these benefits while still being comfortable for sensitive skin conditions. 

In our clay and herbal exfoliants, we work with organic botanicals that are filled with vitamins and antioxidants, gluten-free colloidal oats, and enzymes and glycolic acids from cane sugars. These types of exfoliants naturally offer results and also treats sensitive skin. We feel that many of us are sensitive, and our skin can be sensitive in general, so all of our treatments cater to sensitive skin.

💚 Rather than add synthetic beads, rough edges, artificial powders, or imitation ingredients, the real ingredients that we use in our exfoliants are an organic remedy offering a variety of benefits for various skin complexions. 

Glycolic acids and enzymes that naturally occur in the botanicals and ingredients give that extra little edge with natural acids to gently help dissolve sluggish cells. Safe for a variety of skin conditions, we don't need to use harsh bristles or extra scrubbing action ~ we let the plant actives do the work for us. It makes perfect skin sense. 💚


Which exfoliant is right for you? Here are our exfoliant recommendations for various skin conditions.

Our skin can change like the weather ~ a change in seasons, sleep patterns, food habits, stress levels, and hormones can change our skin quickly.

The reason we have the three Skin Suites that we do is so we can easily address our skin's wishes and needs as they change. All of our Skin Suites are formulated for sensitive skin, and all address aging concerns.  

👉 Our Balancing Skin Suite is typically for oily complexions prone to breaking out that produce a higher amount of natural oils. Usually ages teens through the 20s or early 30s prefer this Skin Suite.

👉 Our Hydrating Skin Suite is our most popular Skin Suite and it addresses comfortable and combination skin that occasionally breaks out. Skin may have an oily t-zone area and have hormonal breakouts as well. Ages 20s through 40s or 50s usually prefer this Skin Suite. 

👉 Our Restoring Skin Suite is more for dry, dehydrated and mature skin that has a low amount of natural oil production and is not prone to regular breakouts. Ages 40, 50, and beyond enjoy the benefits of this Skin Suite. 

Of course, all of our Skin Suites can be mixed and matched according to our skin's needs. There are always exceptions to these recommendations as our own body's natural chemistry can affect which is best for our complexion. But no worries, we're always here to help! 

💮 💮 💮


 Our clay exfoliants are best for you if:

  • You have clogged pores in the nose, forehead, or chin areas.
  • You have areas with bumps under the skin.
  • Your complexion has occasional congestion.
  • You want to clear your complexion while still promoting collagen production.

Select the clay exfoliant in the best Skin Suite for your condition. Clay asks like an eraser and gently escorts impurities and dirt from the pores.

Important: Rest assured that our clay has met the EWG Verified standards and is free of high levels of heavy metals. Many clays on the market contain high levels of heavy metals that may be unsafe. We've tested our clay for chromium, nickel, arsenic, cadmium, antimony, mercury, lead and have found it to be safe. We continue to love and use our clay in our formulas with confidence ~ and you can, too!


Our herbal exfoliants are best for you if:

  • You're looking to smooth the surface of your complexion.
  • You want to help minimize fine lines. 
  • You have little or no skin congestion, and wish to even-out your complexion. 
  • You wish to minimize dark spots on the skin's surface. 
  • You want to remove dead cells while stimulating collagen production.

The naturally occurring minerals in our herbal exfoliants help to gently (yes, gently!) resurface and smooth the complexion. When we regularly exfoliate and with long term use, our collagen is naturally prompted to continue to stimulate those new skin cells. 

🌟 SKIN TIP: No matter which exfoliant you choose, remember that how you treat your skin after you exfoliate is also important. Adding your botanical toner and day or night serum to your complexion after you exfoliate will feed your skin with hydration, moisture, vitamins, antioxidants, ceramides, and all the food your skin requires to be its glowing best.  


Here's a Quick Video about our Exfoliants

Feel free to click on the link to find out a bit more about our exfoliants. 

How to Exfoliate | https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEY624AmHdk

Want to learn and see more about Qēt? Our YouTube channel has a handful of videos about our brand, our kits (they're the best place to discover our treatments!) and various botanical products for our skin and hair. 

~ Why We're Different ~

EWG Verified™

Leaping Bunny Certified

Think Dirty®  Awarded

Earth Day Beauty Winner

Small-Batch-From-Scratch Face, Hair, & Body Treatments

We hand select each of our ingredients individually (no pre-mixed ingredients!) and make sure they're the quality that we demand before we formulate our treatments for you.

 We're also a part of the EWG Verified program, which means that our manufacturing practices, levels of actives, individual ingredients, and preservation methods are safe for all of us.

We believe in full transparency of every single drop. There is nothing hidden in a trademarked or trade secret name. 

We even take it one step further...

we avoid even the 'safe synthetics' and avoid any 'fragrance' ingredients that are found on many "natural" and "clean" labels.

💮  💮  💮

"I have been so pleased with my Qēt purchases! My favorite is the Balancing Herbal Exfoliant with Tea & Thyme. I love how it makes my skin silky soft after use, and it smells wonderful to boot! I am someone who cares deeply about what I put on my body, in my body, and how I take care of our environment. Qēt products leave me in no doubt that I am taking the best care possible of me, but also for those who will be inheriting the Earth from me - my kids! Lisa, the founder of Qēt, is so down to Earth and a lovely person! I feel really good about supporting a locally run, small family business with huge ideals and goals! I am a Mom with small children and I don't have a lot of time for me. So, it was important to me that the skin care regimes would take only minutes, and Qēt fulfills that role! As Qēt has encouraged me to take better care of my skin, I feel more confident during the day, knowing that I am shielded by natural UV-A and UV-B protectants with the day serum. It is always feels like an indulgence when I use Qēt products, and can take as much time, or as little, as I need it to!" ~ Katrina 


Have you met our Green Tea Mask with Raw Cacao, and Antioxidant Mask with Cranberries? 

These masks offer a different kind of exfoliation in a unique, power-house antioxidant, collagen-promoting, and skin-silkening skincare treatment that not only feeds our skin with various nutrients and minerals, these masks are a completely decadent and delightful experience!

Yes, some of our customers have been known to mix our exfoliants and dry masks with their cleansing oil for an over-the-top cleansing experience. I've done it, and they're right! You customers are so smart! 💗

~  ~  ~

WHY DRY? All of our exfoliants, as well as our two exfoliating masks, are kept in a dry formula. They're like a time capsule of vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants waiting for you to wake them up.

Just like when you add a tea bag to warm water, by adding water to them, and letting the exfoliants and masks "steep" on your skin for a few minutes, you're getting the full benefits of each ingredient in its freshest and purest form.

~  ~  ~

This New Season of Growth 

As lovers of Spring and all of the blooming and budding it shares with us, we feel like we're newly blooming, too!

We've been eagerly working on our new Skin Studio. We feel as if we're repotting ourselves into a bigger pot so we can continue to keep blooming and growing. 💮 We'll be transitioning from our current Wisconsin Skin Studio to the new location later in March. We'll share more details soon! 

Spring is a time of renewal, and we're excited for what this season is bringing for all of us. Thank you for being here.

Happy Spring, and Happy Fresh Start!

In good health and glow-getting, 

🌱 💜 🌱 

~ Lisa 

Lisa Brill, Founder+CEO


Below: Yes, taking time to enjoy the fresh aromas of spring blossoms offers many benefits, too ~ 😊


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