Qēt Botanicals

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Brush


An eco-friendly, vegan, and handy brush to use with our dry shampoo, masks, and herbal and clay exfoliants.

Our professional vegan brush is perfect for applying our Lavender Powder Dry Shampoo, facial masks and even our herbal and clay exfoliators.

The bristles are made of a soft, taklon material - there are no animal hairs.

The brush is a handy six inches in length and is made with a sustainable bamboo handle.

NOTE: Due to supply changes, you may be receiving a black handled version of our vegan brush until the regular stock is back.

If using your brush daily, it's good to clean it on a weekly basis. If using your brush with different products, clean it before using with another product.

To clean your brush use a sulfate-free soap or clean shampoo and add a dime sized to your palm. Add a little water and add your brush to the cleanser. Whisk it around several times, rinse with water, and continue until the water runs clean. 

Lay your brush on its side and allow it to dry overnight.

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