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Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial Massage Stone


We've tested various derma rollers and different massage tools, and this gua sha stone won our hearts. Its quality, thickness, design, and balanced weight feels wonderful on the skin and in the hand when we use it.

While using sweeping and directional movements with the stone, you can control the amount of pressure. We love to use it in the morning to wake up and stimulate the sleeping muscles, and it can also be done at night. Adding just a minute or two of direct and gentle massage can help increase the detoxification of the lymphatic system which benefits skin cells. 

Using this tool on the complexion and neck is an ancient Chinese practice and an effective way to stimulate the lymphatic system, increase microcirculation, stimulate blood flow, and help reduce puffiness and water retention. Continued use has been shown to help define facial muscles and stimulate the skin cells and natural collagen production. Fine lines and wrinkles can be smoothed and softened as well. 

Each massage tool varies slightly in color and comes in a linen pouch (lavender sprigs not included) with a visual guideline and directions. Its dimensions are approximately 3.25" tall by 2.25" wide. 

We love to use our gua sha tool in various ways. Take a look: 

Facial option: Dampen face and apply your cleansing oil to allow the tool to slip across the complexion without pulling. We enjoy using this tool with our cleansing oil rather than a leave-on serum as we don't want to remove any just-applied serum or treatment. It's a detoxifying treatment tool, so it makes sense to us to use it with our cleanser. Some do like to use the tool in conjunction with a day or night serum, and this is an option as well. If using with your serum, you may want to add a small amount more after massaging the complexion with the tool. 

Hold your gua sha at a slight angle, press lightly across the complexion and direct it outward. Repeat each section focusing on each area on your face... forehead, eye brows and between eyes, nose, under eyes, cheeks, jawline, middle and outer neck areas. Repeat movement in each area five to six times. When finished and used with your cleanser, remove cleanser as recommended and follow with toning water and serum. If using with a serum, you may want to add an additional small amount on the complexion. The visual directions included with the gua sha will help guide you. 

An additional tension reducing option we love: Using the massage tool on the outside of your neck under the ear area and sweeping down, and even continuing over the shoulder area, is a wonderful way to reduce tension and tight muscles. This in an area which is often affected by stress. Even the arms and legs can benefit from the tool. Apply motion working towards the heart. 

Any way you use it, it's gentle, relaxing, and beneficial for our skin and tissues. 

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