Oui love it.

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Oui Love It ~ warm baths, soft skin, and me time. Finding time for yourself, and finding your 'happy place,' can brighten your mood, your senses, and even your complexion.

Happy Place ~ two little words that can make such a big impact.

Perhaps these are two words that have a lot of meaning to you. Or, maybe these are two words that you hear about "soooo much," and yet, can't really pinpoint what they mean to you.

Last month, we featured a blog post that discusses Wellness. With respect to the Seven Dimensions of Wellness, environmental, physical, and emotional wellnesses are three dimensions that we'd like to really elevate this month.

Let's do a quick mental exercise... consider your happy place ~ whether it be predefined or unknown to you at this time, think about the spatial environment that surrounds you in that happy place. What does your physical balance look like? (Like your body: What do you put into it? What do you apply on your skin? How about your hair?) How is your emotional well-being represented in your happy place?

Your happy place may be defined by a location, or the people that surround you regardless of where you are, or the environmental elements around you ~ the music, sounds, food, scenery, ambiance, and smells. Some of us may be able to simply close our eyes and we're transported to our happy place. Do you have more than one happy place? (If so, then hey... high five to you!)

May we invite you to "An Afternoon in Paris?"

Who would decline a cup of tea on a beautiful afternoon in Paris?

Founder and purveyor of Qet Botanicals, Lisa Brill, surely couldn't. In fact, Lisa's happy place is greatly shaped by a beautiful afternoon in Paris years ago, where she sat enjoying the sights, lights, and sounds that hugged around herself and her daughter as Lisa sipped on a cup of tea so incredibly happy that she wished she could just soak in it. Delightful!

Fast forward several years to when Qet was born. Lisa knew she wanted to dedicate Qet's promise of using nature's botanicals and all natural products to create one luxurious bath soak... a happy place in a jar.

Oui bring you... "Blooming Tea Bath ~ An Afternoon in Paris."

Ooh, la, laa.

As you may guess, Lisa's memorable afternoon in Paris brought undeniable inspiration to Qet's romantic and sensual Blooming Tea Bath! Kissed with sea salts, epsom salts, softening oats, and a colorful blend of roses, lavender, jasmine, vanilla, and sweet orange, Qēt's Blooming Tea Bath brings you a happy place where petals float around you in embracingly soft water. Pouf! Paris... we have arrived.

Just like all of Qet's 42 (soon to be 45!) naturally, hand-crafted products, Blooming Tea Bath - An Afternoon in Paris prides its ingredients and happy place qualities right on the label:

"Rose petals, lavender flowers, jasmine flowers, and select botanicals in our blend of minerals and softening agents offer a relaxing and romantic bathing experience like no other. Inspired by the floral and uplifting notes in a Parisian tea, this Blooming Tea Bath will relax you, moisturize you, and transport you to your happy place. It's not just pretty, it's not just a nice gift, it's necessary, and it's just for you."

Our Qet Corner

Upcoming Events:

What is the perfect complement to soft, healthy skin? Luxurious, French-inspired lingerie by La Lingerie. We're happy to be participating again at the 4th Annual La Lingerie Carnival Swim Fashion Show on Wednesday, February 3, 2016, at the Madison Club. The event and the proceeds benefit the domestic abuse treatment center in Madison, DAIS (Domestic Abuse Intervention Services). The event is put on so that we can help to empower women everywhere to feel comfortable and happy in their bodies by having models of all ages and sizes. All of the proceeds from the entry fee and raffle will be donated.

It's Madness, Mayhem & Hoopla. On "Fat Tuesday," it's a Mardi Gras celebration to benefit Madison 4 Kids. Once again, we'll be providing a donation basket for this "Grown Up" event to benefit this local charity that helps kids and teens be healthy, have confidence, find inspiration, and learn. The event kicks off with a fabulous auction, music and dancing, and a delicious cajun dinner. This, of course, will be followed by an even better feeling Wednesday. 

Animal Lovers, We Are ~ You can't buy love... but you CAN rescue it! Being that our products are dedicated to cruelty free testing and production, when we were asked to participate in the 7th Annual "Boomer's Bowl Your Balls Off" fundraiser on Saturday, February 6th for the Iowa County Humane Society, we knew we had to support it. Check out this blog post discussing this amazing cause.

In Case You Missed It:

We partnered with Healing Lifestyles and Spas for a special promotion in January. If you haven't already discovered Healing Lifestyles and Spas, we strongly encourage you to head to their site, click around and behold the amazing resources they have to share. They are a beacon of wellness knowledge and a truly amazing inspiration to live your best life and be your best self. We're particularly excited about their upcoming Earth Day Beauty Awards (yes, we've won some!) ! Oh... and, they are proud believers in happy places, as well.

Madison's WELL EXPO ~ We were proud participants of this year's Well EXPO held in Madison, WI. If you missed it, check out our blog post we shared following the event, discussing the seven dimensions of wellness and what it means to be your most-well-self.

Continue your quest for Wellness. Celebrate your happy place or create a happy place for someone you love this February. Oui oui!