Have two minutes? Get ready, set, and let’s get glowing

Qēt Botanicals skin glowing setQēt Botanicals skin glowing set

Two minutes... the time that it takes to steep a cup of tea, clean out the bottom of a purse or gym bag, or the time it can take to have a moment to reset. So many little things can be done in two minutes which can clear the mind of clutter. It can also mean the difference between good skin and great skin. More on this in a minute (or two).

The Two Minute Rule

There's a two minute rule that is applied in business which helps tackle the tasks and not procrastinate. Like this one by David Allen mentioned in Success Magazine. This rule can trickle into our everyday lives as well. Whether your business is away from home or is at home, or if your business IS your home, then the rule is that if you can do it in two minutes and then scratch it off your list, then do it. 

Don't have those two minutes? If you decide to do the task later you'll usually spend more than two minutes organizing your thoughts and reviewing the task than the actual act of it. We all have those little strange windows of time ~ it's the perfect time to fill it with the two minute tidbits. 

Have you tried to meditate or sit still in the middle of a busy day with your eyes closed for two minutes? That is a long two minutes. It's surprising just how much we can get done in two minutes. Many times our head plays games with us and we think some tasks are bigger than they actually are. Don't let the monster in the closet get bigger than it really is. This leads us to our next two minute rule, and it involves some pampering self-care.

Qēt Botanicals skin glowing setWe snapped this as the sun was setting into the Pacific ~ definitely worth watching for two minutes.

I don't always have time to _______ ...

This is where you fill in the blank.

This blank can be filled in with "cook dinner," exercise," "wash my face," and plenty of other tasks that fill in the gaps of our every day lives. Every minute is precious, we know. You know what else is precious and of great value? You!

Setting aside time for you is not selfish, it isn't vain, it isn't a luxury. Really, everybody does it in one way or another. It is 100% necessary. If taking a moment here and there just for you isn't done regularly, than catching-up later can take more time away from you. It may even affect your health. Delay that dentist appointment? Well, we won't even go there.

In other cultures in years gone by, the cleansing ritual was a very social event. Many times assistants were hired to cleanse, polish, and nurture the skin of the dignitaries or royals. So glad we don't have to be royal to go to a spa these days! Things today may be more rushed, and we don't always have someone nearby to scratch our backs (so to speak). What we do have is simple, fast, and sumptuously delightful whole-plant ways of caring for our skin and hair that can be done at home at our leisure. This directly affects not only our exterior and interior health, but our mental health as well.

Using only 100% naturally derived ingredients free of synthetics resonates deep within us. The power of natural aromas spark many things in our senses and brainwaves. The olfactory receptors, our sense of smell, is directly connected to the brain and how it reacts. This is why many people have reactions to false fragrances and synthetics - we hear it all the time. Some of the side effects are increased anxiety, heart palpitations, and skin reactions - all from an artificial fragrance or ingredient. We will not compromise on using quality, authentic ingredients. There is no compromise to pleasant, authentic aromas, biodynamic ingredients that the body can recognize and not fight with, and freshly-made treatments that benefit our bodies as a whole, without having harmful side effects on our bodies or our surroundings. 

The Two Minute Routine

Some routines are meant to be beautiful. Read on.

What kind of things can we do to benefit ourselves in just two minutes? How about a two minute plank every day?! That'll get your heart pumping! Check out this article from The Alternative Daily on why you should hold a plank for two minutes every day. Whew.

Another benefit? Healthy skin and a healthy mind - in just two minutes morning and night.

If you're already familiar with our Skin Suites, then you know that not only do you need a very small amount of each product, but you can also get a lot accomplished in a little time. Cleansing, exfoliating, toning, and moisturizing and protecting... yes, all in just two minutes.

Here you go... it's our Quick Guide to a Beautiful Routine:

In the Morning ~ 

  1. Massage cleansing oil on to a dry complexion - 1 minute. If your skin tends to be dry with little or no acneic activity, then you can skip this morning step (and you've gained a whole minute!)
  2. Apply a warm, wet washcloth onto face and cleansing oil to remove the cleanser. Rinse and repeat if necessary - 30 seconds.
  3. Mist face with toning water, or mist a cotton ball and sweep over face - 15 seconds.
  4. Shake your day serum and add 3-5 drops onto your palm and apply to your damp complexion. Or, you can add a mist directly to your palm and add the 3-5 drops, blend, and apply. Another finishing mist is optional - 15 seconds.

