Hello, Summer ~ Hair It Is! 


It's Summertime ~ We're Sharing Hair Care Tips for Healthy and Georgous Summer Hair


We love summer, but because of extra outdoor time it can be the harshest season on our hair. With just a quick tend to those tresses before making the most of our summer, when we're ready for the next season, our hair hair will feel healthy and refreshed... and so will we!  🏖️


All the love with ...

Zero silicones. Zero false fragrances. Zero alcohols. Zero harsh ingredients.


Here's to a great hair day! It's a list of our proprietary hair treatments, kits, and hair accessories that are a part of our hair care special this month. 


Natural Sea Spray | Best Beachy Waves Award + EWG Verified
Natural Shine Serum for Hair | Best Hair Serum Award + EWG Verified
Nutri-Pomade & Mask with Shea & Coconut | Best Hair Pomade + EWG Verified
Lavender Powder Dry Shampoo | Beauty Magazine Editor's Favorite + EWG Verified
Hair Care Kit
Hair Care Essential Set
Italian Wooden Comb
Eco-Brush  | We love it with our Lavender Powder Dry Shampoo

~ Lisa