“Beauty by Anne-Marie” Discovers Qet Botanicals

Qēt Botanicals healthy beauty brandQēt Botanicals healthy beauty brand


Where do you look to get your beauty tips and advice?

Maybe you rely on the experiences of your family and friends to find new beauty products and hacks to try. Perhaps you go to Google to search for new products or top-rated beauty brands. In some cases, people will even head into the big box store and browse the shelves until they find whatever smells best, or has the prettiest packaging, or is "dermatologist approved" according to the label.

More often than not, we find that skincare users look to their peers and family to find new and effective skincare to start exploring.

Words From Our Peers and Qet'sters

We have received a bevvy of testimonials and first-hand accounts of how Qet is changing the skin and lives of its users. To us, this is not only inspirational, but it's also impressive evidence that Qet works wonders on troubled and normal skin alike.

Here's one that we love:

"Lisa has changed my life. She showed me how unnecessary a lot of those other products are, and more importantly, how many of them weren't even that good for my skin! (Gasp!) The kicker? Lisa's products are all natural, affordable, and made-to-order. My skin looks a LOT better, in less time, using less money! Talk about a win-win-win! And that's not all... I saved the best for last: Qet hair products are off the chain! I will never use anything else, ever again! My naturally curly hair has never looked better, whether I blow it out or go natural. Lisa Brill is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate women that I have ever spoken to about skincare. I am SO excited to meet her!"        - Sandy Joy Weston | Weston Fitness

Another recent testimonial that we are completed jazzed about comes from YouTube Beauty Vlogger Anne-Marie. With 2 new video posts each week, Anne-Marie deems herself as an over 40 girly girl who loves skincare, hair care and makeup products-leading her to record and share her insightful and honest beauty product reviews on her YouTube channel titled BeautyBy Anne-Marie. Check out Anne-Marie's recent Qet Botanicals review in her freshly shared video!

Biggest thanks to Anne-Marie for sharing your thoughts and experiences of Qet. You are truly beautiful inside and out!