Green Beauty is Beautiful Beauty

Qēt Botanicals green beauty brandQēt Botanicals green beauty brand

"Being Green"

This statement goes so far beyond the campaign movement that flooded our society at the hype of the Global Warming phenomenon. As a company we have taken steps to reduce our carbon footprint and have received a sustainability award for our half-box smart packaging, but it goes even beyond this in recent years. Not only is it immensely important to preserve and protect our environment, but there are also so many reasons to be green for our health and well-being. How can we do this? By being aware of and utilizing healthy, green products. This comes full-circle and, in turn, promotes the future of the planet that we so graciously get to walk on.

Summer brings with it many things to celebrate ~

... sunshine, long summer days, time with family, and the life around us. 

Here in Wisconsin, the home of Qēt Botanicals, we enjoy the summer's lush, green beauty that fills our surroundings. Wherever you are, set some time aside to experience and enjoy the natural beauty of what is around you. It just takes a moment. However, every day we should revel in safe, sumptuous green beauty... right at our fingertips. That just takes two minutes, and that's where Qēt comes in.

Every Body Deserves the Best

Arms, legs, feet - warm weather brings out revealed skin, and this month we want you and your body to feel lusciously pampered with our hand-crafted and good-for-you body serums. 

We love options, and you have choices... our Fresh Body Oil, perfect for dry brushing, shaving, and massage, our Lite Garden Serum for Body, all day and toning hydration free of nut oils with a fresh scent, or our Ultra Garden Serum for Body, often described as a wonderfully addictive body serum with an earthy, embracing natural fragrance. Viola. Softened skin from limb to limb.

Going Natural & Organic

Almost half of all food shoppers went organic last year. Good for you!

There is a huge connection between what we consume and how it affects the look and feel of our skin. Yes, what we lovingly apply on the surface matters, but what you slurp, spoon, and swallow also needs to detoxify through the organs - and especially through our largest organ - the skin. Late last year, it was found that 45% of Americans sought out organic edibles when filling their pantries and refrigerators. Yay!

The consumption of organic foods brings many health benefitsHere are just a few...

  • Organic foods are higher in antioxidants that help fight disease.
  • Eating organic foods reduces the consumption of pesticides; their overall side effects on the human body remains discouraging.
  • Eating organic foods helps the immune system function in better health.
  • Eating clean and organic promotes a long, healthy life. 

If you haven't already, jump on the organic food bandwagon. Because you're reading this, it means that you're taking charge of the outside. Take charge of the inside, too, and your whole body will benefit. Radiant, healthy skin is a wonderful side effect.

Greenwashing in Cosmetics ~ Finding your Safe Brand

"Do you make makeup?" No, makeup isn't currently in the Qēt product line. We focus on developing products that heal and reveal healthy, vibrant skin rather than covering it up. 

Skincare is absorbed into the skin, and cosmetics typically sit on the surface. This is the reason why we're so passionate about keeping Qēt skincare products green and clean. 

So, what's a gal to do when she needs a clean makeup brand in her bag? Using EWG's Skin Deep database is a great tool to help weed out the not-so-safe brands. And... don't be afraid to spend a few minutes reading the itty-bitty print on the label to spot any ingredients that should be avoided - no matter how pretty that label looks.

Unfortunately, there are brands that want you to think they're green and safe, but they're not. Fellow safe beauty advocate Kristen Arnett, founder of the Green Beauty Team developed this list of "22 Brands That You Might Think are Green, But Really Aren't All That.". You may be surprised which 'natural' brands made this ever-growing list. Take a look ~ it won't hurt. Actually, it might hurt to not look!

Celebrity Ingredient of the Month

Organic Grape Seed Oil (Vitis Vinifera)

The color green is associated with renewal, growth, balance, and harmony.  In green beauty, it means that we no longer have to compromise our health to take care of ourselves. Safe, effective, and proven ingredients are blended together to benefit the inside and outside of our bodies. Harsh and damaging ingredients are left out. Period.

There is nothing as lovely as the vibrant green color of our organic grape seed oil. Naturally rich in Vitamins D, C, and E with a good dose of beta-carotene, it carries with it a concentrated number of essential fatty acids. This high number of EFAs helps reduce the size and unevenness of scar tissue at the surface and at a cellular level.

Our grape seed oil helps to balance an overactive oil production on the skin's surface. Seems funny that an oil can treat oily skin, doesn't it? Well, it's exactly what this oil does. Oily skin is reacting and producing oil because it's out of balance and not hydrated properly. Drying out oily skin is the last thing you want to do. Grape seed oil is a light oil that effectively balances both oily and dry surfaces without leaving skin feeling heavy. Even an oily complexion needs moisture. Dry it out and rob it of its moisture and your skin will turn up the oil glands to protect the surface causing an imbalance and possibly clogged pores.

Grape seed oil naturally tones and makes skin feel firmer because of the flavonoids that help wipeout free radicals that assist giving collagen a beautiful boost. It won't clog pores, and this type of moisture feels light and fresh. 

Our organic grape seed oil can be found in these Qēt Botanicals products: Balancing Day SerumBalancing Night Serum, Forest Fresh Dry Putty DeodorantFreshened Vanilla Dry Putty DeodorantFresh Body Oil, Lite Garden Serum for Body