🌟 Five Common Exfoliating Mistakes + Their Fixes ... Let's Glow Together

Mistakes, Blunders, Misunderstandings, Slip-ups...

Call them what you will, but it happens. The wrong exfoliant, too much or not enough, and why even do it. Yes, mistakes happen, and our skin cells respond positively to the right exfoliant. 

We're here to help you navigate your way through the most common mistakes we've heard... and we're here to offer easy fixes for them, too.

No matter what the season is, and even with various skin complexions, exfoliating can be a wonderful and natural way to get that fresh, healthy glow. So, let's glow together! 🙂


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Let's take a closer look at the most common questions and mistakes that we hear when it comes to exfoliating.

Mistake No. 1: Using too much force when applying your exfoliant. The thought process is "If this is good for me, then more of it must be better!" 

With our exfoliants, the opposite is true. We keep our exfoliants dry so when you're ready to use them, you activate them with a little water, or even your cleansing oil, and it's ready to go to work for you.

Just like when you steep your tea bag in your cup and everything wakes up for you, it's like that when you activate our exfoliants and wake them up. They're not stale, they're fresh and ready at your fingertips.   

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Mistake No. 2: Avoiding exfoliating because of sensitive or dry skin. In our previous blog here, we mentioned the two types of exfoliants... physical and chemical. Our exfoliants are a curated and proprietary blend offering both of these benefits. 

Even though 'chemical' sounds harsh, sometimes it's actually less harsh on skin. Not only do we get the 'physical' exfoliating action from the ground botanicals and minerals, we also get the 'chemical' reaction from completely natural and organic ingredients. We prefer to use a safe and gentle natural glycolic acid which is suitable for a variety of complexions. This offers a way for the dead cells on the skin to gently dissolve and reveal brighter and fresher skin.

Our exfoliants are easy to apply, and there's no need for manual, heavy-duty scrubbing. Additionally, you can choose between a clay and an herbal exfoliant version in each of our three Skin Suites. Yes, we know we're sensitive beings, so it's important for us to offer a variety to feed our skin's current wishes.  

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Mistake No 3: Not applying it evenly where it's needed. Our chins, our cheeks, our foreheads, and yes, our necks and chests all deserve equal treatment.

Applying your exfoliant equally to all of these areas allows the serums that we apply later to penetrate without fighting through a wall of dead cells. We even use any leftovers on the tops of our hands. 👏

We're also reminding you men to especially exfoliate the forehead and nose areas... or any skin on your face or neck that isn't shaved. Shaving is a type of exfoliating as well, so remember to get all of these other areas on the complexion when taking that quick minute to exfoliate. 

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Mistake No 4: Not exfoliating regularly or often enough. With a long-term exfoliation routine, there are definitely benefits! Many of us exfoliate every day, but it's up to you to use your best judgment. Start out once or twice a week, and take it from there.  

By exfoliating properly, we're not only renewing our skin cells, but we're giving a nudge to our collagen production. Every day dead cells accumulate on our complexion, and every day it's ok for us to safely remove them.

When we stick to a regular routine, that stimulated collagen production can help to firm the skin by making way for healthy new skin cells. Out with the old and in with the new! If you're letting our exfoliants do the work for you, incorporate those few moments into your regular routine and watch your skin thank you for it. 

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Mistake No. 5: Waiting too long to start exfoliating. With the right exfoliant, we can feel confident exfoliating every day at almost any age. From teen skin, when oil production and dead skin cells start to turn over, to our wisest skin at 90 and beyond, yes... now is the best time to start exfoliating. 

Teen skin turns over more quickly than older skin, but with teen skin it's still important to remove potentially pore-clogging dead cells that can cause breakouts. With time, those cells slow down and skin can start to feel dry and tired. Wake it up gently and give it an exfoliation nudge. Hydration and moisture works better when it doesn't have to break through a dead cell barrier.

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Bonus Mistake... and It's a Big One: Not hydrating and moisturizing after you exfoliate. What a perfect time to add a mist or two of your botanical toner, and your preferred number of drops of your day or night serum. You've sloughed away the dead cells, and now you're going to feed your skin with nothing synthetic, nothing harmful, and nothing artificial. It's all 100% delicious skin-food for your skin! 

We love to exfoliate at night. Then when you've finished your two minute bedtime routine, you have hours of rest and skin restoration ahead of you. The natural aromas are calming, and the steps of self care are a wonderful way to treat yourself and slow down for the evening. Lovely. 



"At Qēt Botanicals, our perspective has always been an authentic, organic, and wholesome approach. It's caring for our skin and body with real ingredients that all of us, our hormones, and our bodies can recognize.


It's skin care.

It's body care. 

It's wellness care.

It's peace of mind care." 

Lisa Brill, Founder | Wife | Mom | Rosacea and Auto Immune Warrior | Sensitive Skin Gal | Clean Beauty Advocate 

Still have questions? Just ask...

We're real people with real skin, just like you. 🤗

Remember that Qēt wasn't born because of good skin to start with. We all have ups and downs when it comes to our skin, and it's perfectly ok.

Finding ways to care for ourselves without one drop of anything synthetic is not only good for our skin, it's good for us on the inside, too.  

We won't compromise our health for the sake of beauty ~ and we don't want you to, either. 

Kind Words: "I want to thank you for these wonderful products. I notice many improvements in my skin and love that I feel much more comfortable and confident going out of the house these days wearing very little makeup." ~ Ann

Thank you, Ann, and thank you for being here. We're looking forward to glowing with you!

Happy Exfoliating!

~ Lisa 


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