Qēt Botanicals

Body Powder or Dry Shampoo Brush with Bamboo Handle


It's Our Botanical Body Powder's Perfect Compliment

A vegan brush with natural bristles, a sustainable bamboo handle, and the perfect size to dip into our Botanical Body Powder jar. You can purchase this body powder brush on its own, or you can purchase it as a set with our Botanical Body Powder.

Rather than wasting powder as you tip the container and pour, we find it much more satisfying and powder friendly to use a natural brush to apply a touch of powder exactly where you need it.

The sustainable bamboo handle holds the natural bristles, and the brush is just the perfect size to dip into the container, tap off the excess, and discover the silky freshness of this powder. Your brush can be washed with a sulfate-free soap and allowed to dry on its side when you see fit.

Keeping the brush and the powder free of moisture will retain the light consistency of the powder.

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