Hello, March… We’re Ready for You!

Qēt Botanicals Spring moisture

You already know that our skin is our largest organ. Did you know that the average body contains about 22 feet of it? That's a lot of skin! 

As we get ready to tuck the sweaters away, maybe plan a get-away, or get ready to bare those arms and legs again, we can give your skin a nudge in the ready-for-spring-right-direction.

This month we're all about caring from the neck down. Arms, legs, torso, shoulders... they need proper nourishment and love just as our tender faces do. We have three body serums to help you reveal your healthiest and happy skin.               

Stop itching. Stop flaking. Let's get moisturized, and let's get glowing!

We're an Oily Bunch

We love oils ~ but they have to be the 'right' oils.

Yes, the Qēt family loves oils, and our skin loves oils, too. When our skin is lacking in oil, you guessed it, it's dry. It's no secret that oily skin produces more oil than dry or normal skin. Our skin needs oil moisture to maintain its elasticity, strength and to be able to function properly. 

As the clock ticks, our skin naturally slows its oil production, and even in certain times of the year (winter), the natural oil production slows as well.

We ARE an oily bunch ~ and we're happy about it! We're oil based, work with plant oils and raw materials, and we're sensitive creatures, too. When skin lacks oil it becomes sensitive and even angry. When there isn't enough oil, irritation, uneven skin, breakouts, and rough skin can develop. Over time, without enough oil on our skin, the natural acid mantle and our skin's protective barrier loses its ability to defend again hydration loss. In turn, this can compromise our skin's health and vitality. In other words... the right oil on our skin can keep it clear, help it from becoming uneven and tired looking, and can keep it glowing with various conditions at every age. 

What we're not happy about? What the harvesting and production of certain oils have done to our environment. 

Qēt Botanicals Spring moistureQēt Botanicals Spring moisture Dicaprio documentary
Harmful Oils, in More Way than One

We avoid synthetic ingredients ~ these include all of the usual suspects like parabens, synthetics, harmful preservatives, and fillers. We currently don't even formulate a lotion or a cream as we've been loving using our propriety blends of premium, performing oils in small amounts rather than having it in a carrier with waxes or creams.

There are two harmful oil culprits in the oil family that are used in other skin and food brands regularly. However, the harvesting and production of these oils is wreaking havoc on our environment. Any guesses? Mineral oil (not a new oil to be shamed) and palm oil. Mineral oil actually pulls moisture out of the skin and doesn't benefit it, but is an inexpensive substance. Palm oil is eating up the forests and is threatening the now endangered orangutan. Alternatives are available (almond, olive, safflower, grape) and cause less harm to the ecosystem. 

We're serious about working with clean ingredients that are safe for our surroundings and for us; we use neither of these oils. My husband and I happened to stumble on a documentary presented by National Geographic featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, called Before the Flood. In Leo's two- to three-year journey around the globe looking at the changes we as people are making to our environment, this documentary revealed images of stories I had only heard about before. 

Take a quick trip with me. 

This reminded me of a vacation we took as a family to Costa Rica. The country is peaceful, healthy, and alive with flora and fauna that we don't get in many parts of the world. We love to hike, eat, and travel our way through our destinations, and this one was filled with rich jungles, flowing rivers, and quiet areas of the country where we had to stop and listen in awe to the song birds and monkeys. I distinctly remember driving through an area where the palm trees were thick, lush, and beautiful. Then I remember the strong smell of something almost sour lingering in the air. It was the plant where they were harvesting the fruit from the palm trees to make the palm oil. According to WorldWildlife.org, palm oil is the most widely consumed vegetable oil on the planet, and it is in about half of all packaged products sold in the supermarket and can be found in many cosmetics and skincare products. The devastation happening from the production of this oil is eating up the forests and the natural habitat of many animals.

There are always two sides to every story, but this story is revealed in the documentary Before the Flood. This story has visual imagery and non-fictional characters in it ~ mainly of our earth. It's something we should be aware of at the very least, and if we can make a difference in any small way, then we shall.

I snapped this image while our family traveled through Costa Rica. We saw wild red mccaws, toucans, howler and capuchin monkeys, sloths, alligators, walking-on-the-water-lizards (funny!), blue morpho butterflies, tasted the bark from the cinnamon trees, and loves the dense forests of teak trees and bamboo. We were driving by rows and rows of these beautiful palm trees. I didn't notice the poles with the electricity at first, and then I smelled the strong odor. Then we happened on a plantation where they were making palm oil with the electricity leading up to it. What an abrupt change to the environment. 

Qēt Botanicals Spring moistureQēt Botanicals Spring moisture

Later we happened upon this smiling sloth hanging from a tree and posing while we snapped this photo. Cute, isn't she? We're hoping that she and her friends are all still smiling.  

