A Natural and Organic Photo Shoot

Qēt Botanicals True Grit Qēt Botanicals True Grit

This beautifully subtle and lovely shoot was done using natural and botanically organic skincare – including Qet Botanicals.

Makeup artist Nat Van Zee is an international artist based in London who specializes in beauty, fashion, catwalk, and advertising. Getting away from the synthetic and often harmful ingredients is becoming part of the trend towards natural among those that are in the beauty industry. Having their hands in product, working with models for shoots, and touching up complexions is an everyday occurrence, and having natural and wonderfully effective treatments that are safe and don't compromise one's health are important to many in the industry, including Nat van Zee. We love that, and so do the models.

We're honored to be included in this shoot, and wanted to share the final results with you. Seeing beautiful imagery, and knowing it was done without the use of chemicals or toxic ingredients, makes it even more beautiful for not only the one enjoying the images, but for the model taking it all in. 

Model: Shaughnessy

Location: Elite

Photography: James O. Roberts

Hair: Elvire Roux

Natural beauty shines through.