Winterizing Our Skin

These are a few of our favorite things. 🎶

Qet-Botanicals-Favorite-Skincare-for-Winterizing-our-SkinThese are some of our favorite things shown above: Hydrating Toning Water with Lavender, Rose & ProbioticsRestoring Night SerumLavish Serum SalvePurely Cranberry Serum BoostHydra-Rose Eye Serum
Tips on Winterizing Our Skin  

Q. How can I save my from skin from getting dried out in winter? Do I need an additional moisturizer after my day or night serum?

A. No, you don't need an additional moisturizer, because you already have one.

There's a difference between hydrating our skin, and moisturizing our skin. Getting both kinds of care is important. With our botanical toners and day or night serums, we'll get both. 

 👇 Here's how and why they work together, and why it's so important to give our skin both kinds of care, especially in winter. 

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Hydrating vs. Moisturizing 

These are two different ways to care for our skin, and both are necessary to achieve healthy skin. Let's look at the difference.  

Water in our skin and in our system helps to keep our skin healthy and radiant. It's the actual amount of water content within our skin's cells that helps smooth and plump-up our skin cells. This makes our skin appear (and be!) even and healthy. 

If that water, or hydration, sneaks out of the cells, the skin cells start to shrink and shrivel, become uneven, and our skin looks and becomes less vibrant and nourished. When we use our botanical toners, with are skin hydrators, our cells are drinking in that botanical water. This helps our skin cells better absorb the next step which is the moisture. Our serums provide the moisture and deliver wholesome and plant-based vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. 

An important note here is that our botanical toners, or toning waters, contain 100% plant waters. They contain 0% tap or filtered water. Each drop of our toners is filled with beneficial vitamins and a light form of antioxidants which come directly from organic plants. This is hydrating for the skin and offers a very different benefit than using just city, well, or filtered water that we drink. 


Next, here comes the moisture. 💦

By adding those few drops of serum over, or blended with, our toners, we've created a healthy barrier to help seal in hydration while moisturizing our skin. 

These two steps together help to strengthen our skin's own protective barrier, or microbiome. Our skin's hydration is protected by the moisturizing serum which will help nourish and keep our skin smooth and supple. 

Rather than mixing the hydration and moisture together into one product, you can customize your hydration and moisture based on your current complexion's needs. Next an extra mist of hydration... no problem! Want some extra moisture... add an extra drop or two. You got it! 👍



Above: our Lavish Serum Salve. Originally formulated for those cold Wisconsin winters as an extra step to help protect the complexion directly over the day or night serum. Originally formulated for the face and delicate eye area, and it's also wonderful on hands, neck, chest, elbows, feet... you get the idea. It can be used as a moisturizing weekly mask, or as a leave-on treatment. It's lovely, and it's meant to be used lavishly. 



How do we know when our skin needs hydration or moisture?  

Your Qēt is customizable skincare right at your fingertips.

👉 Look for these two signs to find out what our skin is looking for:

✨ A dull complexion and fine lines becoming more noticeable: skin may be getting dehydrated. The cells may be getting shriveled and shrinking. Time to plump them up with the toning water. 

✨ A dry, flaky, dehydrated-looking complexion: the complexion needs help locking in moisture and protecting itself from drying out. Time to add an extra drop or two of the day and night serum serum with the toner.  

It's possible to have hydrated skin, but it's still dry. Just like it's possible to have dry skin, but it's moisturized. It's tricky, but it's easily cared for with your toners and serums. 

This is why blending our toners with our serums is such a beautiful way to care for our skin. We're all different, and the seasons and hormonal changes can treat our skin differently. We can control the level of hydration and moisture our skin is craving at any given time and in any season. 😘


Hydra-Rose Eye Serum Just ☝ (one!) well-shaken drop is all it takes.


Wait, there's more!

What's the difference between using oils and using serums? Our serums are not "just oils." 

We love the oils that we use in our skin and hair treatments ~ they're clean, fresh, pure, and haven't been altered or stripped of their natural nutrients and antioxidants. It doesn't get any better! 💗

But... our serums are more than just oils. Adding oils alone on the skin are beneficial, but they're lacking something. They're lacking a natural humectant. 

Humectants are like a big comfy hug to the skin cell. 🤗 They help to keep the skin hydrated by wrapping themselves around the water in the cells to prevent moisture from escaping the complexion. Our perfect humectant is a clean and organic glycerine from plants. Rather than use hyaluronic acid which comes from animals, or a manufactured and synthetic version of hyaluronic acid, we love organic glycerine from plants that naturally attracts and locks in moisture. It's smoothing, softening, and its pH level is very close to our skin's pH level. It's organic, natural, and perfect for those of us with sensitive skin. 

It's this specific combination of hydration (from our toners), moisture (from our serums) and these humectants and actives that we include in our serums that make the perfect remedy for a nourished, hydrated and moisturized complexion. 

All together, our toners and serums are a happy union of age-defying actives. They not only keep our skin strong and youthful, but they can also help fight free radicals that speed up the aging effects of our skin.  

There IS a lot to be merry about! 😊 


Above: Our Purely Suite: Purely Cranberry SerumBoostPurely Rosehip Serum BoostPurely Squalane Serum Boost. The three oils above are one ingredient oils. We call them our Purely Suite Serum Boosts because they're the pure oils in their cleanest forms to boost our serums. We love them, and we add them to our day or night serums for an additional and vitamin boost. Pure, fresh, and skin-loving optional vitamin boosts to help add an additional layer of protection or antioxidant where and when you need it.


Layer up!

When the weather gets cooler, we layer up. Our skin loves this in every season, too. 

When we take something away, we need to put something back. After we cleanse and remove the cleansing oils, they've taken away pollution, impurities in the pores, and any surface dirt and debris. 

When we exfoliate we're gently removing dead cells that allow the actives and nourishment to feed the skin without being stopped by an invisible layer of dead cells. Remember to include this exfoliation step regularly, too. 

After removing and taking things away, it's time to put something back. We keep it clean and make it count. It's important, especially in winter, to keep something on the skin to protect it. Even if you're doing a quick cleanse and not wearing makeup, add a mist of toner and a couple of drops of serum on the complexion to add that invisible layer of protection and nutrients. Your skin will thank you for it.


Just like your homemade food at home, we make homemade and healthy 'food' for our skin, hair and body. We wouldn't have it any other way. 

Each ingredient in our treatments is selected individually from fair trade and honest sources. We blend them together in small batches by hand and keep the ingredients limited so they can stand out on their own.

This is similar to when we make a healthy batch of soup at home. It's fresh, it's active, and it's very different than buying it canned.

Individually, each ingredient is beneficial and delicious for our skin. Then we add just the right amount of complimentary ingredients, actives, and care. Finally, in the end we get a well-rounded and bountiful bottle of beneficial 'food' for our skin.  

Enjoy every drop in your care products, and give yourself the gift of those few moments of self care morning and night. It's honoring yourself, it's time just for you, and it's exactly what our hungry skin is craving. 

So dig in with confidence, and enjoy every safe and healthy drop of your Qēt! 


~ Lisa



Below: From my kitchen, classic homemade tomato soup with basil and a touch of organic olive oil on top. 


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