🎂 Celebrating 10 Years of Clean + Green Beauty with You!

And in a blink...

we're celebrating our 10 Year Brandiversary! 


That's right ~ Qēt Botanicals is 10! 😁

🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 


~ Time to Pause ~ 

We can't celebrate another moment without giving proper thanks.  

First, thank YOU for knowing the benefits that our fully transparent and authentically fresh ingredients deliver.

Your thirst for healthy, skin-savvy care and wellness through safe and performing ingredients has been quenched with our treatments, and we're really glad you're here!

Your kind words and communications with us are appreciated more than you know.💗

Thank you!


 "Love the way Qet makes my skin feel, and nothing compares to the quality of these products! I can rest assured that it is beauty care from the inside out. The night time oil is definitely my favorite so far :)"  ~ Gracie 


 ~ The Next Reason to Pause ~  

Second, none of this would be possible without the stellar team that we have working behind the scenes on every-single-treatment. 

👏 👏 👏  

There is much gentle shaking, counting, formulating, pouring, mixing, labeling, wrapping, and careful hand-holding of our delicate ingredients from start to finish while we prepare them and marry them with their counterparts in each and every treatment.

 It's our awesome in-house team that formulates, fulfills, ships, and shares each treatment with you... near and far... with passion, purpose, and pride. 

Our commitment to keeping our ingredients at the highest levels continue to flourish, and now it's with even more care and enthusiasm than one can shake a stick at. 

In addition to our in house team, we also thank our remote teams that works with us from various locations on all the different avenues that keep us current and moving forward. We also have select retailers that share our treatments within their circles. Every person and every location matters to us.

There are many spinning plates. The teams that we have that help to keep those plates spinning are just as important to us as those team members that we twirl with every day in person.  

And yes, we do like to twirl.   💫 😊


"Let me tell you bout my best friend(s)! This skin suite [below] is ideal in size (I’m always on the go) and scope. What it does for keeping my skin balanced and on track while I go go go is nothing short of a miracle ☺️ Love this brilliantly formulated and thoughtful kit to start and end the day." ~ Shannon 



💓 We're a small business with a team of big hearts.💓

All of us in the studios and behind the scenes at Qēt Botanicals are thankful that you support us and our treatments. After years of researching and testing, and after seeing and feeling my own healthy results, I felt strongly about stepping into the incredibly noisy and over-promised space of care products in the beauty industry.


"Why and how did Qēt start?"

It's been a beat that started filling my heart decades ago. It was a void that needed to be filled as I was feeling and watching my skin, hair, and body change with my health and hormone concerns. If you're new to Qēt or haven't taken a peek, this is a glimpse and photos of my skin before, and the "why" behind the beginning

I've always been an ingredient reader, and I think I was also a bit of an ingredient ignorer. I would sometimes skip over the final ingredients in a product and just focus on the good ones and on how clean the bottle said it was. I enjoy real ingredients, I love to cook and develop recipes, and I have a thing for plants, trees, flowers and nature in general. There is so much life around us; to be able to tap into that and harness the goodness right out of real ingredients makes all the difference. 🌱

Working with higher quality, clean, and proven ingredients is not the easiest or the least expensive way, but in our opinion, and in the opinion of our regular customers, it's the best and only way.


There's a big difference in real food, fast food, and heavily preserved or processed food.

👉 Our systems can't thrive and flourish on fake ingredients. 

It's exactly the same when it comes to those care products that we use every day. Eventually too many synthetics can be just too much for our skin and other organs to handle.


Frustrated with my skin and health changes, after meeting with numerous medical experts, and taking oral and topical prescriptions, I was ready to ditch those pills and creams and jump into a different way of caring for my overall health. 

I approached my care for skin and body just like I do when making a family meal... better ingredients taste better in food, and better ingredients perform better for our skin. After several years of formulating behind closed doors, I was finally ready to share the results.

And that was 10 years ago.


Know that we're not medical advisors, and everyone's results can be different. We know it can be intimidating to jump into a different routine of any kind. Because I had heard so many similar stories and have so many friends with the same concerns with sensitive skin, premature aging, hormonal changes, hair changes, etc., for so long, we went all in. I started to have incredible and positive physical and hormonal changes, and I knew I had to share what I had been working on.

👉 Even if what I was about to share all those years ago didn't work for others, I knew in my heart that I could not go back to the stale and mass-produced products that were so beautifully packaged on the outside, but very different on the inside.



~ The Transition ~ 

The last six months we've been in transition, and it's been a wonderful growing process... and even a strength-building process, literally! 💪 📦 🚚 

From having to close our Southern California location because of water damage, to outgrowing our original Wisconsin location, and now we're settling into our new location that's allowing us to blossom and grow with each new day, it's been an incredibly crazy six months.  

It's been an even more incredible last 10 years. 💖 

In addition to appreciating the Qēt work family that we have, the love, support, laughter, and teamwork that's shared with me by my husband, our son, daughter, my sisters and brothers, is 100% absolutely heart-warming to the core. The love and light that I feel and receive every day from nature, friends, family, and you, is truly a gift in and of itself. 💝


~ Our New Qēt Botanicals Skin Studio is Open! ~  

Yes, we're officially open! It's our soft opening and our new doors are open to welcome our local friends and neighbors. 

Our address and current hours:


Qēt Botanicals

91 South Main Street

Fort Atkinson, WI 53538

Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

(920) 397-7288

👇  Local Friends and Neighbors... mark your calendars. 👇

We'll be celebrating with a special Open House on Thursday, April 27th from 2:00 to 6:00.

Stop in for sips, snacks, and specials!



💮 💮 💮


SO......... thank you for being with Qēt and with all of us on this self care clean-up, wellness awakening, and health- boosting journey. We're looking forward to what's coming up in the next 10 years. ✨


~ Lisa


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~  fresh  ~  authentic  ~  sumptuous  ~

~  non-toxic, organic ingredients, proven, and high-performing ~

~  effective, award-winning botanical treatments made without compromises ~