It’s True Love… For Your Skin

Qēt Botanicals celebrating rose monthQēt Botanicals celebrating rose month
It IS True Love Loved Throughout the Centuries

The botanical and premium oil loves skin ~ it has an intricate array of skin-loving antioxidants ~ it pampers redness, irritation, acne, and aging skin. It's the rose. We knew you knew!  

Exquisite, sweet, romantic, and heart-opening, the rose's oils and elements not only offer lovely aromatherapy benefits, but also antimicrobial and therapeutic benefits for our skin. 

The rose has been deemed the 'Queen of Flowers,' and in aromatherapy rose oil is often referred to as the Queen of Essential Oils. This Queen of Essential oils has been respected throughout the centuries for its exquisitely sweet aroma and healing values.

Since ancient times, the blossom of a rose has represented a symbol of youth, beauty, love, and even immortality.

We use various essential oils and plant oils in our formulas, and also pH balance our treatments and keep them safe for pregnant and nursing moms. Essential oils are potent little powerhouses all by themselves, and it is believed that the rose was the first ever botanical to be distilled and allowed to release its essential oil in the early 1600s. 

Qēt Botanicals hydra-rose eye serum

Take a Moment to Inhale the Good and Exhale the Excess

Our sense of smell is very powerful and has a direct connection to the brain.

Memories, and almost the taste of comfort food from years gone by, come back when those

familiar smells make their way to our senses ~ warm cookies, simmering soups. You know what we mean.

Studies show us that when we smell real aromas, scents, and natural ingredients, there are definite stress-relieving effects. A fast-beating heart can even be calmed. Note: the secret lies in the 'real' ingredient's elements ~ not a synthetically manufactured one. Have you ever smelled apple pie chewing gum? Just not the same, and if it's close, read the ingredients. Eeek. 

Every day skincare should be a moment to indulge in. Self-care isn't vain or a waste of time; it's a gift and a daily need. We often say that makeup is an option ~ skincare is not. 

Another daily need? Allowing just a few moments here and there to sit back and relax... at home in your favorite resting place, in a chair at the ski lodge or at the beach, or even in the tub. 

Qēt Botanicals restoring cleansing oil with roseQēt Botanicals restoring cleansing oil with rose
The Benefit of a Healthy Soak

We've come a long way from Mr. Bubbles. Bath time is not just for the little ones with a rubber ducky. Science proves that there are direct health benefits to a relaxing soak ~ as long as the water you're in contains safe ingredients. We can help with this. 

According to author Diane Koopman, here are 10 reasons why you should spend a little time soaking. Rubber ducky, optional. 

  1. Improved heart health.
  2. Improvement of breathing.
  3. Brain and nervous system improvement.
  4. Muscle, joints and bone improvement.
  5. Improvement in gastrointestinal health.
  6. Improvement of urinary system.
  7. Improvement of immunity.
  8. Improvement of hormonal balance.
  9. Cleanses and moisturizes hair, skin, and eyes.
  10. Can obtain optimal core body temperature.

Here are the full details of these benefits in the article. However, it is paramount to soak in clean, healthy ingredients. 

One of the most popular ways to soak is with a bath bomb. You can find them almost everywhere ~ and they're often inexpensive and colorful. So we have to ask... are those bath bombs safe?

Are Bath Bombs Safe?

Ours is... but many aren't. Surprised? We aren't.

First, we prefer to call ours a bath 'melt' ~ not only because we love to melt into the lovely, botanical infused water, but it's just a much better word.

Second, many, actually most(!), bath products out there contain 'fragrance oils,' which can literally contain hundreds of synthetic compounds. Bright colors and even sometimes glitter are added to many bathing products as well. Ladies, not good to get glitter 'there.' 

Many of these false ingredients are proven chemical hormone disruptors and can actually increase anxiety and stress rather than soak it away. I have thyroid issues, and this is a huge no-no. Thankfully, and maybe not just a coincidence, I haven't had to take a smidgen of synthetic hormones for my thyroid since... well... Qet! 

Here's a fake fragrance fact: According to the National Academy of Sciences, almost 95% of synthetic fragrances use chemicals derived from petroleum (crude oil). Any knick or cut in the skin... these things are going directly into the bloodstream. These chemicals can alter hormones and increase the risk of breast cancer, type 2 diabetes, infertility, and nervous problems ~ and it may take decades to feel the effects. No thanks.

False colors? Why soak in fake colors; dyes that are commonly used in bath products have been shown to cause symptoms of ADHD in children and cancers. We do NOT want to spend our leisurely time soaking in that! 

