10 Reasons to use Facial Oils

Qēt Botanicals 10 reasons to use facial oilsQēt Botanicals 10 reasons to use facial oils

In case you missed the article in Women’s Health magazine, here are the highlights of the article, along with some suggestions of our products thrown in. You see, we’re not the only ones into the oils. In fact, it’s one of the fastest growing parts of the skincare industry today. The truth is, if you've ever used a lotion or cream on your skin, you've already put oil on your skin. The typical lotion and cream is made up of oil, water, and waxes and emollients to give it that creamy texture many have become accustomed to. The real benefit for the skin is the oil – not the wax or thickener which can lead to clogged pores or actually stop the beneficial oil from living up to its full potential. 

At Qet Botanicals, we feel that what is not included into products that we use each and every day is just as important as what is included. Because we formulate our products in small, fresh batches, we avoid having to include any synthetic or artificial preservatives in our sumptuous products. Rather than warehousing a large amount of finished product requiring stabilizers, it’s important to us that when you receive your Qet, you know that its ingredients are not stale, watered down, or synthetically preserved, but rather as fresh as the produce you select from your local farmer’s market. 

Our line is free of lotions, creams, and waxes, and instead uses high-performing plant and seed oils to deliver the results and get the job done. Period. The results go deep, the feel is light to the touch, and the end result is glowing, healthy, and nourished skin. No matter the skin condition ~ oily, sensitive, combination, dry ~ our Skin Suites and the elements we blend together offer something for everyone. 

We formulate all of our products by hand, and we have deliberately omitted any lotions or creams from our arsenal of wonderful skin and hair loving treatments. Over and over again we hear of the benefits our Qet friends reap when they eliminate their creams and work with our pure and fresh facial serums. 

We came across this article and had to share it with you as their words are our words. Still wondering about facial oils? Via Women's Health magazine, read on…

“Putting Oil on your Skin on Purpose? Hear us out.

Oil has long been considered skin’s pore-clogging nemesis, but the tide of opinion is changing. Experts say that all skin types can benefit from cleansing with oil, even blemish-prone skin. After all, you learned in chemistry class that oil dissolves oil. The right oils will cleanse pores of dirt and bacteria and help heal and balance skin. Check out these reasons to give facial oils a chance.

(And here’s how to use them: Simply massage the oil on your face and wipe with a soft washcloth dunked in warm water. Wipe away the oil thoroughly to prevent residual build up and keep pores clear.)

Reason No. 1: They cleanse thoroughly – Using oil to cleanse skin sounds counterintuitive, but a quality face oil cleanser will effectively remove make-up, sunscreen, pollutants, and excess oil to cleanse skin deeply and balance skin’s natural oil production without stripping it.” Our cleansing oils in each of our three skin suites address a variety of needs – Balancing, Hydrating, or Restoring – all cleanse deeply, gently, and with different benefits for different skin conditions. All are made with skin-nourishing, certified organic ingredients for clean, dewy results.

No. 2: “They make other products work better – Oils penetrate into deeper layers of skin than creams (which are a mix of oil and water) and act as a prime carrier to deliver other active ingredients. Applying a face oil may coax your skin into letting ingredients absorb more deeply for even better effects without the risk of irritation.” Our Day and Night Serums absorb deeply and contain clean, hydrating botanical oils which don’t leave a film on the face and deliver the nourishment your skin craves. 

No. 3: “They replenish Essential Fatty Acids – EFAs (essential fatty acids) are a critical component to healthy skin cell membranes and maintaining hydration in all layers of skin. They’re called “essential” because our body doesn't produce them but our cells need them to function, which means we have to get them elsewhere. Oils rich in EFAs can make cells less vulnerable to damage and give you supple, hydrated skin.”   Because we don’t use any water, fillers, or artificial ingredients, our serums contain a bevy of EFAs left in their natural state in each pure, concentrated, and fresh drop.

