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Qēt Botanicals indie beauty brandQēt Botanicals indie beauty brand

Healthy skin is always in.

And what you put "in" it, does just that. 

Garbage in. Garbage out. Our bodies absorb more than 70% of every drop that we pat, slather, blend, and massage into our skin. Let's make sure that what we're putting "in" it is fresh, wholesome, and doesn't contain any harmful or hidden blanket ingredients. You may have seen this on a label - "and other ingredients," or "and our proprietary blend." When it comes to what we're ingesting, whether from our fork or from a dropper, there should be no mysteries. Ingredients should be fresh, completely disclosed, free from residual nasties, and beneficial to our skin and how it functions.

Time to tone up for healthy, summer skin.

This month we're focusing on our Toning Waters. Derived directly from the fruit and flower from which they came, the moisture and nutrients from the petals and seeds have released their benefits and have landed directly into our misters. 100% organic. 100% untouched. 100% blissful. 

To tone or not to tone, is it really necessary?

The last thing we want to do is add a step to our busy lives that isn't necessary.

So, when it comes to adding a mist of toning water either directly to your skin via a cotton ball, misted lightly on the surface, or mixed with your day or night serum in your hand before application, it's a step that shouldn't be missed. Spritzing an organic cotton ball with your toning water and sweeping it across the face will tone your complexion and remove any leftover traces of cleanser or impurities. Pores are freshened, diminished, and the surface is ready for moisture. No cotton ball? No worries. Mixing the waters directly with your serums in your palm does the trick. Oil and water DO mix! Applying your hydrating serum on damp skin really does help to lock in that necessary, natural moisture.

The toning waters and our serums are closely related, as close as cousins. Each toning water brings with it properties that are specific to the skin suite, and each toning water is derived directly from the petal or fruit with no additional liquid or water added.

Back in the day, and even today, some toners sting, strip, and cause skin to become irritated. Some give a stinging "cooling sensation" that we think feels right. We used to think that if our skin felt tight or stung a little it must be working. Qēt focuses on pampering and nourishing the skin, never upsetting the skin. As delicate as the petal is, and how it retains its moisture, is exactly how delicate our waters are as well as our skin. Still filled with the benefits from the flower, the toning waters are similar to the essential oils that come from the same botanical, only in a subdued form. 

Each toning water is blended to offer benefits for different complexions. Down to the very last drop, every ingredient is hand-selected and carefully married into its precise formula in measured micro-batches. We use nothing pre-mixed, and once we're ready to share our product with you, the freshness date is added so you know when it's at its absolute freshest.

Toning waters, how we love thee. Let us count thy ways.

Friendly waters that love the skin, clear the pores, and boost the application of our serums. 

Some of our favorite uses:

  1. Set your mineral makeup.
  2. Assist in applying your day and night serums evenly - love!
  3. When in a pinch, it offers a quick cleanse with a misted cotton ball.
  4. Add soothing comfort on a hot day.
  5. Mist for a quick, pure hydration directly over makeup while traveling.
  6. Mist on arms and legs for a freshening body spray.
  7. Freshen the room or freshen the sheets before sliding in.
  8. Clean your iPhone screen. (Ok yes, we've done this. It works, but save it for your skin.)

Celebrity Ingredient of the Month

Cucumber (cucumis sativus)

Found exclusively in our Balancing Toning Water, our cucumber water is collected by carefully extracting it's cooling and vitamin rich waters from the seeds of this garden delight.

This toning water is a curative blend of melissa leaf and rose geranium with the cucumber, which creates a soothing and cooling relief for the skin. It offers anti-inflammatory properties and helps to balance the natural pH and calm redness or irritation. Skin needing assistance in the healing and renewal process can benefit from the natural elements in these ingredients.

When used, you can't help but notice this fresh, celebrity fruit's natural fragrance and its brightness. Every nose picks up on Mother's Nature's scents differently, and we take each raw matieral as they come in their most natural and unadulterated state. There's no mistaking the freshness of our toning waters. A delicious and beneficial delight for your skin.