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Body Brush for Dry Brushing and Oil Brushing


There are so many benefits to body brushing. This user-friendly, ergonomic body brush offers a stimulating, but not too harsh, massage.

Gentle brushing on the skin's surface boosts energy and stimulates the lymphatic system. Dry brushing increases circulation, sweeps away dead skin cells, eliminate toxins, and promotes healthy cell renewal. It stimulates circulation and can help break down fatty deposits and the appearance of cellulite. As an alternative, we love to use our Fresh Body Oil on wet skin in the shower, and then 'oil brush' the skin. Stimulating the skin with the oil and the brush not only stimulates and exfoliates the skin, but leaves it soft and pampered.

A gentle massage on the skin with a natural fiber brush working towards your heart helps wake up a sluggish lymphatic system, which removes cellular waste. Do this before the shower, and then follow with our Fresh Body Oil to gain the most benefit.

The brushes we use are completely natural, which includes a natural wood handle and a bristle with plant based fibers. We avoid all synthetic materials as they can have a tendency to irritate the skin. Many also believe that the natural bristles are friendlier for the surface and will distribute the natural oils on the skin better than a synthetic or plastic material, which can cause skin reactions because of the synthetic polymers in the bristles. Overall, our skin tends to be much happier with these types of brushes.

As with all of our ingredients, we prefer the natural solutions rather than the synthetic options, and it's evident that our bodies and skin would agree. Dry brushing is an ancient way of caring for the body by helping the skin to eliminate toxins. This type of brush has been used in a similar form for generations. When something works... there's just no need to waiver from it.

Brush dimensions: approximately 10" long, 3" wide, and 1.5" high.

Start in a small, circular motion at the feet and work up towards the neck and heart. Work in circles in one direction over the abdomen, and circle around the breast area.

Follow with a shower to wash away the impurities and dead skin cells. Using our Fresh Body Oil as a follow-up to hydrate and tone will naturally soften and leave the skin glowing.

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