Modern Luxury Magazine Buzzing about our New CA Location

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Included in the current issue of Modern Luxury magazine, we're nestled-in on the page with Zac Posen, Coach, and Michael Kors. You could say we're bursting with botanical delight! 

Having grown up in Wisconsin with a hearty work ethic and a nod to the simple things in life, it has given me a strong foundation ~ as strong as a barn's foundation, you could say

Enjoying the comfort and knowledge of where my roots are, I moved to California in my early 20s. It was an eye opening, palate expanding, fresh feeling, outdoorsy and enjoyable experience. Spending my 20s, 30s, and 40s in Southern California while raising our family and diving into everything fresh, organic, and wholesome inside and out really opened my eyes to the difference between fresh and stale, organic and conventional, and having healthy choices available all year long. It is so important to be able to experience fresh and real ingredients... even when it's snowing and blowing outside.

Qēt Botanicals feature Modern Luxury Magazine

Now, we're in the throws of opening our second location where my second beginning started, in San Clemente. Opening our second Skin Studio and lab here is truly making a full circle of the beginnings and early nudges of what inspired Qet Botanicals in the first place. 

Allison Mitchell, beauty editor of Modern Luxury Orange County, reached out to us shortly after we arrived as she heard about our second location in Orange County. Lucky me!

The publication is beautiful, both the digital image and the paper publication. Glossy images, enticing imagery, wonderful events. We're snuck in on page 56, in case you're wondering. Enjoy!

Qēt Botanicals feature Modern Luxury Magazine

"Sweet on Qet," by Allison Mitchell, Beauty Editor, Modern Luxury magazine

Often, the best ideas aim to solve a common problem. That was the case for Lisa Brill, who was ready to clean up her beauty routine in 2011. Fast-forward two years, and she launched Qet Botanicals (, an all-natural, plant oil-based line of face, hair and body products, now found in Brill's first California boutique in San Clemente. Small-batch production highlighted by the use of raw materials allows Brill and her female-driven team to keep products as natural as possible. "The oils we use are skin-loving and nonpore clogging," she notes. "Our line is based on wholesome plants and the antioxidant qualities that lie within them." Stop by for a skin analysis, then stock up on favorites like the award-winning Hydra Rose Eye Serum ($60). There are also targeted Skin Suites ($168 to $177 each) for those looking to sample a variety of products at once. Adds Brill: "We're hands-on with every drop and product... and we wouldn't have it any other way."

Qēt Botanicals feature Modern Luxury Magazine