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Sample of Purely Squalane Serum Boost



Our Purely Squalane Serum Boost is light, it's naturally filled with antioxidants, and it's a great replacement for a synthetic and silicone-filled makeup primer. It's a non-comedogenic oil with no greasy or heavy after-feel. We love olive oil in our cleansing oils as a way to completely and safely remove makeup and impurities, but as a leave-on treatment, olive oil can be heavy and can clog pores. 

A antioxidant oil that is hydrating with a silky, light and dry touch with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits. Skin naturally produces this oil and with time its natural production slows. It's not to be confused with squalene, which is often derived from shark or animal sources. Our Purely Squalane is highly pure and is 100% plant based. 

Our Purely Squalane is an eco-friendly oil that is completely pure and sustainably sourced from plant sugars and yeast fermentation. This makes it a stable product which won't oxidize. The sugars contain beneficial and gentle natural glycolic acids, and the amino acids and peptides that become present from the yeast fermentation naturally help skin's cellular renewal and collagen production. We prefer our Purely Squalane over the typical olive squalane for these reasons and more. 

Our skin's natural sebum is comprised of this type of oil, wax, and other oils. Without a proper barrier to hydrate and keep skin from losing its natural water content, the complexion can become more susceptible to oxidation and damage from the elements. Healing of blemishes and minor skin upset is encouraged because of the natural anti-inflammatory benefits in the oil. 

Just a light application helps prevent the ongoing loss of skin’s hydration. It soaks into the skin very quickly and helps to restore suppleness to the complexion. There is no aroma or color. 

Suitable for all conditions of skin, even oily and acne-prone. 

How about using it as a makeup primer? Absolutely! Because of its dry finish, it’s also loved as a clean and healthy makeup primer with no silicones or synthetics. 

New to our Purely Suite? Our Purely Suite Discovery Kit is the best way to discover and experience our trio of unique and beneficial facial oils in a trial and sample size. Each vial is 7-10 treatments and can be used with our day or night serums as you and your skin sees fit.


We've added our Purely Suite of our Purely Cranberry, Purely Rosehip, and Purely Squalane to our Skin Suite family because of the need for clean and healthy ways to add a boost of extra vitamins or protection without reaching for a synthetic product. Our Purely Suite is also a comforting alternative to complexions that are in an extremely sensitive state. The oils may be helpful after a special skin treatment, skin injury or trauma, or during an unusual time of sensitivity. 

Their natural effectiveness doesn’t replace the various benefits of our enriched day or night serums, but can add to the well-being of the complexion for what it needs.

The oils in the Purely Suite pair beautifully with our day and night serums; now we can add an additional boost of vitamins and skin nutrition in amounts that we can control ~ naturally and without harmful synthetics.

Each oil brings with it special properties that can target a specific need or desire for the complexion.

As a serum boost, apply one to three pumps after your toning water and day or night serum routine. Massage gently on to face, neck, and any exposed skin.

Use last over your day or night serum, or you can add a pump to your day or night serum before application.

May be used morning and night, alone or with your serum. If using alone, add a mist of your toning water to aid in its application and for the proper pH balancing. 

EcoCert Approved Plant-Based Squalane

Because of the high levels of natural UVA and UVB protection in this unique oil, we love to use the Purely Cranberry as a serum boost with the Hydrating or Restoring Day Serum. 

The Purely Rosehip is wonderful to use at night with the Hydrating or Restoring Night Serum. It’s the richest form of Vitamins A and C in their most natural state and is wonderful to restore suppleness and vitality to the skin while we rest. It's the perfect alternative to the Retinol products and other synthetic vitamin serums.

The Purely Squalane is an invisible and dry veil of nourishing antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used alone or on top of any Balancing, Hydrating, or Restoring Day or Night serum, or with any Serum Boost. It is loved as a natural primer under makeup, and is also loved over the skin on the neck and décolletage because of its matte and silky feel.

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