Natural Parenting Expo

Qēt Botanicals clean beauty natural parenting expoQēt Botanicals clean beauty natural parenting expo

Imagine an entire day with guest speakers sharing useful knowledge about keeping your house free of harmful toxins, rows of booths of the latest and greatest natural products to keep the kids stimulated and smart, and our booth full of safe and effective, botanical, every-day personal care products for the parents raising our future generation…

that's what the 2014 Natural Parenting Expo brought to the attendees, and more.

For us, it all started when our now grown kids were small and were crawling on the ground, eating snacks from the counters, and putting those pouty little lips on things that had fallen on the floor. We were already eating organic and whole foods, and we knew that everything in the household had to be free from artificial additives, harmful cleaners, and residual chemicals that would stay on those little fingers and toes. 

Our personal products in the bathroom was the last thing to be purged of all of the chemicals in our household. After experiencing changes in health and skin, and developing new sensitivities to many traditional preservatives and chemicals that are added to personal care products, it wasn't until the tipping point was reached and out of desperation that matters were taken into our own hands. That was when Qet was born.

Many wait until the telltale signs of too much exposure to the 'un-natural' creep up on them before understanding what each and every ingredient that we use on a daily basis can mean for our overall health. It's never too late to make the switch, and it's painless and easier than you think.

All of our products are made with effectiveness, and most of all safety, in mind. Safe for pregnant women and nursing moms, each one of our products is lovingly crafted by hand in small, fresh batches.