No. 4: “They heal and repair – Inflammation is a major nemesis of skin and a huge culprit of aging. Extreme temperatures, hyper-dry conditions, sun exposure, pollution, stress, irritating ingredients, and a lackluster diet are all inflammatory villains. Plant oils, namely seed oils, are anti-inflammatory powerhouses, plus they create a breathable lipid barrier to protect skin from the onslaught of elements and speed up skin’s self-regenerating process of healing and repair.”  For a lavish dose, try our Lavish Serum Salve or our night serums which include skin-healing evening primrose oils, cranberry seed, and rosehip.

No. 5: “They make skin plump and dewy – As we age, our skin’s natural moisture barrier breaks down making it harder to maintain hydration. The result? Dehydrated skin that makes fine lines look more pronounced. Oils penetrate skin to plump it up and protect from water loss.” Try our Restoring Skin Suite and our Hydra-Rose Eye Serum which are blended with collagen boosters and high-caliber oils to firm skin. 

No. 6: “They balance oily skin – Using oil on oily skin conditions sounds like a contrary prescription, but they can govern oil production and restore balance. It’s all about supplying skin with the right kind of oils, like essential fatty acids. Without them, skin goes into overdrive to produce more oil to compensate. Using oils like calendula, evening primrose, rosehips, and sea buckthorn may help oily and acne-prone skin take a break from oil production. The right oils will also keep pores clean and clear and bacteria at bay to prevent breakouts. If you’re still wary, try a small amount to test it first.” For a complexion that produces a surplus of oil on the surface, our Balancing Skin Suite has been developed with all of these ingredients blended in, and it’s a great place to start normalizing your skin. The Hydrating Skin Suite is best for combination, and the Restoring Skin Suite addresses dry and dehydrated skin. 

No. 7: “They can act as a primer – Avoid the creased, crepe-y look after a long day of wearing make up by priming your skin with oil before applying cosmetics. Many oils absorb more quickly than creams and penetrate deeply for long-lasting, balanced hydration, which is exactly the right stuff to keep skin glowing with foundation. Plus, oils help seal in moisture, which some foundations, blushes, and bronzers rob skin of.”  Try our Day Serums from any of our three Skin Suites before walking out the door. Each contain a wealth of the finest oils around to nourish and pamper skin, as well as provide antioxidant protection.

No. 8: “They repair sun damage – Botanical oils rich in EFAs, vitamins, and antioxidants are a reparative aid for sun-damaged skin. No matter how diligent you are with your daily SPF, sun damage is pretty universal over the course of a lifetime.” Choose the right Skin Suite for your current skin condition and pamper yourself every day and night. From our Treat & Enhance Suite, give your skin that extra something on a weekly basis by choosing our Lavish Serum Salve and use as a hydrating mask, a skin smoothing mask is our Green Tea & Raw Cacao mask, or our Honey Cream Mask with Active Manuka UMF 16+ will purify and soften.  

No. 9: “They fight free radicals – Many botanical oils are loaded with superhero-strength antioxidants. Plants produce these antioxidants to protect themselves from the elements, so why not ride on their coattails? The antioxidants in plant oils stabilize free radicals (unstable molecules) to prevent them from wreaking havoc on your skin.” We treat your skin by using pure doses of argan, rosehip, evening primrose, shea butter, cranberry, avocado, and other super botanical oils to do the work for you. 

No. 10 – Healthy skin contains oil, and the right blend is its best friend. Your body knows what to do with familiar ingredients. Your body works in maintaining its best self well when it can recognize the ingredients that we pat on, press in, and massage onto our face, scalp, and body every day. We use certified and active organic and wild crafted ingredients. We make sure that each element we introduce into our formulations is free of residual chemicals and is, and will remain, sustainable.

Knowing the ingredients of the products that you’re using as part of your daily routine is necessary, and we feel that health should not be compromised, but improved!, because of the choices you make.