Qēt Botanicals Spring moistureQēt Botanicals Spring moisture
Healthy Gut ~ Healthy Skin

My skin is sensitive. I have to stay a step ahead of my Rosacea, I get an occasional eczema spot, I have my thyroid swings under control, and I see and feel the difference in my skin according to what I eat. Period.

Having a healthy gut makes a difference in how we sleep, digest our food, maintain a healthy weight, and it keeps our skin healthy as well. It's about the gut's microbiome. The gut's microbiome is connected to the skin's microbiome. It's important to have a healthy skin microbiome to fight off skin sensitivities and general upset on the surface.

What is a healthy skin microbiome? It's a group of healthy viruses, fungi, and bacteria that work with our skin to fight off other unhealthy organisms.

Can we easily protect it? And how?  

According to the Nutritional Aesthetics Alliance, here are 5 healthy ways to protect the skin's microbiome. If you're already familiar with our products and are already using Qēt, then chances are, your microbiome is already smiling. 

  1. "Minimize Forced Exfoliation." Be gentle. On the face, our clay or herbal exfoliants. On the body, our body polishes, or dry brushing following by our Fresh Body Oil. Be gentle, and let the elements do the work for you. 
  2. "Eat a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as fermented foods." These foods assist in the gut's microbiome, which in turn helps the skin's microbiome. See the connection? Delight!
  3. "Avoid the use of antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers." Unfortunately the good and the bad bacteria are eliminated with them, and the bacteria has mutated into other strains. In 2016 there was a ban on many ingredients used in these soaps, but some are still out there. 
  4. "Apply plant-derived oils to the skin regularly." Plants naturally feed the skin with prebiotics and antioxidants that assist in protecting and help to provide protection to the microbiome and the cells beneath.
  5. "Use small batch, herbal skincare products topically." We couldn't have said this better ourselves!! Fewer ingredients, fresher batches, no strong preservatives ~ all benefitting to the microbiome and the skin as a whole. 

Some skin is fortunate enough to withstand anything that comes its way ~ other skin is not. Oils are wonderful at providing anti-aging benefits, and when it comes to keeping the microbiome happy and healthy, well, it covers that as well. 

Image: NIZO.com 

Qēt Botanicals Spring moistureQēt Botanicals Spring moisture
Listen In

A chat about things we SHOULD be talking about ~ and we did!

Qēt Botanicals Lisa Brill podcast Qēt Botanicals Lisa Brill podcast

A handful of years ago I was invited to meet Sandy Joy Weston and speak at her "Inspired Beauty" event in Philadelphia at her Weston Fitness gym. What a fabulous introduction and event we had! Jolene Hart, author of "Eat Pretty" and "Eat Pretty, Live Well" was kind enough to introduce Qēt Botanicals to Sandy, and it all fell into place from there.

We've maintained our connection since then. This podcast... it is knowledge, it has humor, it reveals the struggles, and it shares the successes.

Fold your laundry, do your dishes, take a listen, tap the link, and feel great about using natural ingredients, getting great results, and with no compromise to our health whatsoever. We feed our body and skin with real, wholesome ingredients, and in return, our skin and body loves us back.

In addition, our friend Sandy has just released her book "Train Your Head and Your Body Will Follow." Hooray! Sandy has trained, coached, and led the way for thousands in finding their way out of the ho-hum for a better lifestyle. Many congrats to Sandy!  Check her site for more information on how to get your journey started. 

For some quick picks on my first meeting with Sandy, outside of her Weston Fitness gym in Philadelphia, and a 'Rocky' moment on those famous steps in Philly, here you go

Qēt Botanicals feature Sandy WestonQēt Botanicals feature Sandy Weston

Qēt makes a recent "Cool Mom Pick of the Week" 

If you're a mom ~ you're already cool. 

If you haven't seen the "Cool Mom Picks" website, then you'll be even cooler when you do! Their site has become a major lifestyle network and they've even shared their finds on the TODAY Show and Martha Stewart

What a nice surprise to see that our brand made a recent "Cool Mom Pick of the Week!" 

Here is the link to the article, along with some tips on positive thinking to reach your goals, and even a mom-invented wine chiller that is... well... you guessed it... COOL!

Qēt Botanicals Cool mom picksQēt Botanicals cool mom picks
How to Pick My Body Oil

Three body oils... what's the difference?

Moisturizing, shaving, dry brushing ~ we know all oils are different, and they also offer different benefits when using them.

Here are the general rules of thumb that we follow when offering direction on which oils are best for which person, use, and skin condition. Keep in mind that our skin can change with the weather and hormones, and everyone finds their favorite. It may be different than what we would initially recommend. Totally ok!  