Then, ladies, here come the UTIs. Many bathing ingredients with synthetic colors and fragrances can actually trigger UTI infections and yeast infections. The 'fragrance' and artificial ingredients can offset the natural pH of our delicate insides. 

Our Blooming Tea Bath and our Cocoa-Rose Vanilla Bath Melt are pure, lovely, and 100% safe from these nasty culprits. We even avoid some 'safe' ingredients such as cornstarch, cream of tartar, and witch hazel. These may be safe for skin, but soaking in them proves no benefit.

Our sumptuous soakers contain none of the above mentioned health busters. Pure essential oils, pure salts and magnesium, pure botanicals, and in our bath melt is a dollop of organic cocoa butter to either allow to melt and soften the water, or massage elbows, knees and feet with. It's a 100% safe stress-relieving, skin-pampering delight. 

Alternatively, even though these don't contain rose, many love to add a pump or two of our Body Serums to the bath. Another safe indulgence for the mind and body.  

Qēt Botanicals blooming tea bath

A Soak and a Sip... A Healthy, Stress-Reducing and Delicious Rose Latte Recipe

Being able to not only enjoy the benefits of the rose for our mind and skin, but being able to enjoy the delicate flavor of it's petals ~ we love this about plant based beauty! It's the full spectrum of healthy living!

Here's a tried and true recipe of a delicious Rose Latte. You can make it with or without any coffe, herbal coffee, and with real milk or a dairy free version. It's refined sugar free and is a cup of sipping delight.

Use organic ingredients whenever possible. 

  • ** 1/2 cup of coffee. Can use herbal coffee such as Teeccino.
  • ** 1/2 cup of milk. Can use almond or coconut to keep it dairy free.
  • 2 t. rose water
  • 3/4 t. to 1 t. vanilla extract
  • pinch of sea salt
  • 2 t. honey or maple syrup
  • 1 T. coconut oil
  • option ~ 1/2 c raspberries
  • a sprinkling of organic rose petals
  • ** alternate recipe ~ if coffee or herbal coffee is eliminated, replace the 1/2 cup of the coffee with 1/2 cup of raspberries, and increase the milk to 1 cup. Still good! 

Simmer all the ingredients together, with the exception of the honey and coconut, for about 5 to 7 minutes. If using raspberries, once they're broken up into the milk and are dissolving, remove from heat and strain through a tea strainer. Add the honey and coconut oil and blend. Let cool slightly. Sprinkle the petals on top if you choose, and serve, sip, and enjoy. 

Image and Recipe:

Qēt Botanicals rose latte

In the News

"Qēt Botanicals is Orange County, California's very own rising star in the flourishing green beauty market." Yay! Thrilled to be included! See the article in the current Orange County edition of the Locale Magazine. A nice mention in the San Clemente Times also aired in January. 

Thank you, new business friends in San Clemente! Yes, our Skin Studio where it all started, in Cross Plains, Wisconsin, is still open and is as lovely as ever. We're thankful to be received in our new community as well.  

Qēt Botanicals Lisa BrillQēt Botanicals Lisa Brill

Qēt Botanicals rose month

Your February Special

Its petals, its oil, and its precious waters released from those petals highlight and enrich various products that we formulate and share. True rose elements, and what they share, have been honored throughout the centuries for their exquisite aromas and therapeutic values. And... we love it! 

In February, SAVE 10% on our treatments containing rose. They include our Restoring Cleansing Oil with RoseHydrating Toning Water with Lavender & Rose, Restoring Herbal and Clay Exfoliants with Tea & RoseHydra-Rose Eye SerumRosewood Botanical NectarBlooming Tea Bath, and our Cocoa-Rose Vanilla Bath Melt. Our products fit into the EWG Verified® program and have been whole-heartedly Verified. Safe for you. Safe for our environment. Lovely to indulge in. Use this code for your savings: TRUELOVE

Qēt Botanicals rose monthQēt Botanicals rose month
Many Thanks

My Skincare Journey

Last month I dove deep into some old cell phone photos and revealed my hormonal acne, Rosacea, and sensitive skin.

We have received a number of heart-felt emails and words from you, sharing a bit about your struggles, and thanking us for sharing ours. This means much to us, and know that we're all in it together! Here is a link to that blog in case you missed it. 

Qēt Botanicals Lisa Brill before & afterQēt Botanicals Lisa Brill before & after
Take a Moment

"The Rose is without an explanation; She Blooms because She Blooms," ~ Angelus Silesius 

We should take advice from the rose. We may have thorns, we may also have delicate petals, however, we should bloom just because we can. 

Share your power. Share your wisdom. Share your kindness.

Bloom because you can.


~ Lisa