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Article and Photography: Cara Elise Taylor for San Clemente Lifestyle Magazine

Lisa Brill, creator of Qet Botanicals, is a walking advertisement for her 100% natural skin and hygiene products. She's a person that glows, despite the health issues that plagued her in the past. Qet (pronounced "keet"), was born in Lisa's kitchen in 2011, when her adult acne and rosacea became too much to bare.

"I decided to get all the chemicals out of the bathroom, and be done with it, no more." After extensive research, Lisa realized that products she used in the past that were branded as "natural", contained harmful preservatives and extracts. "I think when you get to a certain point and something happens with your health and you know something isn't right, you kind of go to the extreme to figure it out."

Qēt Botanicals San Clemente new studioQēt Botanicals San Clemente new studio

It took her two years to launch the Qet brand, because she was intent on skincare that is both genuinely natural and highly effective. No creams, lotions, or preservatives of any kind. Still today, it takes her upwards of 18 months to get a product from an idea to a tangible thing, but all of her products are verified by the trusted Environmental Working Group. "It's all plant based...we just go for really clean pure botanical oils, cold pressed oils, and everything we formulate has to be pH balanced."

Qēt Botanicals San Clemente new studioQēt Botanicals San Clemente new studio

Two years after the initial 2013 launch, Lisa has a boutique near Madison, WI, a loyal base of online consumers, and as of October last year: a boutique and kitchen in downtown San Clemente.  

Qēt Botanicals San Clemente new studioQēt Botanicals San Clemente new studio

Using nutrient-rich ingredients such as lavender, thyme, and broccoli seed oil, Qet makes almost all that you need in a personal hygiene routine. Everything from exfoliants and hydrating oils, to deodorants and dry shampoo. Their best seller is the Hydrating Skin Suite, which is a lavender-based skincare kit that includes an herbal exfoliant, two serums (night and day), a cleansing oil and toning water. It's one of three different skin suites Lisa created, "because everybody's complexion changes with the seasons and with the dry weather and hormones." For those more prone to acne and breakouts, the Balancing Skin Suite will be your salvation, as it has been for her.

Qēt Botanicals body softening suiteQēt Botanicals body softening suite

"I have not had to use any oral or topical medications for my Rosacea or thyroid since developing and using Qet. I get routine checks on my thyroid and my levels have been normal," she says. Her physicians are a bit shocked, and very impressed. As they should be-Lisa is impressive. Whether you have troubled skin or not, go to Qet Botanicals for an experience that is the intersection of local, sustainable, organic, and friendly. 

Qēt Botanicals body softening suite

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Qēt Botanicals founder Lisa BrillQēt Botanicals founder Lisa Brill