Fall for Beautiful Skin

Qēt Botanicals fall beauty Qēt Botanicals fall beauty

Let's get glowing!

Summer can be tough on skin – heat, salt or pool water, and too much sun can cause skin to lose its luster. It's time to get your complexion ready to receive fresh, nourishing hydration and prepare skin for a cooler season. 

We've put together these five tips Get the Glow ~

1. Exfoliate – Exfoliating once or twice a week is the key to bringing back your healthy glow. According to the The International Dermal Institute, cells turn-over slower than they used to, and a regular, gentle nudge helps to renew your glow. Shedding the dead cells allows your skin to clear, breathe, and absorb its necessary nourishment.

2. Hydrate – Make sure your skin drinks-in adequate moisture as the weather cools. Always apply your serum onto dampened skin. Nourish your skin thoroughly with the proper Skin Suite and add a weekly mask to boost moisture. Our Lavish Serum Salve works double as a daily treat where it's needed, and as a lavish, weekly moisturizing mask. 

3. Eye Repair – Using just a drop or two of our Hydra-Rose Eye Serum morning and night helps nourish and allow cellular repair to the sensitive, thinner skin around the eyes. Pat one drop under the brow bone, under and next to the eyes, and on the upper lip area. Neck, décolleté, and hands love it, too. 

4. Mask – We have our masks in our Treat & Enhance suite for a reason. A mask is an essential treat for the skin's surface and can enhance the natural, true glow of healthy skin. A once or twice a week ritual of masking pampers with extra nourishmentsmoothens the surface, or removes impurities and softens. Your skin may change with the seasons; choose for your current complexion needs. 

5. Replenish – Water and rest to the rescue! Drink plenty of water to hydrate from the inside out. Skin contains large amounts of water, and helping the body detox with the right amount for you will add to your glow. The nights are getting longer, and catching up on some zzzs after the long days of summer is a proven beauty treat your skin – and your overall health! – will thank you for.

Just a few minutes here and there is all it takes to get that beautiful glow… we all deserve it!