Multi-Vitamin Serum Boosts: How, When, Why + Tips

There's no need to reach for those synthetic, water-added vitamin serums...  we have you covered, safely and naturally. 


Each drop is a multi-vitamin for our skin.

Our Serum Boosts contain Vitamins A, C, E, F, and K + antioxidants to help age-defy and fight the elements.


🔸 Nothing synthetic.

🔸 Nothing reactive in the sun.

🔸 No skin peeling or excess sensitivity.

🔸 A safe alternative to Retinol and other synthetic vitamin serums. 


 So... how do we get the most from the Serum Boosts? 



What do our Serum Boosts and sandwiches have in common? 

LOL ~ yes, you read that right. We'll tell you. 

It's all about the layering, or building and bookending the nutrients on your skin. 


Aside from cleansing and exfoliating, there are just a couple of additional, basic things that we do for our skin... 


✨  hydrate  ✨  protect  ✨ moisturize. 


After a quick cleanse with our cleansing oil (*remember to remove it completely), and the regular and gentle nightly exfoliation, comes the layering of your treatments. 

So... about that sandwich. First, the bread. Sourdough, gluten-free, multi-grain. Any way to slice it, it's the bread that keeps the sandwich together.  

Our botanical toners and day or night serums are like the bread in this example. When adding a Serum Boost to our routine, that becomes the inside of the bread and that's what makes this a sandwich. Funny, but true! 😉 

The benefits and why we love this are below. 



Q. Why and when is the best way to incorporate our Serum Boosts?

A. We like to layer them in the middle of the toner and serums. 


Because our Serum Boosts are a singular ingredient. They are each very specific with a variety of vitamins and skin benefits in them.

This is an optional treatment. If you're looking to add an extra layer of protection, antioxidants, or vitamins, then adding one into your routine is for you. 



☀️ We like to add the Purely Cranberry Serum Boost in the morning in between our toner and day serum. The Purely Cranberry is a moisturizing oil.

🌛 At night comes the Purely Rosehip Serum Boost in between the toner and night serum. This is a delicate oil and we keep this treatment refrigerated. It's less moisturizing and we like to use it at night. 

⭐ The Purely Squalane Serum Boost is perfect to prevent moisture loss on the skin and acts like a wonderful natural primer under makeup. This can be used day or night, and mixed and matched with the other Serum Boosts as needed. 


Ultimately there are no rules ~ mix and match, and do what's best for you and your current complexion. Even if you prefer to add the Vitamin Serum Boost after your day or night serum, that's ok too! Do what's best for you. 😊



Q. What's the difference between the Serum Boosts and the Day or Night Serums?

A. Plenty!

Here's another food reference... let's talk about a tomato vs. a bowl of salsa. A tomato can be amazing on its own. When we mix that tomato with other ingredients to make a salsa, or even a soup, that tomato can taste even better and it becomes a whole different and delicious experience. 🍅

This is kind of like our Serum Boosts vs. our day or night serums. The Serum Boost is like the tomato, and when we mix it with our serums, the experience and affects are heightened. Rather than one ingredient on the skin, our complexion benefits from each ingredient and its wide variety of benefits. This is the main difference between an oil for the skin, and a serum.


The Serum Boosts can be added into our a.m. and p.m. routines. They are very specific oils that include vitamins our skin thrives on. They have no added humectants or moisture-binding ingredients. Our serums have these extras which is what set them apart from just adding an oil to our complexion. 

Adding the serums on the top of your vitamin serum boosts acts like a protective layer and locks it all in place. The serums are a blend of various phytonutrients and humectants that feed, nourish, and protect our skin. 

Hydration comes from our botanical toners. Moisture comes from our serums. These are two different ways to care for our skin. In the middle is where you have the option to add an extra layer of vitamin protection for you and your skin.  

You can customize these two treatments according to your skin's wishes by varying the amount of treatment that you use. Perfect... just for you!  

Dry climates, humid climates, summer heat, or winter wind. You can address your skin's needs with each application by increasing or reducing the toner and serum combination. 


We're all different, and so is our skin. It's for this very reason that we keep our toners and serums separate so you can customize your treatment according to your your skin's wishes.


Vitamin Serum Boost Details

Fresh, premium and authentic vitamins in every drop. 

 ♦️ Multi-Vitamins A, C, E, F, K + Antioxidants for Skin

♦️ Pairs Beautifully with our Toners and Day / Night Serums

♦️ Age-Defying and Element Fighting Where and When you Need It


Take a closer look at our Serum Boosts and the trial sized kit: 

Purely Cranberry Serum Boost

Purely Rosehip Serum Boost

Purely Squalane Serum Boost

Purely Suite Discovery Kit

Bonus: Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial Massage Tool

We're boosting our day and night serums ... let's boost our lymphatic drainage at the same time! Read more about gua sha here



On another note ~ I'm a Mom, and as a Mom I know that this can happen.

If you're a Mom, or know a Mom, Grandparent, or caregiver who might be riddled with guilt or having a little burnout, here's a helpful, quick nudge in the right direction.

A friend of mine, and also a friend of Qēt, is Dr. Morgan Cutlip.

Dr. Cutlip has a new book coming out in September that's available for preorder now... "Love Your Kids without Losing Yourself." 

No more guilt for taking time for ourselves. No more running around ragged and getting burned out. When we take better care of ourselves, we can take better care of others... and that trickles down to our kids, family, and loved ones, too.

 Meet Dr. Cutlip, and check out her TV interview on Good Morning America here. 

Qet-Botanicals-Dr.-Morgan-Cutlip-Love-Your-Kids-Without-Losing-Yourself Qet-Botanicals-Dr.-Morgan-Cutlip-Love-Your-Kids-without-Losing-Yourself

To us, makeup is an option. 

Self care is not. 

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Adding just those couple of minutes of self care morning and night, (the ounces) cares for our living and largest organ (our skin!), it sends happy hormones to our mind, and it adds up to an overall sense of wellbeing (the cure). When we give ourselves love in the form of those caring ounces, it trickles down to those that we care about, in pounds.

 It's so true... when we're feeling good, it's contagious. Our loved ones and families around us feel good, too.  

Thank you for being here. and let us know if we can help ~ we're happy to!

Healthy August!

~ Lisa 

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