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Qēt Botanicals clean beauty Qēt Botanicals clean beauty

Jolene Hart's perfectly empowering book, Eat Pretty, has just hit the shelves. She is a beauty-editor turned health coach, writes for Organic Spa Magazine, is the voice behind Beauty is Wellness, shares her insight on other healthy posts, and has recently discovered Qet Botanicals.

In her February blog, Jolene shares her thoughts about Qet:

"Best of the Midwest: Discovering Organic Beauty from Qet...

"When it comes to beauty, I have an attraction to the exotic and the aspirational. Think time-honored botanicals from around the globe, formulas developed by famous makeup artists, and one-of-a-kind natural products that are on everyone's must-try list. Not that I don't love a great drugstore find (and a drugstore price point), but I confess that I get just a little bit breathless when a beauty product strikes me as extra special.

Imagine my surprise when I found a diamond-in-the-rough product line that was conceived of, created and produced right here in the middle of the US- in Cross Plains, Wisconsin- not Paris, London or Hong Kong. Imagine my delight to discover Qet.

Qet: the name made me do a double-take. What's Qet (pronounced keet)? Well, I still don't know if it means anything at all. But this short, quirky (and memorable) name represents these products well; they're unique and hard to forget themselves. By far the best part (scroll through the website, and tell me if you don't agree!) is their ingredients. "Down to the last drop, we only use organic and actives that are skin and hair loving," Qet's founder Lisa Brill wrote to me. I was instantly attracted to powerhouse ingredients like matcha tea, Manuka honey, gluten free oats and pink Himalayan sea salt- these aren't run-of-the-mill, big batch ingredients!

Brill compares the creation of Qet to a recipe filled with the highest quality ingredients, "We love having full control of every step of the process - we wouldn't have it any other way. It's like going to the farmer's market and hand-selecting the best possible produce, whipping it up into something spectacular, and then enjoying it, sharing it, and feeling just how good it is to have fresh and quality ingredients at your fingertips."

Bet you want to know which products wowed me most. Here you go...

Honey Cream Mask wtih Active Manuka UMF 16+

Honey is my favorite beauty ingredient, and Manuka honey is a variety that tops them all for its skin benefits. Just a little of this incredibly active form of honey goes a long way, and so does this mask. Apply a thin layer to exfoliate, hydrate, bust zits, and bring out your glow.

Balancing Clay Exfoliant with Tea & Thyme

Thyme is a scientlfically-proven acne remedy, which makes is the perfect star ingredient in this 'Balancing' exfoliant. I love the versatility of a dry exfoliating powder- you can add it to your regular cleanser, mix it with facial oil, add a few drops of water and use it alone, or mix up a thicker formula and leave it on as a mask. This formula, made into an instant anti-ager with the addition of matcha green tea, is a new favorite.

Ultra Garden Serum for Body

Look at the long list of organic oils in this formula, and you'd probably expect it to be sold in a tiny bottle specifically designated for your face. Not this one. This jasmine- and geranium-scented oil blend contains anti-aging oils like broccoli and carrot seed, plus super-hydrating oil like avocado and olive. It's a great winter hydrator, applied head to toe.

Nutri-Pomade & Mask with Shea & Coconut

Hair deserves some organic love too. I started using this formula (with organic shea butter, coconut oil and shine-boosting essential oils) on the winter-dried ends of my hair, then ran a little through the length of my locks to tame flyaways and create texture. It provides the perfect mix of hydration and nourishment. I can't wait to try is as a deep conditioning mask (don't you love a product with multiple uses?)- stay tuned!

Hydra-Rose Eye Serum

Rosehip seed oil, as Qet calls it, is 'nature's own Retin-A.' The vitamin A content or this oil contributes to its powerful healing properties (its known to regenerate skin and reduce scars). Around the delicate eye area, it's the perfect lightweight hydrator for overnight use. Plus, the rose, frankincense and jasmine scent makes you feel ultra-pampered.

Whether you're in the Midwest, the East or anywhere else on the globe, I'd recommend that you give this line a look! I wouldn't be surprised if Qet ends up in an apothecary in Paris, London or Hong Kong very soon."

True beauty extends from deep within us ~ it's reflected through our daily activities, meals, and habits. We're fortunate to have Jolene Hart's insight, through "Eat Pretty," available right at our fingertips.

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