Our Second Skin Studio & Lab is Opening Soon!

Qēt Botanicals 2nd skin studio & lab is opening soonQēt Botanicals 2nd skin studio & lab is opening soon

We're family owned, grass roots, born and raised in Wisconsin, and we're growing.

Our first location in Cross Plains, Wisconsin is where it all started. Behind closed doors, tucked in the woods, it was two years of formulating, researching, developing, and starting over before we had our 40 products to share in 2013.

Two years later, almost to the day, we were thrilled to be opening our lab and Skin Studio in Cross Plains, Wisconsin. It's in the heart of the community where we were living, and it's all about being able to reach out and build relationships with our new friends, neighbors, and customers.

Now, it's 2017 and we're circling back to where our family first started, and the place where it has always felt like a second home… San Clemente, California. 

We found a little fixer-upper boutique right in the shopping district of San Clemente on Avenida del Mar. We're happy to say that our plans have been approved, the permits have been given, and we're making progress in our space. 

Electrical – done. Plumbing – done. Drywall – done. Paint… getting started. Next the floors, trim, ceiling, and lighting. 

Then, the fun begins. We're bringing in all of the organic ingredients and botanicals that we need to make our fresh, proprietary treatments to share. Delight! 

It's a lesson in patience and progress. Just like our hand-crafted and small batch treatments… good things take time. A home cooked meal, an exercise plan, and following a healthy self-care ritual. All of these things take time.

You put the time in, and you'll receive the rewards.