🏆 Award Winning Treatments for Award Winning Hair

🏆 Award Winning Treatments for Award Winning Hair 🏆

That's right! Our four hair finishing treatments have all won clean + green beauty awards!

👉  Below are some quick tips on keeping our hair happy through these hot summer months.
And... we're highlighting the ingredients in our hair treatments that make our treatments different, natural, and that really work

Check it out below. 😎


Summer Sun Hair Protection 101. 

Depending on the foods that we eat and the products that we use, hair grows at a rate of about one half of an inch a month, or six inches a year.

Just like our skin, nourishing our bodies from within and nourishing with healthy ingredients on the outside can also help in every way. 

Here are some quick tips to help protect hair in the summer:

  • Lock in the moisture ~ adding our pomade or our hair serum to hair while wet will lock in the moisture and hydration. 
  • Pre-condition before swimming or shampooing ~ dry hair has an open hair shaft. Fill it up with nutrients before shampooing or swimming to feed it before potentially getting stripped from the chlorinated, salt water, or tap water. 
  • Co-wash ~ washing with a conditioner once a week will give your hair a break from a traditional shampoo. Saturate hair, add your conditioner, especially on the ends, and rinse as usual. 
  • Ditch the heat dryers ~ it's a great time to experiment if you're a blow-dryer. With the virus and summertime relaxing, it's a great time to let hair air-dry and minimize the styling time. 
  • Feeling greasy? It might be because of excess sweat or makeup and sunscreen near your hairline. Sneak in our dry shampoo every-other-day or between shampooing to absorb excess oils or heaviness at the scalp. It doesn't add anything additional, it just takes away excess impurities. 
  • Outsmart the frizz ~ just a smidge of our pomade applied to dry ends can help to control frizzy, sassy hair.
  • Hat, yes! ~ A hat will not only protect your hair from UV rays, but your skin as well. A 3" brim or more is recommended for the best protection mid day.


What makes our Qēt hair care different?

☑️ Natural remedies.  ☑️ Zero hair-damaging chemicals. ☑️ Zero silicones. 💗 All the love.

There are tricks to keeping our hair happy and healthy all summer long. It just takes is a quick moment, the right ingredients, and you'll be loving your locks all through the hot days of summer and beyond. 🌞

Protecting our hair from the heat, sun, and even humidity doesn't have to be an endless and expensive battle. 



We get asked about our hair care ingredients often. Here is the 100% complete and full list of every single ingredient and why we love it. We've left nothing out... what you see is what you get. 

It's all the healthy without the harm, so let's get to it! 

🌱 Rosemary Oil ~ Rosemary is becoming very popular right now... and it's an ingredient we've always had in our hair treatments. Known to improve both hair growth and thickness, it's a wonderful addition to all of our hair treatments. Rosemary naturally helps to generate new cell growth, and according to this study, rosemary performed as well as minoxidil (a common synthetic hair growth ingredient) but with less scalp itching and side effects. Some studies have found it preventative in premature graying. Dandruff and flakes are lessened with its use as well. Rosemary can be found in our Lavender Powder Dry ShampooNatural Sea SprayNatural Shine SerumNutri-Pomade & Mask.

🌰 Shea Butter ~ Full of vitamins and healthy fatty acids, it's safe for a sensitive scalp and for dry, damaged, color treated, and all textures of hair. Shea butter is naturally anti-inflammatory that can help to reduce scalp irritation and redness without clogging the root of the hair follicle. On our hair it can help to lock in moisture, hydrate the stresses, replace lost natural oils, and help fight the frizzies. Shea butter can help smooth the strand and protect against damage from heating tools, UV, and the elements. Because it's so clean and beneficial to hair and scalp, many of us also love to rub in any extra on hands and cuticles. A generous amount of organic, grade A shea butter can be found in our Nutri-Pomade & Mask

🥥 Coconut Butter ~ A small amount of organic coconut oil can help hair from fading and drying out, which leads to less breakage. We only use coconut butter and oil on the hair and scalp, not the face. When coconut is used on the face, it can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. When used on the strands it helps to maintain our hair's protein levels, and it naturally moisturizes and retains moisture in the tresses. Coconut's natural anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties help relieve an itchy and flaky scalp. The natural strength and volume of hair can be revitalized, and oils that have been stripped are replenished. Found in our Natural Shine Serum, Nutri-Pomade & Mask.

💮 Geranium Oil ~ Just like in our skin care, we love geranium in hair treatments because it's high in antioxidants and flavonoids, which means it helps to fight the free radicals that oxidize our skin and, yes, our hair. Geranium is also full of amino acids, which have been touted as the building blocks for healthy hair. Keratin is the protein found in our hair and scalp that produces protein, and without those amino acids, our hair's keratin production is slim. Hair loss can be decreased and a sensitive scalp is calmed. Geranium is one of the few oils that treats both an over and an under-production of oils on the scalp while keeping the right pH. Found in our Natural Shine SerumNutri-Pomade & Mask.

