Qēt Botanicals

Hydrating Skin Suite


Formulated to hydrate skin that is experiencing one or more of these conditions: oily and dry areas / normal with occasional activity or blemishes / normal to dry in need of adequate hydration without irritation.

Our Hydrating Skin Suite is carefully put together to address changing skin conditions due to the elements, hormones, or the regular ups and downs of skin with light activity.

Each product in this suite offers premium hydration and protection for skin needing daily protection but doesn't want to feel smothered under heavy products that can clog pores and increase activity and sensitivity. Each of the botanicals and oils in this suite offers a boost of vitamins and omegas to help fight premature aging and retain skin's firmness and health.

Our care system includes five steps, and you will notice that there are six products shown. We offer two types of exfoliants, both infused with herbs and natural alpha hydroxy to smooth. Our clay exfoliant is 2 ounces and will absorb impurities and toxins, and the herbal with minerals exfoliant is 4 ounces and will help soften while exfoliating. Choose your favorite, or switch them as your skin condition changes.

New to our Skin Suites? We recommend starting with a Getting Started Facial Kit. The trial and travel sizes in our kits can help you discover a small amount at a time. You can mix and match from our Skin Suites to find the perfect Qēt Botanicals suite for your skin condition. Our kits are also great travel companions and can be refilled for on-the-go-freshness.

The uniqueness of the Qēt Botanicals cleansing system and skin treatments work best when used in harmony. You can feel confident knowing that customizing your care system with products from any of the suites is beneficial in promoting and allowing your healthy skin to glow. Taking an extra step and selecting from the Treat & Enhance products will give you that little extra boost where and when you need it. When starting a new care system, be patient and allow three to four weeks for your skin to regenerate.

Now that you're making the right choices for your skin, doing the right thing at home and at the dinner table is equally as important. Keep in mind that environmental factors, stress, eating habits, and sleep patterns can affect our skin’s appearance and overall health.

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