A Chat About Clean Beauty - Podcast with Sandy Joy Weston

A Chat About Clean Beauty - Podcast with Sandy Joy Weston

In early February of 2015, I was invited to meet Sandy Joy Weston and speak at her "Inspired Beauty" event in Philadelphia at her Weston Fitness gym. What a fabulous introduction and event we had! Jolene Hart, author of "Eat Pretty" and "Eat Pretty, Live Well" was kind enough to introduce Qet Botanicals to Sandy, and it all fell into place from there. 

This chat... it is knowledge, it has humor, it reveals the struggles, and it shares the successes. 

Fold your laundry, do your dishes, take a listen, tap the link, and feel great about using natural ingredients, getting great results, and with no compromise to our health whatsoever. We feed our body and skin with real, wholesome ingredients, and in return, our skin and body loves us back. 

Cheers to clean beauty!

Here's the link to the Podcast. 


The before and after photos shared with Sandy, which were shared on the podcast.


When Sandy and I first met at Weston Fitness in Philadelphia. 

Outside of the Weston Fitness gym on Market Street.

Having a "Rocky" moment on those famous steps in Philadelphia.


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