Skin Fitness Goals ~ Five Skin-Revving Foods (from my kitchen!) + Five Favorite Skin Treatments


Skin Fitness Goals

Five foods to keep you glowing and feeling great through the seasons... and during the coldest months.

Below: My organic Açaí bowl: cacao nibs, almonds, berries, gluten free granola and seeds, bananas, coconut, and Açaí. Delish! 😋

Inside and Out... It All Adds Up, and It All Counts

It's not only what we pat, rub, or massage onto our skin that counts. It's also about what we eat that is a big part of the health and radiancy of our skin.

It's more than just switching it up for a season ~ it's a switch in the everyday decisions that we make.

Yes, we've said it before ~ the choices that we make eventually become habits which grow into a healthy lifestyle that does our body, and our skin, so much good.    

Below: My weekly green drink. I make enough for the week, pour it into working glasses with lids, and voilà... it's ready to go to work with me each morning. 

It's Another New Start

Every morning we get the chance for a fresh start. If we really want to be picky about it, we get a fresh start every new week and every new month, too!

With skincare, the beginning of each new season is also a time that some like to switch things up, add some masks and extra care, and do what we can to keep our skin glowing no matter what season it is.  🌱😎🍂❄️

The biggest and brightest new start of all is the beginning of the new year, and here we are. 🌟

Getting and staying healthy is a big fitness goal that's often targeted at the beginning of the new year. Our mental health, learning the tools that help manage and maintain a positive outlook, while also allowing ourselves to feel the ups and downs is just as important.

And then there's skin fitness and health. Funny enough, it's often the mental health and the physical health that shows itself on our skin. When we're stressed, tired, and are feeling anxious, it can physically change our skin by causing rashes, becoming sensitive, and even breaking out and looking tired and drawn. 

The physical health also shows in our skin ~ when we're eating right, avoiding heavily preserved foods and artificial ingredients, our largest organ has a chance to shine and radiate how it's feeling. Our skin shows and teaches us so much! 😊

Below: A pan of organic carrots, brussel sprouts, and tomatoes tossed with olive oil, Himalayan salt, and cracked pepper ready to roast. Delicious on their own, on grains, or on a salad.  


Too much sugar, too many cookies, maybe too many drinks... followed by too much caffeine. Especially after the holidays, it can seem like it's all candy canes and sugar plums in the beginning, and then it can change our sleep patterns, our energy level, and our skin.

Let's look at five foods to help keep us feeling merry and bright, even after the holiday lights have come down.

There are many, many more foods that are also skin, body, and even hair loving... and these are foods easy to find that add so much to a healthy way of eating. 

Rather than sip on or snack on something synthetically revved up, you can find alternatives in the outer aisles of your health food store, in their natural form! 

Remember, it's a lifestyle choice. You care because you're already here ~ we select 'green' and 'clean' ingredients for our skin... it's time to give ourselves a green boost from the inside, too! 


Here are five skin-loving fitness foods to keep you twinkling on any ups and downs that may come with the season. There are many more that are beneficial, and these are a smart start.   

💚Greens. Dark and leafy, they're the best kind. They're the best, most nutrient-dense item available for us to eat! Chard, kale, spinach... these leafy friends contain the most powerful immune-boosting and anticancer benefits, hands down.

💚 Walnuts. Omega-3 fatty acids support brain function and can lessen the symptoms of depression. Walnuts are one of the richest plant sources of this beautiful Omega. 

💚 Beans. "Beans, beans, the musical fruit, the more you eat, the more you ... toot!" Yes! It's true, they're loaded with necessary fiber, they digest slowly, they stabilize blood sugar levels, and they can boost the mood because as they take their time evening out mood swings that can come from varying blood sugar levels. 

💚 Tomatoes. Rich in folic acid and alpha-lipoic acid, studies have shown that a deficiency in folate correlates with those that have bouts with depression. These little red jewels help the conversion of glucose into energy, which in turn stabilizes our mood. 

💚 Avocado. Here comes the healthy fat that your brain needs in order to function and run happily and smoothly. Over half of an avocado's calories come from healthy fats, they harbor about 4 grams of protein, and they are like a multi-vitamin for our skin and body. Vitamins K, B5, B6, B9, C, and Vitamin E12 are found in this green loving fruit. We love the use of avocado oil in our skincare treatments, too! 

I pull as many of these things into my daily menu as possible. My morning starts with a green drink, and my lunchtime salad is loaded with many of these things as well. Any and all of these can be eaten right out of your refrigerator bin, or have them hot.

A little sauté with some organic olive oil, Himalayan salt, vegetable broth can make a nice addition to any soup or topping for rice or grains. So many wonderful foods, hot or cold, to help beat the winter blues, and keep us feeling bright and happy in any season.  🍲

What are the most popular Qēt skincare products right now? Here are five skin fitness products we're loving that are trending.

Seasons change, and our skin treatments might need to as well. Our top five picks right now, and the best sellers according to what you're buying, are here:

1Lip Balm with Green Tea & Vitamins ~ it provides an invisible layer of protection to protect against chapping. Chapped hands and fingers like it, too! Bee free, completely plant based and cruelty free. 

2. A layer of Purely Cranberry Serum Boost, or Purely Squalane Serum Boost, under our Day Serum ~ we layer up our warm clothes, we layer up our skincare, too! Locking in hydration and moisture is key. Adding a layer of one (or both!) of these serum boosts can really make a difference during temperature swings and keeping our skin protected against moisture loss. 

3. Lavish Serum Salve ~ yes, it's lavish, and it's meant to be used lavishly. It was originally formulated just for the face, but we love it anywhere our skin needs extra love. This time of year when our hands get chapped quicker than usual, a tiny amount massaged onto clean hands during the day, and especially before bed, will help to keep hand soft and youthful. AND, remember, the eyes, neck, chest, and anywhere you need it can benefit from this salve. 

4. Ultra Garden Serum for Body ~ when our skin is dry, it can itch so much that it actually feels good to itch, itch, itch it. No more! Just a small amount after soaking in the tub, or after showering, will lock in moisture while staying soft and hydrated. The more we use it, the less we need, and the more supple and soft our skin becomes. Just a touch in the tub or while in the shower is wonderful, too! Bliss. 

5. Night Serum ~ while we sleep, we're avoiding the UV rays, pollution, and impurities that we expose our skin to during the day. Nighttime is the best time for our skin to create new skin cells and unravel the day's damage. The love you give your skin by cleansingexfoliatingtoning, and nourishing will show itself by keeping it youthful, firm, and looking its absolute best. Remember, just like with our day serums, we have three night formulas to choose from: BalancingHydratingRestoring. As your skin changes throughout the seasons or which hormones, you have options.  

Below: Matcha tea with almond milk. Organic Matcha is also a wonderful antioxidant that helps fight against premature aging, inside and out. It's an ingredient that we love to incorporate into many of our skincare treatments. 

Keep Looking Up!

It's time to give back to ourselves. It's time to stop judging ourselves. It's time to appreciate what we've already done and focus on what we're going to do.

There's no need to look back ~ that's not the direction that we're going.

It's never too late. Because you're here, and you're taking the time to read your ingredients and make healthy choices ...

you're already doing a damn good job.  👏👏👏

So keep looking up, and cheers to you and your best year yet!


~ Lisa 

  Founder & CEO 




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