In the Evening ~

  1. Massage cleansing oil on to a dry complexion - 1 minute. Do this every night before bed - no cheating!
  2. One to three times per week, depending on your complexion, add exfoliant and massage lightly on the surface. Remove the cleansing oil and exfoliant with a warm, wet washcloth. - 30 seconds.
  3. Mist face with toning water, or mist a cotton ball and sweep over face. - 15 seconds.
  4. Shake your night serum and add 3-5 drops onto your palm and apply to your damp complexion. Or, you can add a mist directly to your palm and add the 3-5 drops, blend, and apply. Another finishing mist is optional - 15 seconds.

And there you have it. All of those botanical benefits can be applied to your skin in little or no time. We've been told by some who couldn't find two minutes before that now they look forward to those two minutes morning and night. They may actually stretch it out to three minutes because they enjoy it so much... and so does their skin.

Qēt Botanicals winter hydrating skin set

Get ready, get set, and let's get glowing!

"Can I really cleanse, detoxify, and hydrate my skin in just two minutes?" Yes, you can!

We can all use a little extra time here and there, and one thing we should not scrimp on is ourselves. A little self-care done right goes a long way, and it can be done quickly.

Our complete care system for the face (any face!) - which we affectionately call a Skin Suite - is wholesome, purifying, detoxifying, moisturizing, and hydrating. And... it's 100% free of any synthetics and is EWG Verified to be safe and free of anything potentially harmful. It's a healthy, blissful joy to discover and experience Qēt.

In March, SAVE 10% on any part of our Skin Suites ~ whether all of it or part of it. Each Skin Suite includes our cleansing oil, clay or herbal exfoliant, botanical toning water, and our day and night serum. Enjoy the savings on any of our three Skin Suites. All skin is not created equally, so we have Skin Suites for various skin conditions. Use this code for the savings: QETSKINSUITE

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In Case You Missed It

Last month, being February and healthy heart month, and a month where many share special treats (or even treat themselves to a little extra something) we were delighted to learn that Sandy Joy Weston, one of our select partners with Weston Fitness in Philadelphia, included Qēt in a video that she shared. You can find it here. Sandy shares tips on dealing with a healthy inside, a healthy mind, and a healthy outside (with Qēt!). Then we also learned that Sandy was invited to speak in Bangkok, Thailand, at the 2017 Women's Leadership and Empowerment Conference - and is the keynote speaker. Wow! This is incredible news not only for Sandy, and we're so proud of her, but those in attendance at the conference are going to be getting a big dose of some real inspiration from Sandy's enthusiastic way of empowering people, specifically women. Wish we could all be there!

Speaking of health, we're happy to share about our partner located in sunny Sedona, Arizona. Special welcome to the Sedona Wellness Retreat located in the The Lodge at Sedona. On board is a staff of naturopathic doctors who offer complete health remedies that include effective ways to cleanse, detox, relax, and assist the healing of those with chronic health issues. They work with many regarding weight concerns, fatigue, and a point in the right direction for eating to heal and exercising for health. We're thrilled that Qēt is included in this unique retreat. With a variety of programs to choose from, getting started can be as easy as making that decision of what is right for you. And guess what... that decision may take less than two minutes! ha!

Of Note

In April we'll be celebrating our four year "Brandiversary!" It will also be the two year celebration since we've opened our lab and Skin Studio in Cross Plains, Wisconsin. Good times!

Stay tuned for some big news coming next month. We have something exciting to share, and we want you to be the first to know about it (or close to the first, anyway).

We may be sneaking in some hints throughout the month of March on social media. If you're not following us on Instagram or Facebook, consider yourself invited.

Qēt Botanicals celebrate 2-year-anniversary

When we were celebrating being two ~ and there was nothing terrible about it. 

Final Words

Little drops of water, little grains of sand, make the mighty ocean, and the pleasant land. So the little minutes, humble though they be, make the mighty ages of eternity.   -   "Little Things," by Julia Carney

Time never disappears, it just passes us by. Let's make the most of it now that we have it. Thank you for your support, and thank you for your time.

~ Lisa