🥦 Broccoli Seed Oil ~ Here is another hair-loving oil that we also use in our face serums. It's known as nature's version of silicone by adding a light, silky feel to our skin and our hair. Broccoli seed oil is abundant in Vitamins A, C, K, and B, and is filled with moisturizing fatty acids which help healthy hair growth. Split ends are kept to a minimum because of its natural heat and UV protection. Used on the scalp to the tips of the hair, a little bit added before shampooing is a great way to prevent over-stripping from shampoo. A few drops added after shampooing and before styling or on dry hair as a leave-in treatments adds natural shine and a vitamin veil to add a nutritious hair boost. Found in our Natural Shine Serum.

💟 Lavender Flowers and Its Oil ~ Beloved in many of our face, body, and hair treatments, lavender not only helps a sensitive scalp suffering from itchiness and flakes, but it can help hair to grow. It naturally increases circulation on the scalp which boosts hair growth. Lavender lightly moisturizes the tresses while helping to calm the nervous system at the same time. Found in our Lavender Powder Dry ShampooNatural Sea SprayNatural Shine SerumNutri-Pomade & Mask.

🌱 Raspberry Seed Oil ~ Also included in a variety of our day serums and hair treatments, raspberry seed oil helps protect against premature aging and fading of the hair shaft by fighting UV rays and free radicals that cause oxidation. Hair feels silky, soft, and moisture loss is lessened. Split ends are mended and hair suppleness and elasticity can be increased, which means less breakage. Win! Found in our Natural Sea SprayNatural Shine Serum.

🥕 Carrot Seed Oil ~ A natural UV and free radical fighter, this splendid little oil is found in many of our serums, as well as in some of our hair treatments. Carrot seed oil not only protects against damage from the sun and the elements, it helps protect against breakage while adding hair-loving Vitamins A and E. Hair growth is boosted, the strands are strengthened, and it adds natural moisture. Found in our Natural Sea SprayNatural Shine Serum.

💧 Water ~ We use a clean, steam distilled water in only one product in our entire brand of hair, body, and skin treatments. This is unique because almost every hair, body and face product out there uses a good amount of water. In other brand's ingredient lists, water is almost always listed first or right at the top of a lengthy ingredient list. It breeds bacteria, and we'd rather avoid water and use less of a clean, concentrated, and fresh product, than something heavily preserved and watered down that we need more of. Wouldn't you?  Found in our Natural Sea Spray.

🍥 Himalayan Salt ~ The purest of salts, and filled with healthy minerals, magnesium, and potassium, it's the only salt we use in our face, body, and hair products. Just a tiny bit in our sea spray gives touchable volume and movement to hair. A mist on bed-head-hair can help to wake it up and get ready for the day. Found in our Natural Sea Spray

⚪ Arrowroot Powder ~ It's the base of our dry shampoo and it's even found in our natural deodorants... we love and trust it that much. Arrowroot powder absorbs moisture without leaving any synthetic residue or chemicals behind on the strands. Just a tiny amount is needed on the scalp with any color of hair.  Found in our Lavender Powder Dry Shampoo

🌕 Non-GMO Vitamin E ~ Used as a natural preservative to help a treatment stay its freshest, our Vitamin E is a safe alternative to many synthetic preservatives. It's also beneficial to the scalp and strands by keeping the protective barrier on our scalp preserved and happy. Found in our Nutri-Pomade & Mask

👏👏👏 Voilà! We've just highlighted every single ingredient that we use in all of our hair finishing treatments. Each ingredient is hair friendly, scalp friendly, and even hand friendly.



Let's Get to the Root of It ~ Is Hair Living, or Is It Dead?  

Our hair ~ below the scalp, it's a living follicle until it comes to the surface. So does this mean that hair is alive?

Kind of. Not really. Yes and no. (Huh?) 

This is what we mean. Hair isn't alive, but it's considered to be a living thing because it IS a part of a living thing.

The bulb at the end of the hair shaft that rests in the scalp is the living part of the hair. Once the hair grows and sprouts from the bulb, it needs moisture, hydration, proteins, and the right care to keep it as soft and thick as it was when it first started to grow.

Scalp health is important. Our scalp is no different than our skin, it may actually be more sensitive because many harsh ingredients are found in shampoos and conditioners.

Keeping our scalp happy, nourishing it with hair masks, less shampooing, and using protective and hydrating hair oils can help that living and non-living part of the hair in so many ways. 


Cruelty-free, 100% plant powered, nationally awarded, and locally handmade with 100% plant-based, hair-loving ingredients. That's it. 


We know... it's the middle of summer and it's hot out there.  

With just a quick tend to those tresses before making the most of our summer, when we're ready for the next season our hair will feel healthy and refreshed... and so will we! 

Summer is the best time to flaunt our natural locks. 

Let the winds blow, and let's let our hair naturally go!  🏖️

Stay happy, healthy, and hydrated,

~ Lisa 

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