5 Winter Skin Fitness Habits for Fabulous Skin

~ Winter Skincare Tips ~
Five Healthy Skin Fitness Habits to keep you looking and feeling great all through the coldest months.



It's Here ~ It's Winter!

Even if you're in an area that doesn't get a blanket of snow or cold winds blowing through it, the cooler and drier air that flows can still affect the texture and look of our complexion.

In winter, our skin is exposed to the most radical changes in temperature. We're inside cozy and warm - we're outside feeling the chill - we're in the car cranking the heat. I think we could argue that winter is the harshest season for skin, so let's not let is wreak havoc on our skin.

The abrupt changes in temperature can be confusing, even damaging, to our skin. Skin reacts by either producing more oil to save its surface, which can lead to breakouts. Or... our skin will just sit there without a good defense against the swings in temperatures causing it to feel rough, get dry, and even become flaky. 

Whether it's skin that's breaking out, a ruddy or dull complexion, or just looking more tired than usual ~ there's good news! There are natural ways to help you feel more sparkly and get your skin glowing, too. 

Below: our Restoring, Hydrating, and Balancing Day Serums ... all effective and 100% natural defenses against the winter weather woes. 

It's not just a season of caring, it's a lifestyle of caring. 

It's not only about what we feed our skin, but it's also about the choices we make every day... all year long. 

Our lifestyle choices eventually become habits that we don't even have to think about, but they do us a world of good. 

The right habits, paired with a regular routine of organic and antioxidant rich treatments, can help to remind our skin to be its very best while seeming to slow down the clock.

Five Healthy Habits for Youthful, Revived, and Fit Skin 

💚 Healthy Habit 1: Hydrating from the inside out. Yes, it's important to hydrate and moisturize the skin on the outside, but it really counts when you feed your body, and ALL of your organs, with plenty of water on a daily basis. The recommended amount? Eight glasses... you can do it! Our tissues, muscles, and our organs, including our skin as our largest organ, all reap the benefits. Our skin has multiple jobs to do, so feeding it inside and out is how we can easily help it to function as best as it can. 

💚 Healthy Habit 2: "Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food." ~ Hippocrates. This is both for body and skin! The right combination of nutrients and superfoods can help to flush the toxins out of our systems, repair our cells while we sleep, regenerate our organs (and of course our skin!), and keep our natural immune system running at 100%. Processed foods and processed skincare both scrimp on true nutritional benefits. Real ingredients = real results, and it's those real results that make a difference. Whole foods, healthy fats, and fruits and vegetables ~ the cleaner the better. 

💚 Healthy Habit 3: Treating yourself to a good night's sleep. We've always said that to be beautiful, we simply just have to feel beautiful. A big part of how we feel about ourselves is making sure we get enough sleep each night. Our skin almost always shows us when we haven't had enough sleep ~ dark circles, it might look a little dull, it can be less resilient to the elements and foods. A recommended 7-9 hours is best to shoot for. A lack of sleep can cause excess stress on the body, which can lead to weight gain around the middle, and even cause gut issues. An out-of-balance gut can cause inflammation which can show on the skin in the form of eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and other skin sensitivities and premature aging. Sleep is a true beauty tool. 

💚 Healthy Habit 4: Remember your invisible layer of protection to start the day... hydration and moisture. Whether you're in an area that gets snow, or it's sunny all year around, the cool and dry climate can suck the moisture right out of our skin. What's left behind is skin and feels and looks flaky, dry, or dehydrated. This can make any fine lines look more pronounced than they are. Get the right nutrients inside by enough water (see number 1), and seal in that moisture barrier that helps to protect our skin from the elements on the outside. With our toners and serums, you can customize exactly what your skin is looking for. A little more hydration from an extra mist of toner, and little more moisture from an added drop of day or night serum. You can give your skin exactly what it's wishing for.

BONUS BOOSTS: Want to trap in the moisture? Add a pump of the Purely Squalane to your day serum. Want a little extra vitamin protection? Add a pump of the Purely Cranberryto your day serum. Want a safe replacement to Retinol or Retin A? At night, the Purely Rosehip is a great replacement to any synthetic Retinol or Retin A products, and it's 100% pure and effective. 

💚 Healthy Habit 5: Remember to ALWAYS clean up before bed. If you're not feeling your best, if you've had a late night, if there's more stress than usual... sometimes it's easier to just skip the self care routine and go right to bed. Don't do it! Going to bed with the day on your face is never a good idea. Makeup, dirt or impurities that are invisible to our eyes but are very much on our skin are not good for any skin condition. Just that simple two minute routine, or more if you're feeling like it, is all it takes. Age-related changes in our skin happen every day from stress, pollution, impurities, and just being alive. Giving our skin a proper cleanse, without it being too harsh, followed by a wonderfully soothing and penetrating nighttime routine is beneficial while all of our systems are regenerating while we're sleeping at night. Our January special discount is all about that first step to skin fitness. Need a refresher? Here's the blog. 

Below: Garden lavender under a fresh blanket of snow. 

Feeling our best and looking our best... it's a direct result of taking care of our mind with positive thinking, our body with proper nutrition and exercise, and yes, our regular caring for our skin.

It's the skin on our face which shows itself every day out in the elements, under the lights, or in front of our screens every day. The least thing we can do is give our skin a little care morning and night, right? 🤗

It's a new year, and these are great healthy habits to make in January. It's just one step at a time to get glowing. 

Below: Honey Cream Mask with Active Manuka ~  a truly sweet and softening mask for various complexions. 


Kind Words to Share

Shared with permission via Angela Paul's Instagram :

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Below: Angela Paul / Author / Meditator / Activist / Healthy Aging Advocate. 

What having Covid taught me.  

The short of it? Makeup is an option. Skincare is not. 

Covid hit our home over the holidays. It came in fast. It was a crazy five to seven days, and then out it went like a bad cold on the move looking for the next person. 

What I felt first-hand is the difference between offering ourselves a little me-time and self care, versus just laying around and letting it all slide.

Don't get me wrong, I did lay around ~ I ran a fever for five days and was very slow-to-go. But, I still brushed my teeth, still made the bed, still made some food, and still showered and took care of my skin. 

I even washed my face and did my two minute Qēt routine in the middle of the day, just because it feels so good! It's a great reset in the middle of a difficult day. 😘

~ It can be simple. There is so much out of our control. When we take those moments to give back to ourselves, which is different than when it comes from another person, it can give us so much more than just comfort and health. It can give us a warm hug on the inside, where it really counts. 

~ One little step at a time. It's always a good time to start practicing healthy new habits. Practice doesn't make perfect, it just makes possible.  

Below: Posie next to me on the bed. She's in her favorite snoring position while I'm working, and she's getting a little foot rub. Oh, the life of a loved dog. 🐾

~ Lisa

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