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Wooden Italian Hair Brush


Made of responsibly sourced FSC certified ash wood, when used on the scalp to massage, or on the hair to brush, it's gentle without causing static from plastic or ripping from a rigid material. 

A wonderful compliment to the wooden comb that we already love and share, we fell in love with this handmade brush at first use. 

The face of the brush is a natural and soft rubber cushion that allows for a gentle and pleasant brushing. When using it, it naturally increases the blood circulation of the scalp which can help to stimulate the roots of the hair shaft.

Massaging the scalp with the bristles is also gentle and an effective way to increase microcirculation. It measures 8.66" long by 2.36" wide and is ideal for all hair conditions. 

Handmade in Italy by TEK, the handle and pins of the brushes are made to be smooth with no rough or sharp edges. Each pin is tucked into a rubber, soft cushion.

We're proud to partner with TEK to be able to share these brushes. The FSC certification means that the wood is certified and has come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, economic, and social benefits. 

Here's to another good hair day! 

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