Looking Ahead... Our Every Day Eco Efforts, Earth Smarts, and Growing Forward


We're Growing Forward

April is a wonderful month full of growth for many, and it's a fun month for us as a brand. It's a month of celebrating Spring, it's our brand's 8th anniversary month, it's my 54th birth month, and it's also Earth Month. Happy Earth Day today!

Who knew that 51 years ago when fellow Wisconsinite Senator Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day, it would become the global inspiration that it is today?   

Even though, since Earth Day was founded in 1970, there has been an increase in pollutants, ocean debris, plastics, and landfill clutter, there is also an eye-opening awareness given to all of us. There is an increase in resources and in all of the large and small ways that we can individually make a difference in our home and in our community. It's never too late, if we just start. Plant the seed, care for it, and watch it grow.   

Because you're here, you've planted a seed and are taking a small step in the right direction. If you're a friend of ours, then you're helping reduce our carbon footprint, ingredient waste, you're shopping locally, and you're reducing our ecological footprint as a whole.

Every day, when we take that eco-step forward, we're giving a beautiful gift back to our Earth and we're leaving a little seed behind.

Above: Standing in ranunculus flower fields and taking it all in.   

Below: A previous trip to Maui, and the discovery of a trio of natural waterfalls. 


What We've Done 

It’s Earth Day appreciation every day. Our love, acknowledgment, and efforts to keep this earth whole and running smoothly shouldn’t be limited and emphasized on only one day.

Qēt Botanicals does our part to help the earth every day by:

🌱 Using labels made from stone instead of trees.

🌱 The development of half boxes to reduce materials, ink and waste.

🌱 Materials printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

🌱 Offsetting our carbon footprint from shipping.

🌱 Using renewable energy powered web hosting.

🌱 Avoiding animal parts and by-products in our treatments, and using only authentic and whole plant ingredients. 

🌱 Using sustainably wild harvested ingredients certified by Oregon

Tilth Certified Organic and recognized by the National Organic Program for the USDA.

We’re health-conscious about our ingredients that go into and on our bodies; we should all be health-conscious about what goes into and on our earth, too. Happy Earth Day! 💚🌱 

Below: Crabapple tree petals and our Restoring Night Serum


What You Can Do

Every day we care for ourselves, and caring for our planet should be no different. Today is the day we pay extra respect and attention to our Earth. 

Unless we can start over again, on Mars or on another planet, there is no other place where we can live. Here are some quick tips to be Earth smart: 

1. Conserve. Water, energy, and emissions. Less water when brushing our teeth. Less unnecessary lighting. Walk or bike more and save gas on that ride. 🚲

2. Pick up trash. A little here, a little there... every little squat is not only good for the glutes, but it's also good for the land. 💪

3. Recycle. Plastics and glass items, of course. How about clothing and blankets? There are many uses for those old jeans, sweaters, and old blankets and towels. The landfills can't use them, but crafty people can repurpose them. Etsy is full of ideas! ♻️

4. Compost. Food waste leaves a HUGE imprint on our planet, and the biggest imprint isn't from restaurants, it's from our own kitchens. If your garbage disposal can't handle it, your garden or nearby dirt pile will love it. Buy what you're going to eat from your local farmer's market, compost what you can't use, and what's left over in the veggie bin at the end of the week makes a great "bin rice, bin pasta, or bin soup!" 🥕

5. Educate. Make an impact and learn about issues in your surroundings that matter to you. Is it the land around you, the ocean, the wildlife, the city, or the trees? The sources available online are numerous. Leave No Trace is an excellent example of a place to learn more about saving areas around us. 🌳

Let's avoid feeding the landfills... check it out


Celebrating our 8th Brandiversary & Earth Day ~

To celebrate all of the goodness, and to help make smart, eco-friendly wellness choices, save 20% site wide on all of our hair, face, and body treatments.

Included in this special are all of our starter kits and accessories, too.

In April, code CHEERS20 at checkout while shopping online, or mention this special in one of our Skin Studios. 

Remember, we want you to be 100% happy with your Qēt. We offer a 30-day exchange or refund policy.

Free sample with purchase. Free U.S. shipping over $35.

Below: Sitting among the ranunculus blooms.



"You have two homes: earth, and your body. 

Take care of them.” 


Above: A ranunculus close-up from the fields. 

Going Forward, Together ~

No matter how large, or how small, every step we take leaves a footprint for better or for worse. 👣 

Our oceans, rivers, forests, cities, communities, and wildlife depend on us to make the right choices. We can do it ~ we're all in this together.   

Thank you for being here. Sending eco-friendly hugs your way!

~ Lisa 

Below: Posie, our pup, enjoying our early morning walk today on Earth Day. Our pets depend on us to keep their paths clean, too (especially because they eat everything under their noses!). 🐾 😉


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