Lube it Up with Oil vs. Moisturizer

Qēt Botanicals oil vs. moisturizer Qēt Botanicals oil vs. moisturizer

Author of Eat Pretty, Jolene Hart, not only has a “hart” for safe and effective ingredients, as a published author on the importance of eating for better health and skin, she also contributes to various health-conscience communities, magazines, and forums. Here, and for Healing Lifestyles & Spas, Jolene shares her knowledge on why oils truly make better moisturizers than the typical creams and lotions many are used to slathering on.

“When it comes to hydrating your skin, not all moisturizers are created equally. And, if you do just a little “leg” work by scanning ingredient labels next time you peruse the beauty aisle, you can take home a product to master your moisture needs.

Here's what you need to know:  

Most moisturizers go heavy on the water and waxes, but they often sit on top of your skin instead of really sinking in.  It’s actually the oils that are absorbed best by your skin.

Oils mimic your skin’s natural sebum and help it to retain its natural moisture longer. Pick a cream that is oil-based to moisturize your body this winter, or go straight for a face or body oil. We’ve got a few great options in our Healing Lifestyle & Spas Safe Beauty & Body Guide, a couple of our favorite oil-based collections coming from Qet Botanicals and Juice Beauty.  (Hoooray!)

Before you write off body oil as a messy, expensive option, consider that natural oils can be even more moisturizing than your regular body lotion that sink right into skin, mess-free. “

It truly is a mess-free and wonderful way to nourish the skin. We have two body serums that offer all-day hydration. Our Ultra Garden Serum for Body penetrates deeply and quickly, and offers a slight, natural essence of warmed vanilla and earth tones. Our Lite Garden Serum for Body offers hydration and slightly tones the skin while releasing its natural light and green scents of freshly picked herbs. Both are very concentrated, and just a partial pump on damp skin does the trick at eliminating dry skin.