It's Healthy Hair Month! Four Quick Tips for Summer Hair Happiness

 Just in time for summer... it's Healthy Hair Month! 
Our skin isn't the only thing that needs nourishment and protection when things heat up.
This month, we're getting up close and personal with our hair treatments.  We're sharing four fast tips with our hair products for keeping hair strong, youthful, and healthy this summer.
Pssst: They're also loved by guys and Dads... just in case you were looking for something special for Father's Day. 😎
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Why They're Winners + Why We Love Them 

 🏆 0% alcohols. 🏆 0% silicones. 🏆 0% synthetics. 🏆 0% fragrances.

Just 100% proven and performing hair and scalp loving ingredients. Beards and mustaches love them, too!  

We focus on clean ingredients that help fight breakage and add proteins, vitamins, nourishment, moisture, and healthy care to our strands and scalp. 

A healthy hair strand starts with a healthy scalp and root. Too many harsh ingredients are hidden and added in large amounts to typical hair products out there. 

Our hands are our tools; every time a hair product is applied to our hair, our hands take it all in as well. Unlike conventional products, our hair products are beneficial to our hands, too! 

👇 Let's get to those tips and hair treatments that are a part of this special. 😬


 Lavender Powder Dry Shampoo ~ For hair that's black, brown, auburn, blonde, gray... it doesn't matter what color the hair is; this dry shampoo loves it all. Nothing synthetic is left on the strand or scalp ~ it works by absorbing anything excess that weighs down our hair or ruins our style (hair style, that is 😉). It smells divine, it saves time, it feels light, and a little is all that's needed to make it disappear into the roots and get the job done. With LoveMyHair code $20.40

☀️ SUMMER HAIR TIP: Because it's such a fine treatment, just a small amount added where desired and massaged in will make it politely disappear. It will absorb any excess impurities and give your hair back its freshness. Use your fingertips for application, or our bamboo brush for a small, direct application at the part, temple, forehead, or crown of the head. For a larger application, our body powder / dry shampoo brush has also become a favorite. Adding a light application before bed works great overnight. With medium length and long hair, tying up hair in a ponytail is a quick and easy way to apply the dry shampoo to the roots.  


Natural Sea Spray ~ No... it's not a hair spray, it's a sea spray. We use no alcohols, sulfates, stiffening agents, or the many other common synthetic ingredients found in hair sprays. So rather than add stickiness and hold, the sea spray adds volume and texture, just as if you came out of a dip in the ocean. It still moves, you can touch it and tousle if desired, and you'll have extra volume and separation. With LoveMyHair code $20.40 

☀️ SUMMER HAIR TIP: If you've ever woken up with a serious case of bed head hair, this can be a fast fix. That's when just a mist or two of the Natural Sea Spray comes in handy. It can get rid of that sleepy hair and wake it up a bit. There are different ways to use it... it's optional to use it on wet hair to help set those 'wet hair waves.' On dry hair, when hair is a little lifeless or needs a little perking up, just a mist can help do the trick. Because there's no alcohol, start with only a mist or two as it'll go on wet. It's like a kiss from the ocean with a touch of added strand and scalp loving oils to help protect it from drying out like many other sea sprays do. 🌊


Natural Shine Serum for Hair ~ So many typical hair serums are loaded heavily with silicones, artificial colors, and false fragrances. These additives can actually dry out the root instead of help it, and they may even cause allergies and sensitivity to the scalp. Our vitamin rich formula mimics the slip and feel of the silicones without using plastics and polymers. Hair is protected, smoothed, and strengthened with real ingredients. With LoveMyHair code $27.20. 

☀️ SUMMER HAIR TIP: Prior to shampooing, or if you're taking a dip in the pool, lake, or ocean, adding a little oil beforehand is a true benefit for the locks. Dry hair absorbs what we put on it, and rather than have it soak up water or shampoo, a light feeding with moisturizing oil is beneficial. As an after shampooing treatment, add a small amount to the ends, wait a few moments, and rinse as usual. Alternatively, adding a small amount to your conditioner as a boost is especially lovely during the hot summer months. The benefits of the added moisture and nutrients added to the strands will help to smooth and soften them. When using before or after using a blow dryer or heated tool, the serum will defend the hair against the damaging heat which can over-dry and stress the tresses. Stressed, dry hair is prone to breakage and splitting. Keep hair nourished with a smidge of oil on a regular basis and before enjoying the outdoors. Want a little more deep conditioning? Before shampooing, coat the strands with the serum, massage gently, and let it sit for 15-30 minutes, or longer if desired. Then shampoo and condition as usual. 


Nutri-Pomade & Mask ~ Different than a gel that contains alcohols and holding ingredients, a pomade is more of a moldable putty for hair. For dry ends, for an itchy or dry scalp, for frizz fighting, and to protect against heat and styling tools... it's a friend to so many conditions of hair. Beards and mustaches love it, too. An itchy scalp is often a dry scalp, or a scalp that needs to be brought back to a balanced state. A too oily scalp, or a too dry scalp ~ both of these conditions are not only uncomfortable, but they can also prevent our hair from being youthful and strong. If the health of the hair root is compromised, it can prevent the new growth from being its strongest self.  With LoveMyHair code $32.30. 

☀️ SUMMER HAIR TIP: For a flaky, dry scalp, for frizzy hair, and to add leave-in protection against the elements or heated styling tools, this is the one most reach for. As a mask, rub a small amount between fingertips to melt it and massage onto the scalp where pampering is needed. Apply a small amount or a heavier application for added relief ~ you decide. As a pomade, adding a small amount onto the ends will help smooth the surface of the strand and help prevent frizz and flyaways. It's also beneficial before adding any heat to the ends; its protective layer can help to prevent damaging heat from blow dryers and styling tools. It's the hair treatment also favored by men with tapered cuts.  

 Remember, because we avoid fillers and 'fluff' additives, our treatments are pure and a little goes a long way. We hear it all the time... "I can't believe how long your products last!" 

~ Five Stars and Kind Words from Qēt Friends ~

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Your [hair] products have propelled my hair growth by 60% in one year. It's magical :) My family is like, What in the world, your hair is crazy long and thick. One of my sisters who said this is actually a cosmetologist and salon owner! So that says a lot. She was wowed." ~ Sami

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Love the smell and feel of the product [Nutri-Pomade] and the end result was better than any hair paste I've used. Perfect volume and an amazing texture. I'm still working on the amount to use, as a little goes a very very long way. 100% recommend for guys with mid-longish hair with a universal taper." ~ Joshua 


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"Summertime is always the best of what might be." ~ Charles Bowden

Just like our skincare, we feel that our haircare should be as clean as possible. And just like our skincare, these products are worn all day long. Keeping them clean, safe, and free of synthetics can make for a better head of hair. 

It's all the health without any of the harm.  

Enjoy the clean ingredients in the treatments, keep to your self care routine, and feel free to let the winds blow through our hair and on our fresh faces.

There's something for all of us, and it can all be mixed, matched, and loved in different ways.

We're all different, and so is our hair. Let's embrace it with love, kindness, and care. 

Here's to another ready to wear healthy hair day, and here's to a great summer ahead!

With summer breezes and sunshine ~ 🌞

~ Lisa 

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Either way you choose, we're delighted to be on this clean path with you. 🌎


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