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Ready... Set... Summer!

It's time to get those arms, legs, and everything from the shoulders to the toes ready for summertime. Itchy skin, flaky skin, those little red bumps at the back of the arms or legs, dry skin... you can kiss it all goodbye! All it takes is just a minute or two to give that skin reason to show itself and enjoy our warmer weather.

So let's dive in, get our feet wet, and get some quick and easy tips to show-off our summer-ready skin!


There's nothing synthetic or hidden here, just years of research and sharing ways to do it... and all without synthetic fragrances, additives, colors, or anything that we can't pronounce.

Every day we look at our faces in the mirror, but how often do we look at our elbows, our knees, even our shins or backs? Even though we may not focus on different areas of our skin, the skin on our bodies needs just as much attention as our faces do. The 20 feet or so of skin that we have that covers our muscles and tissues and keeps us together (literally!). 

Skin responds positively to massage and touch. By improving circulation and stimulating the nerve endings under the skin, the skin can feel firmer and may even look smoother. The friction that's created when massaging or exfoliating the skin helps to remove the top layer of dead skin cells that appears dull. 

When we exfoliate or massage our skin, impurities are given the boot as the lymphatic system is nudged to let go of what it may be holding onto, which is toxins and waste. The new cells rise up to the occasion and can soak up the essential vitamins and nutrients without having to fight through a dead skin cell barrier. Doesn't that make perfect sense? Yep!  

Our skin is reactive, and it listens and responds to what we feed it, and we love that. 💗

Younger Looking & Feeling Skin... It's Always In

Self-care is part of our daily routine. Whether it's brushing our teeth, our hair, cleaning-up, or taking care of our sensitive complexions, all it takes is a little time to help our skin feel great and look great. Instead of playing catch-up, it's better to take just a few minutes each day and address our skin's needs. Our skin thrives on attention... even the smallest amount.


That Itch Could be Telling you Something

Itchy arms, and those itchy legs... I do remember those days. Sometimes I would itch my legs until it hurt... which actually felt kind of good compared to the nagging itchy feeling. No fun! 

So why do our legs itch when they're dry? It could be a number of reasons, and it can often be remedied with some TLC and one of our body oils.  

In this recent write-up on the subject, it's mentioned that anything from something as simple as an artificial additive in a lotion or laundry detergent, to something like eczema or psoriasis can cause the itch.

We've had customers with symptoms ranging from the smallest itch to a full psoriasis outbreak (me included!) find relief by switching from their lotions and soaps to our body polishes and body serums. 

Keep in mind, it's not only about cleaning up the ingredients on the outside; it's also about being mindful and clean about what we feed our body AND our mind. Stress, sleep habits, and our food is a factor in skin health as well.

We're not medical advisors and would never discredit any advice you receive from your medical provider. We ARE advocates of natural ingredients and treatments; when they can help, we're happy to offer them as a suggestion and a way to find relief and comfort. 

Here's a photo from a customer who snapped her upset skin on the shins of her legs. This shows the before and after of her jumping into our plant based body oils and polishes to treat her legs. Relief! 


The How and Why: Body Polishes

Body polishes are not all created equally. Very different than the typical oil and sugar or coconut body scrubs, we use gluten free colloidal oats to aid in the softening of the skin and as a prebiotic care step. Combine that with organic oils, natural glycolic acids from organic cane sugars, a touch of mineral rich salts, and additional skin-loving botanical antioxidants to calm the skin and mind, and it becomes a well-rounded, 3-in-1, loving skin treatment.

How do we love to use them? By scooping out just a small amount (yes, we include an eco-bamboo scoop with each polish) and massaging it onto wet skin, it suddenly melts while offering a 3-step pamper... it cleanses, it exfoliates, and it moisturizes the skin in each little scoop.

A little goes a long way, so start small. Using a small amount and working in circles from the shoulders to the toes feels wonderful. Applying a touch to the backs of arms or legs has helped many of our customers get smooth and calmed skin again after suffering from keratosis pilaris. Then rinse clean, and you're done. 

So how do we get soft skin ready to be bare? By (1) softening the skin; (2) exfoliating the skin; and (3) moisturizing the skin. Every little scoop melted and applied to wet skin will do the trick... all three of these tricks. 

