Ceramides + Our Skin: What, Why & How... Naturally

Ceramides + Our Skin

What are they?

What do they do?


Why we love them! 💗


Natural vs. Synthetic Ceramides


Why do we need ceramides in our skincare treatments? 

It's skin care.

Natural treatments that contain ceramides can help to keep our natural acid mantle, that microbiome, on the surface of our complexions healthy. This is what we want!  

Because ceramides are already found in our skin, they naturally do a great job of keeping a healthy level of moisture in our skin. But... if our skin is stripped or dry, and doesn't have a healthy moisture level, it can become dehydrated, sensitive, irritated and rough, and those ceramides aren't at the level high enough to do our skin any good.

With time, just like our skin produces less collagen and less oil, it also produces less ceramides. Oil levels naturally decrease with time. Eczema, Rosacea, and all of those things that I've had in the past can flare up when our natural ceramides are out of whack. And yes, mine were really out of whack. Click the link above to peek at a casual video and some pics. 

This little natural wonder ingredient helps to increase and hold on to hydration and moisture in the skin. The lovely side effect of natural ceramides and a balanced hydration and moisture level of the skin are:

  • smoother skin
  • fewer visible lines
  • firmer, stronger feeling skin
  • less sensitivity

We'll take it! 👏 

Below: Our Botanical Discovery Bar in our San Clemente Skin Studio with some of our favorite botanical ingredients and their benefits listed. 


Natural vs. Synthetic. Which is better? 

Just like with foods, there are natural ingredients and similar ingredients sometimes derived or manufactured to be similar, but lack the benefits and constituents of a real ingredient.

Here are a couple of food examples: Himalayan Salt vs. iodized table salt; aspartame vs. sugar cane; vegetable broth vs. monosodium glutimate, just to name a few.

So... because we're really an all natural and clean brand, we completely avoid the manufactured ceramide ingredients that are found in products. Synthetic and lab-manufactured ceramides have become very common in skincare.

Here are some of the lab manufactured names of ceramides you'll find on any given skincare label:

N-stearoyl sphinganine.
N-stearoyl phytosphingosine.
Caproyl sphingosine.
Cetyl-PG Hydroxyethyl Palmitamide.

Ceramide AP, EOP, NG, NP, NS

The industry keeps coming up with new names for them, or additives that include them. It's sometimes hard to keep track of it all!

You won't find these long names on our labels, but you WILL find the natural ceramides that our skin loves.  🌿

"Rather than focusing on coming and going trends, we concentrate on capturing the highest-quality, performing, and natural plant based ingredients that keep our treatments safe, effective, and enjoyable to use."

Lisa Brill, Founder | Wife | Mom | Rosacea and Auto Immune Warrior | Sensitive Skin Gal | Clean Beauty Advocate 

Below: Our Cleansing Oils and Eye Makeup Remover 


Yes, you can get ceramides ~ naturally!

There's no need to look any further... we've always had ceramides in our treatments.

Our Qēt Botanicals treatments protect our skin's natural ceramide levels in the first place by not over-stripping the skin of natural oils, adding alcohols, silicones, or including other synthetics that may cause sensitivities or skin disruption.

In our cleansing oils, our facial serums, and a handful of treatments, there are natural ceramides that not only help to keep our skin's ceramide level healthy, but offer our skin their benefits... naturally!

We carefully blend our ceramides with other phytonutrients and plant-based skin-lovers. No stand-alone ingredient can do what the right blend of an enriched serum can do. Together all of these ingredients help to visibly reduce lines, lessen sensitivity, clear the skin, and slow the signs of aging.

Ceramides are happily and naturally found in our high quality and organic oils that we include in various treatments. These oils: sunflower, argan, grape, evening primrose, safflower, and olive are examples and offer naturally skin-loving and promoting ceramides.

These ingredients are recognizable to our eyes, and to our bodies.

Here are a few of our treatments that naturally contain ceramides:

Balancing Cleansing Oil with Thyme

Hydrating Cleansing Oil with Lavender

Restoring Cleansing Oil with Rose

Balancing Day Serum

Balancing Night Serum

Hydrating Day Serum

Hydrating Night Serum

Restoring Day Serum

Restoring Night Serum

Eye Makeup Remover

Spot Serum for Acne & Skin Mishaps

Hydra-Rose Eye Serum

Lavish Serum Salve

Below: Our Lavish Serum Salve


Yes, they've always been here.

Since day one, ceramides have always been included in our treatments. 

We've always included natural ceramides in our cleansers, our day serums, our night serums and those treatments listed above. When mixed properly, and when our serums are blended with our botanical toners, the right level of hydration and moisture pampers the skin.

The natural ceramides, plant actives and phytonutrients in our treatments play well together. Real ingredients equal real results. There's no smoke and mirrors here!

There is a lot of information here ~ just know that we have you covered.

Knowledge is power, and empowering!... and knowing what you're eating and are putting on your skin keeps our mind clear and free of worry. Happy and healthy on the inside = happy and healthy on the outside, too! 💗

Like with all of our face, hair and body treatments, we use a different approach to the mass marketed treatments and this ceramide craze.

At Qēt Botanicals, our perspective has always been an authentic, organic, and wholesome approach. It's caring for our skin and body with real ingredients that all of us, our hormones, and our bodies can recognize.

It's skin care.

It's body care.

It's wellness care.

It's peace of mind care. 

No harm to us, no harm to our environment, no harm to animals. 

Thank you for being here! 

In good health, 


~ Lisa