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Botanical Body Powder and Brush Set


It's quite a lovely duo ~ and a way to soften, refresh, and get silky skin from a truly clean body powder.

This set combines our vegan, natural bristle brush with a bamboo handle and our Botanical Body Powder. This Botanical Body Powder is true freshness in a clean and natural formula. Feel silky, soft, and fresh without any harmful talc or bacteria breeding starches and synthetics. Customers have used it to find dramatic relief with bug bites, and also to help soothe underarm rashes.

It's a soft, safe, and silky skin duet ~ and a way to soften, refresh, and get silky skin from a truly clean body powder.

Rather than wasting powder as you tip the container and pour, we find it much more satisfying and powder friendly to use a natural brush to apply a touch of powder exactly where you need it.

The brush is just the perfect size to dip into the container, tap off the excess, and discover the silky freshness of this powder. Your brush can be washed with a sulfate-free soap and allowed to dry on its side when you see fit. Keeping the brush and the powder free of moisture will retain the light consistency of the powder.

People have been powdering their hair, their faces, their little one's bums, and their big wigs (think Marie Antoinette) for centuries. Just a light application offers a way to feel fresh, clean, and dry almost instantly. Somewhere along the line, the talc, the synthetics, and the bacteria breeding starches have found their way into the mix. These additions? They're cheap fillers, are not safe or fresh, and are not in our body powder.

We're delighted to share with you our clean botanical-derived body powder. We love our botanicals and their ability to heal and nurture; in this formula we love the organic arrowroot harvested from Thailand that takes center stage. We've married it with a few other skin and mind loving elements. A touch of just the right amount of botanical oils helps to prevent odor causing bacteria while uplifting and calming the senses. Freshen and soften before relaxing for the night. If you suffer from the occasional night sweat, add a light brushing where you want a little extra dry feeling and softness... and settle in for a peaceful, relaxing rest.

Our Botanical Body Powder is 100% talc free, free of bacteria breeding starches, and is nontoxic. A light dusting leaves the skin feeling soothed, silky, and refreshed. It's absorbent, helps to reduce friction, and can relieve skin chafing.

As with all of our handcrafted formulations, this body powder is nontoxic, free of gluten, parabens, allergens, fragrance, and dyes. The natural aroma will delight your nose and feel soft on your skin. It refreshes, calms skin, and keeps mind and body happy and healthy.

Our treatments are completely natural. This means that the color and aroma can vary slightly because of the natural ingredients it contains. We love this about our natural products, and we embrace it.

With a light hand, gently dip the brush into the powder. Tap off the excess powder and sweep a small amount over skin where desired. Because there are no artificial fillers, this powder is very light and concentrated. Only a small amount is needed.

As with all powders, it is for external use only. Avoid using in eyes, nose, ears, and mouth.

Arrowroot powder (*Maranta Arundinacea Root), Rhassoul (Moroccan Lava Clay),Citrus Aurantium). *Organic Ingredients

Brush: eco-friendly bristles, sustainable bamboo handle.

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