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Qēt Botanicals feature Sandy Joy WestonQēt Botanicals feature Sandy Joy Weston

It's a "Love your Skin" segment shared from the "Positive Stuff you Need to Know" blog with Sandy Joy Weston. Here are the words she shares on her blog, and do yourself a favor and click on the video... fun! ... energetic! ... fabulous! And some great personal tips on the hair treatments. You go, Sandy!

"Love, love, love... it's what makes the world go 'round! Loving others, loving strangers, and loving yourself. I believe it is SO important to love yourself. After all, when you love and take care of yourself, everyone around you benefits too!

In my personal journey to take care of myself this year, I decided to take better care of my skin - from the neck on up! I spent a lot of time and money researching what to do for my face...and you know what? It was pretty darn overwhelming, confusing, and to top it off - expensive! Not to mention time consuming! But, at long last, I was introduced to Lisa Brill, Founder of Qet Botanicals by a good friend of mine and author of Eat Pretty, Jolene Hart - shout out!

Lisa has changed my life. She showed me how unnecessary a lot of those other products are, and more importantly, how many of them weren't even that good for my skin! (Gasp!) The kicker?  Lisa's products are all natural, affordable, and made-to-order. My skin looks a LOT better, in less time, using less money! Talk about a win-win-win! And that's not all... I saved the best for last: Qet hair products are off the chain! I will never use anything else, ever again! My naturally curly hair has never looked better Whether I blow it out or go natural.

Lisa Brill is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate woman that I have ever spoken to about skincare. I am SO excited to meet her when she comes to our Inspired Beauty workshop next Friday! But for now, check out what Lisa has to offer you...

1. Why did you chose this path/career?

Well, I didn't actually choose this path - it chose me. After having a change in health, developing Rosacea, cystic acne, new skin sensitivities, and then up and down swings in my thyroid levels, I knew something had to be done. It was then and there that I decided to eliminate all of the toxins and unrecognizable ingredients out of my bathroom - entirely. I had a feeling it was the few ingredients at the bottom of the labels in the products that I touched and used everyday that was tweaking my system. I couldn't find anything that really worked for me, was completely safe, or that I actually liked to use, and wanting to get off of the oral and topical meds was something that was really pulling at me. So slowly, I started to develop and make something that would work for my skin - first to cleanse, then to treat and heal, then to hydrate, and on it goes. Now our list of core products are those that stay on the skin, scalp, or body, and it's why we have the variety of products that we do ~ hair finishing products, cleansing oils, facial serums, skin healing treatments, exfoliants, and even natural deodorants.

2. What led you on your journey? 

After I decided to take my health into my own hands by eliminating all of the gunk out of my daily routine, and when I started to pinpoint those things that make a difference when it comes to taking care of our outer selves (which then benefits our inner selves), almost immediately I saw the physical change in my skin and hair, and I felt it as well. There was no longer a need for the oral or topical meds, and I felt like finally things were starting to heal at a deeper level. There are so many women that develop thyroid changes; if avoiding the synthetic ingredients and harmful chemicals could have anything to do with disrupting the endocrine system and causing hormonal swings that we can experience, then surely there is no place for them in our morning and evening rituals. Researching safe ingredients via EWG.org and their Skin Deep database, and avoiding those that are questionable, and then feeling and seeing the difference in the products that I was making and developing - I knew I had to share them. Just like sharing that secret family recipe with loved ones, that exactly how I felt. It was a need that turned into an inspiration that developed into a deep-rooted passion. It's come full circle for me; after researching and avoiding the harmful ingredients found in many of the typical products found on the shelves, and becoming familiar with the Skin Deep database, to now developing those treatments that are effective for so many men and women with skin mishaps and/or already wonderful skin... we're so proud that all of the Qet Botanical products are found in the Skin Deep database, and all of them are ranked in the safest category. It's like getting a really big hug.

3. Who are you trying to reach?

Anyone that cares enough about what they're putting into their bodies every day. Which it should be all of us, right? When you eat, your body digests the food and breaks it down before it enters into your system. When you put something on your skin, over 60% of the ingredients are absorbed directly into your bloodstream in about 30 seconds. No digestive juices to break things down - it's direct consumption. Wholesome nutrition is paramount in food and skincare. We listen to those trying to make changes; we don't make sales pitches, we offer alternatives, and we make products we believe in.

4. What tips or advice do you have?

1. Cleansing is equally as important as nourishing the skin. Removing the dirt and bacteria that settle into the pores is important. Oil removes oil without stripping the skin, and removing all make-up, sunscreen, and impurities at the end of every day can help heal and keep skin in balance. All conditions of skin can benefit from using our cleansing oils. 

2. Exfoliating at least once a week becomes more important as the clock keeps ticking. As we age, the cells turnover slower and need a gentle nudge to make way for new cells and a fresh complexion. Keeping the surface exfoliated also helps the serums penetrate and do their job. Our healing herbs, botanicals, and clays that are carefully blended into our exfoliants gently and effectively do the work for you.

3. Hydration and proper nourishment is important for every type of skin. The proper blend of plant oils do the job effectively and without the use of waxes or thickeners that can clog pores and cause upset. Our line is free of lotions, creams, and waxes, and instead uses high-performing plant and seed oils to deliver the results and get the job done. The results go deep, the feel is light to the touch, and the end result is glowing, healthy, and nourished skin. 

5. Anything else?

At the end of the day, you must feel right about your choices. Make smart and healthy choices. We're the caregiver of our selves and, ultimately, our health affects our days and it can trickle into the circles of those around us. A healthy mind, mental attitude, and proper nourishment for our bodies and skin should benefit us, not compromise our health. Every little step in the right direction matters."

Special thanks again to Sandy for your enthusiasm and passion about overall health, and thanks to the team at Weston Fitness for helping us help others to love themselves.