Voilà! It's your 3-in-1 way to get your skin ready for Summer! 

Every single day our body is shedding skin cells, and our bodies have a lot of cells on that surface! If we don't give them a nudge, they'll look dull and dry on the skin's surface ~ skin won't be able to drink in the moisture. Adding a quick exfoliation a few times a week will help you have beautiful, glowing skin in any season.


The How and Why: Body Serums

We don't even formulate a body lotion... on purpose! Unlike many lotions, our body serums are free of water, natural alcohols, thickeners, colors, and artificial fragrances. Such a small amount is needed, and it's much more clean, beneficial, and economical than traditional lotions.

Our skin loves the right kind of oil. When our skin is exfoliated on the body, just like on our faces, the moisturizing elements in the treatment have a chance to penetrate and do their job instead of sitting on the surface while looking and feeling greasy.

Remember, no matter how much product we use, if there are dead cells sitting on the surface, our skin will never feel the full benefits of the moisture we're trying to add.

We also love oil brushing our skin! Our Fresh Body Oil and our Body Brush is a wonderful combination. Here is a link to our product page that gives the run down on oil brushing ~ just as beneficial as dry brushing, with a softer touch. 


No Way! No Talc. No Asbestos. No Toxic Carcinogens.

n case you missed this bit of news, just this week there was a $2 billion settlement found in favor of 20 women who developed ovarian cancer against the popular Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder. The baby powder has been sold with harmful ingredients since 1894. Yes... that's right... since 1894. 👀

Clean, popular, and 'safe' brands aren't always as they appear to be. Below is my take and recently published blurb on what "Clean Beauty" means to Qēt Botanicals.

Here are the details of this settlement on the baby powder.



What "Clean Beauty" Means to Qēt Botanicals

I was honored to share, with the editors at Beauty Independent, my thoughts on what "Clean Beauty" means to Qēt. My answer is included right at the top of a wonderful list of 22 other comments from brand founders and executives on this subject of "clean beauty."

Here is the link to the commentary, and below is the content:

Beauty Independent: In this edition of Beauty Independent’s ongoing series posing questions to beauty entrepreneurs, we ask 22 brand founders and executives: What does the term “clean beauty” mean to your brand?

Lisa Brill, Founder, Qēt Botanicals: "The term "clean" has evolved in the beauty industry to encompass so much more than just using healthy and wholesome ingredients. To us, being a clean brand means using zero synthetics and avoiding even the "clean" or "safe" synthetics. More than that, it's also about how and where we source each ingredient. It's about the vessels and packaging that we use. It's about the carbon footprint that we leave behind, and it's how we feel when we use truly clean treatments.

We should feel safe when we use clean products, and we should know that our surroundings are not affected negatively by each purchase or formula we share. We've always believed in using only safe, authentic and recognizable plant elements. Just like achieving better health by avoiding processed foods and artificial foods, our skin and overall well-being can also improve when we rely on the antioxidants and vitamins that the plant world shares with us. Our ingredients are sustainably grown and come from the dirt, and it really doesn't get any cleaner than that."



The '50 Over 50' List... So Inspiring!

Being the gal that launched Qēt at age 46, and now at 54, I can't tell you how wonderful this is. Now it's not just about the top 30 under 30 lists, or 40 over 40 lists... this list is the first of its kind. These women are breaking through the age and gender walls and making a difference in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s.

It's because of women like these that there is a long runway for you if you're in your 20s, 30s, or 40s... and it can continue well on into your 50s +++. These women are so inspiring no matter what age we're at.

Check it out here. This was just published for the first time ever this week, and I have a strong feeling that it will continue.  



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Feeling good is the new looking good.

We won't compromise our health for the sake of beauty ~ and we don't want you to either.

Real beauty has nothing to do with skincare... it has everything to do with feeling comfortable in our own skin. Just like eating good food, using healthy and safe products in our daily lives really makes a difference. 

Because you're here, this must mean a lot to you as well. Good for you, and we're glad that you're here.

Cheers to You, and Happy (Almost) Summer!


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