🎉 Celebrating 11 Years + A Personal Note from the Founder

 Here's your invitation to celebrate with us...

it's our 11 year Brandiversary Sale and the biggest sale of the season!

We're celebrating earning more than 30 clean beauty awards 🏆 and 11 years of formulating and sharing our natural treatments.

To this, we say Thank You! 

We couldn't do it without you! 😄

Save 20% on all things fresh, natural, and beautiful to unlock your natural glow...

serums, cleansers, exfoliants, vitamin boosts, aromatherapy, natural deodorant, body oils, hair treatments, and more! 



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Qēt Botanicals | 91 S. Main Street |  Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin


 Some of our favorite treatments including some of the real ingredients that go into them. Ultra Garden Serum for BodyPurely Cranberry Serum BoostFreshened Vanilla Dry Putty DeodorantHydrating Cleansing OilNatural Sea SprayLavish Serum Salve, and Jasmine Botanical Nectar Natural Perfume

All things fresh, natural, and honest. 

Here we are, at the beginning of our 11th year! Because of your support for natural care, we've continued to be inspired to create, develop, and share with you. This moment feels like something that I couldn't have imagined so many years ago, because...

👉 it all started in my kitchen.

It was in our kitchen, the heartbeat of our home, where our family meals were so important to all of us. It was also where I started to play with the 'foods' to naturally feed, nourish, and heal my skin and give it the health, youthfulness, and happiness it was begging for.

My skin needed a fresh break, something better, and I had to take matters into my own hands.  

Qet-Botanicals-Founder-Lisa-Brill-Rosacea-Sensitive-Skin-Natural-Beauty My skin on the left in my early 40s... hormonal and cystic acne, rosacea, autoimmune and thyroid issues, and very sensitive, swollen and inflamed skin. On the right, now at 57, after using only Qēt Botanicals. Zero synthetics, no lasers, injections, or fillers, zero artificial ingredients, no invasive treatments. Just Qēt and clean habits, inside and out.

That first formula came to life long before we launched, and it began to help my skin so much. It was just an oil cleanser, but it was so much more than that. It was success, and it was our start. It was followed by the three Skin Suites and the 50+ other treatments we have in our brand.

From there the development continued to blossom as I played with the proven and sustainable botanicals, plant ingredients, and clean, organic, and raw materials that make up our beloved Qēt Botanicals brand today.

Years of researching, formulating, playing, reading, and investing in all things fresh, natural, and honest... for the health and life of my body and my sensitive skin... it was finally time to share. 

This was the beginning, and it was also the first step on the path that led us to our long-lasting relationships with you. It's on this path, with our steadfast mission, that our boutique brand continues to flourish. 


Save 20% site and store wide. Sale runs through April 30, 2024. Free US shipping over $35. Please be patient as we fulfill and ship your orders to you.  📬

 We're a Boutique Brand for a Reason 

Long before we launched Qēt, while still in the development phase, I told my husband that even if we didn't share our treatments with others, I could not go back to the stale and mass produced skincare and treatments that are flooding the shelves out there. I knew, and was personally was affected, by the harm that could be caused by so many fillers, preservatives, hormone disruptors, and synthetics that are used in other 'natural' products. 

💝 It was on April 1st, 2013, my 46th birthday, that it was finally time to share our more than 50 proven and proprietary treatments. Hooray!   

What Qēt is today is exactly what I envisioned. Small-batch-from-scratch treatments, made from start to finish in their freshest forms, with each ingredient recognizable, performing, and of the highest quality. 

We pour our hearts into each bottle, and we package your order with we love. We care about you, your skin, and your hair. We just care. 💗

Take a peek here at some kind words from friends...  


Our Hydrating Toning WaterHydrating Day Serum, and our Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial Massage Tool... sitting among the falling rose petals. 


🏡  🌊 🌳 🏔 🌎

We're a boutique brand that makes a difference. What we do makes a difference in our community, our families... in your family... and we help make a difference without harm to the environment that we live in.

What soaks into our skin, into our bodies, and what's left behind in our landfills, streams, rivers, and oceans matters. Clean ingredients can make a difference. 


 What I know for Sure

Through all of these years, what we're so proud of, is that Qēt Botanicals is still Qēt Botanicals.

As a boutique brand, we're family owned and run by family and friends. Our hearts are caring, our hands are hard working, and our ingredients are real.

We're not in big box stores or in every corner market, and we're here for you. We do our best to provide you stellar customer service and the best performing, proven, and safest natural ingredients we can get our hands on. 

💮  💮  💮

You can feel confident knowing that not even one drop of artificial or synthetic ingredients are included (or hidden!) in any of our face, body, and hair treatments. We share full transparency + clean ingredients ~ and we're passionate about it!

We have an incredible Qēt team that treats Qēt Botanicals as they're very own. You'll feel the passion and love for what we do, all the while caring for you and your family for over a decade.

 We pour our hearts into every formula, and we do the same with each Qēt care package that we ship to you.  


Our most popular body moisturizer, Ultra Garden Serum for Body, our alcohol and silicone free Natural Sea Spray for hair, and our aluminum-free, citrus-free, dry, and delicate Freshened Vanilla Dry Putty Deodorant.

~ To our Local Friends ~ 

Hey! If you're in and around our area, come as you are and stop in on the 11th to celebrate our 11th! 🎉 

We'll be having special giveaways, sales, sips, snacks, and a lot of fun and laughter. 👇  


Shop online for our fresh deliveries, follow along with us on socials, come see us in person if you're nearby, and share your thoughts by email or by phone.

Either way you choose, we're delighted to be on this clean path with you. 


We're thrilled and honored to be with you all of these years. Hearing your stories, seeing your photos, and feeling the joy with you means so much to all of us. We thank you. 🙏

 Qēt enriches our lives, and our lives enrich Qēt. 

We wish the same for you. 

💗  💗  💗

With hugs, cheers, botanicals, and happiness...

~ Lisa 

~  fresh  ~  authentic  ~  sumptuous  ~

~  non-toxic, organic ingredients, proven, and high-performing ~

~  effective, award-winning botanical treatments made without compromises ~