None of our oils contain water, synthetics, fillers, or artificial ingredients. Each oil is blended with a bevy of botanical oils all offering individual benefits. We have too much skin to use anything but the best! A partial pump goes a long way ~ start small, and enjoy.

Fresh Body Oil ~ This product was a wonderful mistake. Really! When initially formulating facial serums, and not wanting to waste them if they weren't quite right, I would bring them into the shower to shave my legs. Voila! Oh my goodness, where have you been all my life, shaving oil! This particular oil is formulated to have a little more slip and slide for the razor, a clean feeling when used as a body oil after dry brushing, after showering, and nice as a light oil when you're massaging your feet, or you're lucky enough to be at the receiving end of a nice shoulder rub. The peppermint in it is also soothing and cooling and is clean and light.

Lite Garden Serum for Body ~ This oil has become a go-to moisturizing oil for anyone suffering from itchy skin and from occasional skin upset on arms, legs, and torso. We've even been told that many with eczema and rashes have seen clearer skin after bringing this oil into their body moisturizing routine. The organic grape seed oil we use in this oil is also used in our Balancing Skin Suite. The linoleic acid found in this oil, as well as its Omega 6 antioxidants and other oils we include, can calm skin and give a little relief. 

Ultra Garden Serum for Body ~ An Earth Day Beauty Award Winning body oil, when someone says to us, "No, you don't understand, I have VERY dry skin," this is what we reach for. It's become a friend to many dry legs, elbows, feet, heels, arms, and everywhere in between. A pump in the tub allows you to indulge whole-heartedly in its goodness. It's all day hydration, and doesn't including anything you wouldn't want to wrap yourself in. 

Just like on our faces, we want to give our oils a chance to penetrate and do their job. A light exfoliation, either by dry brushing the skin, or using one of our body polishes, sheds what the surface no longer needs and makes way for fresh skin and a clear path for the body serum to go to work. 

Have you read about the benefits of dry brushing? It's an ancient way of stimulating the nerve endings, increasing the release of toxins through the lymphatic system, and it increases microcirculation and boosts energy levels. We love our dry brushes, and our skin has told us the same. 

Image: IntegrativeHealingArtsStudio.org

Qēt Botanicals dry body brushingQēt Botanicals dry body brushing
Your March Special

Let's shed the winter doldrums, and bring-on Spring! 

In March, SAVE 10% on our three body serums ~

We'll also include a savings on our 10" dry brushing body brush.

These body products fit into the EWG Verified® program and have been whole-heartedly Verified. Safe for you. Safe for our environment. Lovely to indulge in.

Use this code for your savings: QETSPRINGSKINThink like an Olympian

Image: Associated Press

Qēt Botanicals spring moisturizingQēt Botanicals spring moisturizing

What a whirlwind! 

Such talented athletes coming together from all over the world, such unity within and between teams as they compete, and such strength and motivation seen in their eyes and in their tears. Talk about motivation!

Loved these 2018 Winter Olympics games, and there are a few stories that still bring tears to our eyes as we replay them in our minds. One such story... Jessica Diggins in the women's team spring freestyle cross-country skiing final. If you haven't watched it, or listened to the enthusiastic announcer (ha!), take a moment to watch this historic moment and feel her motivation to win the gold by less than one-fifth of a second. 

Let's think like an Olympian! These three things seem to tie so many athletes of all kinds together and help them reach their goals. 

Look ahead. They're not looking at their feet ~ they're looking at the turn up ahead, the lift, or the finish line. Don't focus on the ground ~ let's focus on what's ahead and how we're going to get past it. 

Keep going. A bump in the slope, a missed turn, a caught ski or skate edge ~ keep going and brush it off. Don't let the past affect the next turn, jump, or step. 

Visualize it. Athletes do it. Artists do it. Even photographers do it. In their mind they see what they want, and then they make it happen. Do you see yourself as being happy, healthy, and enjoying what you have? Good for you ~ you're on your way! 


Jessie Diggins shared this message after just missing the bronze in cross-country skiing. Great attitude!

Per Jessie Diggins' Instagram ~ "Don't be sorry for me because I just missed a medal...be happy WITH me, because I fought like a hell today! I pushed my body so far past its limits I'm actually kind of amazed I didn't pass out on that final climb. Looking back and knowing you gave it absolutely everything you had without holding back is a great feeling. 30km of racing down...3 race days to go!"

Of course, her hard work and positive outlook earned her the gold just days later. 

Olympian or not, we are all stronger and can achieve great things once we see it, feel it, and believe it.

You've heard that saying by Henry Ford... "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't ~ you're right."

You're healthy, you're making smart choices, and you're absolutely right.


~ Lisa