25+ Award-Winning Products for Award-Winning Skin and Hair

Did you know... since we launched in April of 2013, we've earned

more than 25 national and global clean beauty awards. It's true!  😀

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 

In this massive global space of corporate skincare and self care companies, we're proud that we're a personal and independent brand. Our proprietary treatments are pure, authentic, performing, and they're getting noticed. 

Some of these treatments you may already know, and there may be some that you haven't met yet.


Discover for the first time, grab your own, or share with a like-minded, health-savvy friend. 


Here's a closer look at these ten award-winners (we've added an extra... there are actually 11). 😀 


Hydrating Cleansing Oil with Lavender | Spot Serum | Hydra-Rose Eye Serum



Freshened Vanilla Dry Putty Deodorant | Ultra Garden Serum for Body

Eye Makeup Remover


Lavender Powder Dry Shampoo | Natural Sea Spray

Honey Cream Mask with Active Manuka for Face


Rosewood Botanical Nectar | Lavender Botanical Nectar


Here's the full list of our award-winning treatments.  





We're proud of our accomplishments, ✨ we're committed to keeping ingredients fresh, safe, and effective, ✨ and we're honored to be a part of these affiliations and awards.


Fresh. Small batch. A joy to use. Our Qēt Botanicals' skincare and personal care treatments are all of these wonderful things... and more. 💗

Like everything we make, all of our treatments are handcrafted in our private Skin Studios shortly before sharing with you. We use only clean, proven, organic  and quality ingredients.

At Qēt, you won't find anything being shuffled off of an automated assembly line or from far away. Nothing is fluffed with fillers or artificial preservatives.

 What you WILL find are unique and small batch treatments in safe and performing formulas. It's our mission, and it's also our passion.  

It's been a hot summer. Stay clean, stay green, stay cool, get outdoors and enjoy your Qēt! 💙


~ Lisa 





~  fresh  ~  authentic  ~  sumptuous  ~

~  non-toxic, organic ingredients, proven, and high-performing ~

~  effective, award-winning botanical treatments made without compromises ~